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Flights to Köln

Flights to Köln

Being the 4th biggest city of Germany, Köln has a population around 1 million.

Köln, which is the biggest city of North Rhine-Westphalia state, is the most important transportation, culture, science, art, trade and entertainment center of the state. Rhire River flows through the city. Two sides of the city are connected to each other with 8 different bridges, two of which are spared for railroads. You can choose flypgs.com for cheap flights to Köln, which is one of the most frequently visited European cities in the world.


COLOGNE (KOELN/BONN) AIRPORT (CGN) TERMINAL 2 (22:00-05:00 arasındaki uçuşlarımız Terminal 1’den gerçekleştirilecektir. / Flights between 22:00-05:00 will be operated from Terminal 1)


You can see the city location on the map.

Istanbul - Köln/Bonn Flight Tickets

International Köln/ Bonn Airport is approximately 20 km away from the center and it's in service in two different terminals that are connected to each other. The airport is very close to the city center and it's very easy to transport. You can reach the city center in 12 minutes by taking a train at the ICE train station in the airport or prefer a bus that takes off from the terminal and go to the city center.

If you want to have a more comfortable trip, you can take one of the taxis that wait outside of the terminal. It's a good idea to take a look at this website to get some ideas about the pricing of taxis: http://www.koeln-bonn-airport.de/en/parking-arrival/taxi.html

Renting a car in Köln is also an option. You can use flypgs.com for that.

 Train is one of the most convenient options for travelling within the city. There are 28 train stations in addition to the central station. Tramway/metro (Stadtbahn/U-Bahn) and many suburban trains that are connected German Federal Railroads (S-Bahn) as well as tens of buses belonging to Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB) can be used for public transportation in the city. Thanks to these facilities there are not much traffic and public transportations problem in Köln. 1200 taxis are in service in the city for those who don't want to settle with other alternatives.

Although it's a metropol, there are many one-way street in Köln since most of them are very narrow. Naturally, this makes it harder to use a car in the city center and parking problem is another drawback of transportation by car. That's why Köln's locals prefer bicycles as long as the weather is suitable. Approximately 1 million registered bicycle drivers make up 16% of the city traffic. Morever, it's allowed to go towards the opposite direction on most of the one-way streets.

For rental bicycles:  Bike Station Cologne (Breslauer Platz; D-50667 Köln)

Food and Drink in Köln

If you're curious about what to eat in Köln and what are Köln's famous dishes we can recommend options like fried potatoes and hotdogs. You can take a look at our list for restaurants where you can experience these peerless German delicacies.

For breakfast...


If you want to have some snacks on the side of a delicious coffee in the morning, this is the right address for you.

Tankgasse 11


Cafe Extrablatt

Would you like to start your day with a nice breakfast in a comfortable atmosphere? Café Extrablatt is your place. You can have a seat outside if the weather is good and spend hours by watching people walking by. The staff is very genial and fast. Even if you miss the breakfast, you can have a meal throughout day; you can even have a cocktail in the evening.

Alter Markt, Altstadt

Tel: 02 21 25 72 107



Alt Koeln am Dom

Foods are delicious and prices are very affordable in this restaurant which is very close to the central train station.

Trankgasse 7-9


Klaaf Bistro & Restaurant

You can sit outside, at the terrace in summer and have some cold drinks. We recommend you to try tomato soup in this restaurant where you can taste the best examples of both German and Italian cuisines.

Eigelstein 124

Tel: 0221 133385


In addition to a variety of drinks, you can also have a huge plate of saussages and fried potatoes here. Remember that it gets crowded there.

Muhlengasse 1

Tel: 02 21 257 39 50


La Strada

Prices are afoordable, the menuhas everything from pizza to pasta and the waiters are very friendly; do you need to hear more? It's also ideal to try Köln's famous drink.

Hohenzollerring 13

Tel: 0221 251865



Papa Joe's Biersalon

There is always live jazz music in this jazz themed restaurant! You can order whichever you want from classical German cuisine dishes and enjoy the music. We recommend you to eat Malzer-Teller. This classical food is made of cabbages, potatoes and saussages.

50667 Koln, Alter Markt 50 - 52

Tel: 02212582132



You can taste local drinks and examples from German cuisine in this classical German restaurant that is located near the cathedral in the old city. Even though tourists visit this place, which has been existing for more than 100 years, its soul isn't lost. Although it's very crowded at nights, the service is very fast and attentive.

Am Hof 12-18

Tel: 02212613211

Guten Abend

Did you just say organic food? Guten Abend is your place! Foods are very delicious and there are many alternatives!

