Cyprus Flight Tickets

Cyprus Flight Tickets

Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean holiday heavens with its history, a spectacular sea and a vibrant nightlife.

Cyprus, which is the third largest island of the Mediterranean, has been patronized by many civilizations since the ancient ages, and has been invaded many times because of its strategic significance. The island gained its independence in 1960; afterwards Turkey founded Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the northern part of the island with Cyprus Peace Operation in 1974 as a result of the tensions between the Rum and Turkish people that lived together. Cyprus is one of the holiday heavens of the Mediterranean with its history dating back to the ancient times, a spectacular sea and a vibrant nightlife. If you want to have a summer holiday in Cyprus with its white sand and warm sea, you can make reservations for cheap flights to Cyprus on

Istanbul - Cyprus Flight Tickets

Ercan Airport is the only airport that gives service in the field of civil aviation in TRNC. When you land at the airport with Pegasus Airlines at the most advantageous prices, you will be 23 km away from Nicosia and 44 km away from Kyrenia. In Cyprus, taxis are a little bit complex. There is almost no taximeter usage. You need to negotiate the price beforehand or you can learn the fixed prices for certain routes.

If you want to rent a car to be comfortable during your holiday, don't forget that the traffic goes on the left hand side. If you think that you wouldn’t be able to adapt to this situation, we recommend you to rent a car with a driver. For rental car alternatives, you can use

Food and Drink in Cyprus

The island that is under the influence of the Mediterranean cuisine is also inspired by the Anatolian cuisine and different tastes are created. At the top of the tastes that comes to our minds when we think of must-taste Cypriot dishes is the peach kebab. You can take a look at our list about what to eat and where to eat in Cyprus.

In Nicosia...


It is an ideal destination to taste pastries of the real Cypriot cuisine. It is one of the best addresses where you can try Cypriot dumpling Piruhi. It's lemonade is also very delicious.

Buyukhan, Surlarici Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 228 77 60

Sabir Restaurant

As its name suggests, it is quite usual to wait for a meatball for half an hour. In our opinion, don’t hesitate if you have time; because the fact that it is still open even with this waiting process shows that this place is a cultural value.

Across Buyukhan, Surlarici Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 22734 70

Muze Dostlari Restaurant

A big part of the vegetables in this restaurant comes from the gardens of its managers. There are many vegetable dish options in this beautiful garden where you can explore many flavors that have the characteristics of homemade food. We suggest you to try molohiya which is one of the local dishes.

Selimiye Mosque Yard, Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 228 93 45

Grand Mardo

Mardo, which is an ice cream brand of Nicosia origin, is in service with many branches in TRNC. In this place, which is a café, there are many options for a beautiful break from breakfast to delicious ice creams.

Mehmet Akif Cad. 95/A Dereboyu, Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 228 25 64

Cadde de Passport

This place where you can find different dishes and snacks from world cuisine is one of the most popular places in Nicosia. You can prefer this place to eat or to drink something.

Mehmet Akif Cad. 88 Dereboyu, Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 228 86 08

Caffe Aski

In a cozy environment, you can taste both café style food and local flavors. Caffe Aski is especially preferred by young people in Nicosia.

Mehmet Akif Cad. Dereboyu, Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 228 77 99

Anibal Restaurant

If you want to eat peach kebab in its hometown, this is the perfect address for you. It is important to mention that the kebab has taken this name because it goes red as it gets cooked.

Karaoglanoglu Cad. Caglayan, Nicosia

Phone: 0 392 22748 35

Galabalik Restaurant

Galabalik, which is the best address for seafood in Nicosia, was founded as a fish shop. Afterwards, upon the demand from customers, they started out as a small business. Today it is a restaurant with a capacity of 120 people. We suggest you to start with Cypriot appetizers and choose a fish of the season.

Kemal Aksay Cad. No:71 Taskinkoy, Nicosia

Phone: 0533 841 9060

In Kyrenia…

Asmaalti Bereket Bakery

There are even branches of this most famous bakery of Cyprus. First of all, you should really try the pastry with tehina in the breakfast and the pastry with halloumi which is called pilavuna. Also, in this bakery they bake pita, too. The ones with pastrami and halloumi are among the favorites. Don’t let the name mislead you, in Cyprus sausage is called pastrami.

Asmaalti Sokak 74 Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 2271166

Archway Restaurant

Archway is a delicious and joyous place with snacks and grills. You can also taste peach kebab there.

Dereboyu Sokak 5, Zeytinlik, Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 816 03 53

Ezic Premier

Ezic is one of the restaurant chains of Cyprus. This place which presents examples from the world cuisine differs from other places with its extensive menu as well as its modern and elegant decoration.

Bahar Sokak No: 16, Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 444 88 88

Niazi’s Restaurant & Bar

Niazi, which has become a brand in Cyprus since 1949, is famous for its kebabs. Moreover, it has become famous in the island with its menu named "Full Kebab" that includes mezzes and kebabs. Enjoy your food that is grilled in coal fire.

