Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AIG Sigorta A.Ş.?

In how many regions does AIG Sigorta A.Ş. operate in Turkey?

What is Travel Guard® ?

What is Travel Insurance?

How can I purchase travel insurance via web site of Pegasus Airlines?

What is insurance with flight ticket?

Does everyone automatically have the insurance with the flight ticket?

Is it possible to Cancel or Return Travel Insurance?

What is the maximum age limit for purchasing a Travel Insurance policy?

What is the expiry date of Travel Insurance?

What is the territorial area of Domestic Travel Insurance policy?

What is the Geographical coverage of the policy?

Who can purchase Travel Insurance?

Which coverages will I benefit from my Travel Guard ® policy?

Does my policy include the Assistance Services?

To whom should I notify my claim for indemnification?

In which cases may I benefit from the Emergency Medical Transport Indemnification?

Which documents should I deliver in order to claim for indemnification?

How long does it take to evaluate a claims file?

I got a severe toothache during my travel and went to a dentist. Does my policy cover my tooth treatment costs?

I experienced a food poisoning case due to the food which I ate during my travel, I, myself, paid the invoices, may I collect the treatment charges from the insurance company?

I have lost my watch in my handbag during the travel, may I claim for indemnification from the lost luggage indemnification?


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