Brüsseler Str. 55, 50674 Köln

Tel: 0221511600

Hauxenhaus zum Rheingarten

The menu of Hauxenhaus, where you can eat while watching the River Rhine, is very varied.  Music turns up on weekends and people start to dance at later hours. The prices may be a bit high but it's worth the joy of eating while facing the river.

Frankenwerft 19


It creates a warm atmosphere with the paintings on its walls, its rustic decoration and the music that plays and you feel las if you're in Italy.

Salierring 56, 50677

Max Stark

Meats are delicious in this tiny place. You should definitely try Jagerschnitzel. Portions are very big so you may not be able to finish your food if you order both entree and main course.

Unter Kahlenhausen 47

Tel: 0221 200 56 33

Shopping in Köln

It's not possible to find huge shopping centers in Köln. However, many options where you can find anything you're looking for from chain store brands to boutique shops will greet you on crowded streets. 


In this store, where you can buy funny and weird things for your home, the little man that starts to sing opera when pasta is ready will make laugh good.

Apostelnstr. 36-38, 50667 Köln

Tel: 0221 257 81 91

Hohenzollern Market

You'll find many small things like candles, ornaments, household items in this open-air market that is set under Hohenzollern Bridge on Sundays. Prices can be negotiated.


Nunk Music

You may find the old vinyls you've been looking for in this messy store, where there are boxes everywhere and music is loud. There is also a small area where you can drink coffee inside. Don't forget to check the state of the vinyl before buying.

Richard Wagnerstrasse 39 - Köln 50674

Tel: 02212589743

Black Diamond Records

They sell vinyls as well as offering vinyl cleaning services. If you don't have your vinyls with you, you can buy cleaning products.

Ritterstrasse 48 - 50668 Köln

Tel: 02211390442


Are you looking for high quality second hand vinyls? This is the right address for you.

Aachenerstrasse 5, 50674 Köln



You'll find everything you're looking for in the stores at the center of Köln. Start walking from the cathedral and walk in the stores whose windows draw your attention.

Accommodation in Köln

There are many accommodation options for both business and holidays in Köln which hosts guests from many countries. You can choose the one that is most suitable for your travel plans among Köln hotels.

Luxurious options…

Cologne Marriott

This hotel that is in walking distance to the train stations is small but modern. Rooms are not that big but they have everything since they're smartly decorated. Breakfasts are really amazing! Prices range between 130-200 € depending on the room.

Johannisstrasse 76-80

Tel: 0221 942220

Hilton Cologne

The Hilton Hotel that is located in the city center offers the same comfort it does in every other part of the world. Prices range between 115-400 €.

Marzellenstrasse 13-17


Hyatt Regency Cologne

Hyatt Regency is in service with its 306 rooms and suits that see River Rhine. It also has 13 conference rooms and a spa. Graugans, which is the gourmet restaurant located inside, is worth trying.

Kennedy-Ufer 2A

Tel: 49 221 828 1234

Im Wasserturm

This luxurious hotel located in a 130-year-old water tower has a very special design. You can have a dinner while watching the panoramic city view in the restaurant located at the top. Prices are between 180-840 € and vary depending on the room.

Kaygasse 2

Tel: 022120080

Radisson Blu Cologne

The Radisson comfort we all know also exists in Köln. It'll help you have an enjoyable holiday with its gourmet restaurant, bar, gym and spa.

Messe Kreisel 3

Tel:0221 277 20


This 5-star hotel that is managed by a family has a huge spa and a bar in its terrace. It'll also make your life easier with its location that is closer to the central train station. It's said that many German and foreign celebrities stay here.


Average options...

AMERON Hotel Ascot Cologne

This 4-star hotel is located at the center; very close to the cathedral and 5 minutes away from Friesen area by walk. Breakfast is also included in its prices that vary between 80-100 € per night.

Hohenstaufenring 95-97

Tel: 0221-9529650

Esplanade Hotel

This 3-star hotel is 2 km away from the cathedral and breakfast is included in its prices, which vary between 90-120 €.

Hohenstaufenring 56

Tel: 2219215570

Holiday Inn Cologne-Bonn Airport

In case you need to stay near the airport, Holiday Inn is in walking distance. Prices change between 99-250 €.

Waldstrasse 255

Tel: 022035610

NH Koeln Mediapark

You can have pleasant hours at the terrace of this centrally located hotel. Prices start from73 €.

Im Media Park 8b

Tel: 0221 27150


Königshof Swiss Quality Hotel

This 3-star hotel is 13 km away from the airport and 500 m away from the central train station. It costs 121 € for a room for 2 per night.