Kordonboyu Cad. Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 815 21 60

Canli Balik

You can have a wonderful dinner with Cypriot mezzes and fishes in the company of Kyrenia Harbour's unique view. There are options of a fixed menu and a la carte. We suggest you not forget to taste the seafoods that are special to Cyprus.

Yat Limani, Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 815 2182

Kybele Restaurant

You can prefer this restaurant for a pleasant meal in Bellapais’ historical atmosphere. It is a unique place in terms of its view, attentive service and delicious food.

Bellapais Monastery, Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 815 75 31

Saint Tropez Restaurant Français

This restaurant is one of the most prestigious restaurants of Kyrenia and it satisfies those who look for French cuisine at the same time. The food that comes from the kitchen, where various and high quality ingredients are used, will delight you. In the end, a nice show will be waiting for you if you order crepe suzette for dessert.

Karaoglanoglu Cad. Alsancak, Kyrenia

Tel: 0392 821 83 24

In Famagusta…

Temel Reis Restaurant

It is one of the most popular restaurants of Magosa with its food’s good taste despite its simple menu. You can prefer this place for its delicious grills and doner kebab.

Esref Bitlis Caddesi, Famagusta

Phone: 0392 365 36 22

Aspava Restaurant

Aspava is a typical Cypriot restaurant with its mezzes and kebabs. It gets our credit with its view and warm environment in adition to its taste and fresh ingredients.

Liman Yolu 93, Famagusta

Phone: 0392 366 6037

Petek Pastry Shop

You can find all kinds of desserts in Petek Pastry Shop. For a different taste, "borek" with milk inside would be our suggestion for you.

Yesil Deniz Sok. Surlarici, Famagusta

Phone: 0392 366 71 04

Shopping in Cyprus

There are special locations for shopping in Cyprus such as inns and bazaars. You can buy nice souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones from these places.

Municipal Nicosia Bazaar

The construction that was under restoration in 2010 has been brought into service again in 2012. It is one of the most colorful places of Nicosia, and it is also possible to find souvenirs in addition to food. You can buy halloumi cheese from this place.

Great Inn (Buyuk Han) / Nicosia

This historical building is used for touristic purposes nowadays. Very nice people in the small shops on the second floor welcome you in. It is possible to find souvenirs and examples of local handicrafts in these shops. Especially Cyprus style lacemaking is famous.

Kyrenia Bazaar

This bazaar is one of the places where the daily life of the city flows. You can shop from small stores and various foreign brands here.

Accommodation in Cyprus

The most important factor that makes TRNC attractive to Turkish tourist is the hotels and their famous entertainments. Cypriot hotels draw huge attention not only in summer but almost in every season. You can come across many attractive programs especially in holiday seasons.

Merit Nicosia Hotel & Casino

Merit Hotel is one of the best hotels of Cyprus that you can prefer for a joyful holiday. In the hotel that presents a privileged accommodation opportunity with its rooms in various standards, there are many restaurants and bars, a meeting room, fitness and spa centers.

Bedrettin Demirel Cad. Nicosia

Phone: 0392 600 55 00

Golden Tulip

This hotel which is a member of an international hotel chain gives service with 139 rooms in a central location. It is among the most luxirious hotels of Nicosia with 4 meeting rooms, a large swimming pool and a pool side area.

Dereboyu Cd. Nicosia

Phone: 0392 610 50 50

Raya Hotel & Casino

In this hotel that serves with 86 rooms, there are an indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath and a sauna. If you don't seek luxury, there are services such as satellite broadcasting, mini bar, and air conditioner.

Kemal Asik Cad. 19, Post box: 1077 Nicosia

Phone: 0392 228 76 21


Rocks Hotel

Rocks Hotel, which is one of the most prestigious hotels of Kyrenia, is located by the sea. The view of the rooms that face the sea is really nice. It provides a privileged accommodation with many different services. All kinds of luxury is at your elbow.

Kordonboyu Cad. Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 650 04 00

Colony Hotel

It is one of the most luxurious hotels of the island. It is ideal for both those who seek a calm and relaxing holiday and those who seek a bit of excitement thanks to its famous entertainments. It stands out with its good service and it provides an elegant accommodation.

Ecevit Cad. Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 815 15 18

Mercure Hotel

This hotel, which has the biggest entertainment place of the island, has the characteristics of Mercure Hotel chains. It's also an ideal choice for business trips with all the facilities it has.

Kervansaray Mevkii Karaoglanoglu Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 650 25 00

The Ship Inn Hotel and Villas

If you are seeking a relaxing holiday and a warm atmosphere, Ship Inn is a right choice and has reasonable prices. It offers a wonderful holiday with its indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and health center. The hotel mostly appeals to English tourists.

