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Flights to Kastamonu

Flights to Kastamonu

Kastamonu: a city that was once also a settlement in ancient times...Like most cities in the Black Sea region, Kastamonu is full of natural wonders; in addition, Kastamonu has many historical sights which makes the city even more amazing.

The desire to explore the nature and history of this city, which promises to be a calm and peaceful holiday, is a perfectly valid reason to book a Kastamonu plane ticket. The lands of Kastamonu, which have been home to the Hittites, Phrigians, Lidians, Persians, Byzantians and Turks, abound with historical remains. You’re likely to come across, and even possibly live amongst unique historical sights in every corner of the city. The city also holds great importance in the region for sea tourism. .While making you fall in love again with its clean shores, Kastamonu’s blue is joined by an evergreen flora. In winter, you can enjoy the season by going skiing on Ilgaz Mountains. Preserving its unique beauty in every season and in every condition; Kastamonu is waiting for you with its natural wonders and its rich history which go hand in hand and the city with all of its magnificence awaits you.

Istanbul - Kastamonu Flight Tickets

The only airport in town, Kastamonu Airport is located 10 kilometers south of the city center. You can easily arrange your Kastamonu transportation by booking a Pegasus Airlines economy flight ticket. From the airport to the city center you can use shuttle buses for an additional fee. If you are not willing to wait for the bus departure time, taxis are also available for transportation around town.

Food and Drink in Kastamonu

Kastamonu is the perfect place for those who want to discover new tastes it is pure paradise. The city has been host to many different civilizations throughout history that have left their traces in its cuisine. Furthermore, Kastamonu has adopted different tastes from neighboring towns, which makes it highly likely for you to come across many unexplored deliciousfoods.

Foods you must try in Kastamonu:

-Ekşili Pilav

-Kastamonu Usulü Tirit


-Keşkek Çorbası

-Çekme Helva

-Etli Ekmek


Kastamonu restaurants that will make your dining experience an unforgettable one:

Cem Sultan Bedesteni Restaurant

In its historical and elegant atmosphere, this restaurant will both deliver wonderful  tastes and impress you with  its friendly service.

Hepkebirler Mah., Nalburlar Sok., 4,Kastamonu

Münire Sultan Restaurant

This cosy restaurant offers a chance to become familiar with Kastamonu Cuisine by serving uplocal delicacies. Two dishes you must try at Münire Sultan Restaurant are banduma and tirit.

Hepkebirler Mah., Mehmet Fevzi Efendi Cad., Kastamonu

Kurşunluhan Restaurant

Kurşunluhan Restaurant has a delightful ambiance with its historical building and large courtyard. You will  have an unforgettable night eating delicious foods and enjoying live music performances.

Aktarlar Çarşısı, Kurşunluhan Hotel, Kastamonu

Memiş Etli Ekmek Daday

The more well-known dish in Konya  etli ekmek, is also a part of Kastamonu Cuisine quite famous for it. Memiş Etli Ekmek Daday is where you can find the best of this scrumptious delicacy that you just won’t get enough of.

Belediye Caddesi, 3, Kastamonu

Gülfidan Cafe & Restaurant

You can go to Gülfidan Cafe & Restaurant to have a meal or a few drinks and chat with your friends, while experiencing nostalgic moments while listening to their vinyl collection.

Aktekke Mah., Fakülte Sok., Mütevelli Sitesi A Blok, 4, Kastamonu

Shopping in Kastamonu

To experience shopping in Kastamonu, you can pay a visit to the shops in the city. Handicrafts made from cotton, woodwork, rosary beads, baskets and copperware are amongst some of the gifts you can buy. As part of your shopping experience in Kastamonu you absolutely must go to İplikçiler Bazaar where you can find many local products.

Accommodation in Kastamonu

You will find many reasonable choices for accommodation in Kastamonu. Whether you want to stay in the city center or enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing experience outside of the city, you will have no difficulty finding accommodation options in your budget.


Kurşunluhan Hotel

You will feel a deep connection to the past like you’ve never experienced before in this 600 year old caravanserai, which offers a hard to catch experience.

 Hepkebirler Mah., Keklik Sok., 1, Kastamonu

Ottoman Palace Hotel

Due to the location of this hotel, which operates in a historical home, you will both have the opportunity to easily get anywhere, while also enjoy tranquility in their garden.

Hepkebirler Mah., Belediye Cad., 109, Kastamonu

Kayı Hotel

Kayı Hotel, with its good service and reasonable prices and where you can wake up to a view of the city should definitely be one of your top choices.

Topçuoğlu Mah., Cumhuriyet Cad., 1, Kastamonu

Kadıoğlu Konak

In this 150-year-old mansion, you will get the opportunity to wake up to the historical texture of the city and its green garden will make you an admirer.

Cebrail Mah., Kırkçeşme Cad., 55-1, Kastamonu

Sadi Bey Farm

This traditionally decorated Kastamonu hotel, which is the perfect option for those who would like some distance from the city center and to spend their holiday immersed in nature, awaits you.

Talipler Köyü, Sadi Bey Farm, 3, Kastamonu

Places to Visit in Kastamonu

With both his nature and its history, Kastamonu will ensure you have a satisfying holiday you are met with nature at every step.  There are many places to visit in Kastamonu. Here is a list of some of them:

Clock Tower

Dating back to the 19th Century, this historical monument is situated on the highest point of the city and offers the most impressive view of Kastamonu.

Cumhuriyet Meydanı Üstü, Kastamonu

Kastamonu Castle

Built by the Byzantines in the 12th Century, this castle is a spot that reeks of history and one from where you can see the entire city.

Atabey Gazi, Kastamonu

Liva Paşa Konağı Museum of Etnography

Located in a historical mansion where an Ottoman Pasha lived for many years, this museum provides important information about Ottoman times and family life.

Sakarya Cad., 5, Kastamonu

Kastamonu Museum

This archeological museum is the best place to experience what life in Kastamonu was like as  a settlement since ancient times.

İsfendiyar Mah., Kastamonu

Küre Mountains National Park

This National Park in which you can experience all of Kastamonu’s natural wonders, will give you tranquility with its greenery and serenity. Atatürk Cad., Kastamonu


Famous for its natural beauty and historical sites, Kastamonu is not very big on nightlife. If you’d like to spend a fun night out in town, you can explore the lovely cafes and restaurants offering live music performances.

Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire Department: 110

Police: 115

Kastamonu Airport: 0366 220 02 50






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