Richartzstrasse 14-16

Tel: 0221 257 87 71 


Meininger City Hostel

Engelbertstr. 33-35

Station Hostel

Marzellenstrasse 40-48

Jugendherberge Köln-Deutz

Siegesstrasse 5

Tel: 0221814711

Hostel 404

Neusser Strasse 404

Black Sheep Hostel

Barbarossaplatz 1


Venloer Str. 196

Places to Visit in Köln

There are many different locations to see in Köln, which is one of the big cities of Europe. Köln offers you an unforgettable trip with its green areas, squares, historical building, River Rhine and its bridge.


Köln Cathedral

The most famous building of the city is a double-towered Gothic cathedral, namely Köln Cathedral which was constructed in 632 years. This centrally located building was in constructon between 1248-1880. This building, that is 157 meters high and covers an area of 7.000 m², is on the list of UNESCO Culture Heritage.

Boat Tours

You can take boat tours on River Rhine and enjoy the city view. You can join these tours every day.

The Zoo and Aquarium

The zoo is located a bit outside of the city but it is still worth going there. There are many different animals that have been brought from all around the world. If they've brought animals inside due to winter or some kind of restoration, you're still allowed to visit them but originally, this is an open-air zoo. The aquarium is not as big as the zoo but a ticket that costs 15 € allows you to visit both of them.


You can climb the observation floor and see Köln from above, visit exhibitions or taste the Mongolian cuisine in its restaurant. Observation floor requires a fee.

Ottoplatz 1, 50679

Botanical Gardens Flora

This garden, that has been existing since 1800s, is by the River Rhine. You can visit it and see flowers and plants in all colors after 8 am every day.

Amsterdamer Strasse 34

Museum Ludwig

You'll find everything from Dali to Warhol in this art museum. And good news to Picasso fans; the biggest Picasso collection of the world is the one in this museum. You can visit the museum Tuesdays to Sunday between 10 am - 6pm.

Bischofsgartenstrasse 1


You should definitely see this museum where visitors become a part of the collection. There are all kinds of artworks since Middle Ages in the museum, which has been constructed on the remnants of an old church. The building itself is also an artwork.

Museum Schnütgen

If you're interested in the art of Middle Ages, this museum is the right address for you. The museum that has one of the biggest Middle Ages collection of the world has been in Köln since 1906.

Chocolade Museum

Did you say chocolate? You'll learn everything about chocolate in this museum and you'll be able to taste hot chocolate or a delicious piece of cake in its cafe afterwards. 



Nightlife in Köln is experienced in many different places where you can have drinks accompanied by live music and you can dance and have fun until late hours.



There are many things to see and do in this neighbourhood located between Chlodwigplatz and Ebertplatz. It's crowded even late at night, especially around Rudolfplatz. Many movie theatres, bars and night clubs are here. If you get hungry at night, you can also find something to eat around Friesenplatz.


There are two theatres and bars where you can listen to live music and have cocktails.


There are many bars, pubs and night clubs in this neighbourhood where mostly young people and university students hang out.

Belgisches Viertel

The streets are named after cities from Belgium and Holland in this area between Hohenzollernring and Grüngürtel Park. This place is a bit more complex, some parts of it are where cool and young people hang out and other parts are where older people live. There are really good restaurant and bars as well as boutiques where interesting clothes are sold.


There are casual clubs that aim students where you can get in with your sneakers and dance.

Among Köln’s celebrities, we can count...

Robert Blum (1807–48), who is one of the pioneers of the German democratic movement;

Heinrich Böll (1917–85), who is a Nobel prized author;

Composer Max Bruch (1838–1920),

Artist Max Ernst (1891–1976),

and Wolfgang von Trips (1928–61), who is a Formula 1 driver.

Event Calendar

Köln Fair

Being one of the biggest festivals organized in Germany, this fair start at 11.11 on October 11th and goes on for days. In addition to locals, 1,5-2 million people who come from other cities and countries join the fair as well. 


Cologne Pride - CSD Christopher Street Day

More than one million people take place in the biggest and the most comprehensive Pride Day Walk in Europe, which is organized on the first weekend of July. Queer club raids by American policemen in New York in 1970s and queer people beaten by police on streets are commemorated in the demonstrations. These walks that are organized against discrimination are very colorful and fun.


C/O Pop

Köln Rock and Pop Music Festival is held every year in summer.


MusikTriennale Köln

A big music festival where works of the 20th and the 21st centuries are presented.



The biggest reggae festival of Europe is organized in summer in Köln.

Country code: +49

Ambulance and Fire: 112

Police: 110





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