Karaoglanoglu Kyrenia

Phone: 0392 815 67 01


Kaya Artemis Resort Hotel

In this hotel that offers many sports activities, spa and fitness centers and various animations, you will also find comfort in the rooms. Moreover, hotel has a very nice beach.

Karpaz Mainroad, Famagusta

Phone: 0392 650 44 77

Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel

You will find all kinds of comfort thanks to its long beach, sophisticated spa center and day and night activities. It is also suitable for business trips with 13 meeting rooms and technical services.

Bafra Tourism Area

Phone: 0392 630 30 00

Places to Visit in Cyprus

In Cyprus there are many places to see in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta. This island country that has been home to many different cultures, both in the past and present, makes you feel its cultural diversity in its every corner.

In Nicosia…

Great Inn

The inn, which dates back to 1572, is a typical Ottoman architecture. It bears the importance of being the first inn that Ottomans built in Cyprus.

Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral)

This construction, which was converted into mosque in the Ottoman times, was originally St. Sophia Cathedral. This cathedral is an example of gothic architecture. Although it was used as a mosque during the Ottoman times, it protected its features as a cathedral. In this cathedral, which was the most important construction of the Lusignan times, coronation ceremonies used to be performed.

St. Nicolas Church

This church, that was constructed in 12th century during the Byzantium Empire, has undergone changes during various ages. The construction that has also taken its share from the Venetian times was used as a "bedesten" (covered Turkish bazaar) in the Ottoman times.

Dervish Pasha Hall and Ethnography Museum

This hall is a construction from the 19th century and belongs to Dervish Baba who published one of the first Turkish newspapers in Nicosia. The second floor of this two-storey hall is made of mud brick. In this hall, which was reorganized as a museum in 1988, objects that exemplifies the daily life in Cyprus are exhibited. We suggest you to get information about the hours before going there.

Venetian Column

Venetian column, as the name suggests, was constructed by Venetians in 1550. Even though the Ottomans brought this column to Sarayonu Mosque yard, in 1915 it was brought back to its original place by English people.

Kyrenia Gate

The walls of the construction, which was built by the Ottomans on the purpose of observation in 1567, were demolished by English people.

Bayraktar Mosque

In 1570, the Ottomans passed over the walls to conquer Nicosia. It's been told that the soldier who stuck the flag in one of the great towers became a martyr and this mosque and a shrine were built where he fell. The name of the mosque comes from this story.

Sarayonu Mosque

In place of the mosque that was demolished as a result of an earthquake in the beginning of 20th century, a new mosque was built by English people. This mosque's current design bears the features of Andalusia architecture. The mosque was used as a marriage office for a long time.

Mevlevi Islamic Monastery

This Islamic monastery, that was founded in a short time after the conquest of Nicosia by Ottomans, lost its function in 1954. It has been turned into a museum after being used as a kindergarden.


In Kyrenia…

Kyrenia Castle and Kyrenia Shipwreck

The oldest one of the various construction layers of the castle, which has undergone many changes in time, dates back to the 7th century. It is also possible to see many different constructions that belong to various periods in the castle. Also, the ruins of the ship that is known as having sinked in the 3rd century B.C. and the works in the wreckage are exhibited in the Museum of Shipwreck in the castle.

Kyrenia Harbor

The harbor took its shape essentially during the Venetian times in Kyrenia which has been known as a settlement since the 10th century. As the harbor developed, the constructions that were built around it for the purpose of storage still maintain their historical characteristics today. Today, the harbor is one of the touristic sites of the city, and these historical constructions are used as restaurants and bars.

 Bellapais Monastery

The monastery, which was constructed in gothic style in the late 12th century, is a masterpiece in this style in the Near East. In the Frank time, new constructions were added to the monastery. In the 13th century, Ayia Asproforesha Church was constructed in its yard. This church draws attention with its frescoes. The construction that was used as an Orthodox church in Ottoman times can now be visited as a museum. It's a must-see with its architecture and unique view.

 St. Hilarion Tower

It is one of the three castle that are founded on the Besparmak Mountains. The name of the castle comes from a monk of Jerusalem origin, and it is considered that the castle was constructed for the purpose of defense against Arabian invasions. This impressive construction that is founded on one of the highest points of Cyprus offers a fantastic Kyrenia view.

Antiphonitis Church

It has a rare architecture with a dome that was placed on eight columns. The church dates back to the 12th century. Gothic stonemasonry in the cantilever that was added later on is eye catching. The frescoes inside date back to different ages. However, frescoes are mostly in ruins at the moment.

Folk Arts Museum

A two storey historical house in Kyrenia Harbor is used as Folk Arts Museum. The instruments that are used in olive oil production and for weaving are exhibited in the first floor; and in the second floor typical Cypriot handicraft examples are exhibited.

Aga Cafer Pasha Mosque

This small mosque that was built by Cyprus governor Aga Cafer Pasha in 1589 is one of the first Ottoman traces in Kyrenia. The mosque that is in rectangular shape and made of face stone is out of the ordinary. Also, wall there is a wooden cage on its north wall.

Blue Manor House

It is the house of Pablo Pavlides who is a Rum of Italian origin in the Camlibel village outside Kyrenia. Pavlides is a legal lawyer, but it is told that he is the biggest gunrunner of the Middle East. This structure, which was constructed suitably to this reputation, is an example of architectural genius. It is told that Pavlides run through the hidden gates of the manor house during the Cyprus Peace Operation in 1974. You will feel yourself as if in a spy movie when it is also ornamented with the stories that are told as the house of a smuggler.


In Famagusta…

St. Nicholas Cathedral (Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque)

This cathedral is the second biggest construction of Lusignan time. The Kings after St. Sophia Cathedral also put on their crowns there. In the yard of the cathedral, which is an awesome construction with its gothic style, there is the eldest living being of Cyprus. It is a tropical pig tree and it is 700 years old. 

Venice Palace

Lusignan kings used to live in this palace till 1369. There is only one entrance with three arches, which are carried by four columns from Salamis, left from the palace, which was demolished after an earthquake.

Namik Kemal Prison and Museum

Namik Kemal was sent to an exile to Cyprus after his play named “Vatan Yahut Silistre” were staged in Istanbul. The prison, where he had stayed for three years, was organized as a museum in 1993.

Salamis Antique City

There are more than one claim about the foundation of the city which was under the sovereignty of various civilizations throughout the history. The ruins of Necropolis date back to the 11th century B.C. the city is very well preserved and it is still possible to see important constructions such as gymnasium, basilica, theatre and mass graves.

St. Barnabas Monastery

While St. Barnabas Salamisli is the son of a Jewish family, he gets Christianity education in Jerusalem and turns back to his hometown to propagate Christianity. He got killed because of his efforts; but his students secretly buried his dead body and put a copy of the Matta Bible that was written by him on his breast. This grave, which was hidden, was found by Cyprus bishop Anthemios after 400 years. Hence, the empire gained the right to found independent Cyprus Orthodox Church and right to its privileges. Moreover, the emperor donated for a magnificent monastery to be built in the place of the grave. Nothing has left from the old church to these days. The monastery that is in the same place today dates back to 1756.

Othello Tower

The defense tower, which was built in Lusignan times, was used as gunner bastion after being extended during the Venetian times. It is thought that the name of the tower, which was inspired by Shakespeare’s famous play Othello that takes place in Cyprus, was given during English times.

Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus is surrounded by copper bays and clear water of the Mediterranean. You can enjoy a wonderful sea, beautiful beaches, and underwater richness in the island. Some of the bays differ from others with various myths and features. Golden Beach, that is home to the birth myth of Aphrodite, and Alagadi, which is the spawning place of caretta carettas, are the most famous ones.


Cyprus Districts


Surlarici: As its name suggest, the neighborhood is the historical center of Nicosia. This district is separated into two parts, just lika the island and its south part belongs to the Greek Cyprus. This district is home to the Ottoman bazaar of the historical city, the Venetian Column, and historical houses.

Yenisehir: The neighborhood, which has been improved after Cyprus Peace Operation, is settled around a big square. There are mostly public buildings. It was reorganized to create an administrative center.

Koskluciftlik: The neighborhood which is settled right at the eastern side of the river, which is called "Kanlidere" in Turkish but was originally "Pedios", is one of the lively settlements of Nicosia. 


Center and Harbor: Harbor area is the touristic center of Kyrenia, and you can find historical constructions, restaurants and cafes here.

Zeytinlik: In the northern part of this area, which is right in the western side of Kyrenia center, there is Karaoglanoglu Street. This Street and its surrounding are of the lively areas of Kyrenia. 


Surici and Namik Kemal: These two neighborhoods of Famagusta are the ones that are lively both in history and today. In addition to the historical artifacts, it seems that a huge part of the daily life goes on here.

Campus: It is possible to reach to the Mediterranean University Campus by following Ismet Inonu Boulevard that is connected to the Salamis road from the city center. As it can be guessed, the city has grown towards this direction. More modern entertainments and activities for students are in this part of the city.



Cyprus has a very vibrant nightlife because it is one of the holiday resorts that draw interest both in summer and winter. Especially the entertainment places of big hotels are considered as one of the places where nightlife is very lively.


Country Code: +90 392

Nicosia Police: 0392 228 33 11

Famagusta Police: 0392 366 53 10

Kyrenia Police: 0392 815 21 25

Police Emergency: 155

Fire: 199

Forest Fire: 177





You can see the city location on the map.

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