Pegasus Flex: The New Name of Unlimited Ticket Changes

Turkey or International flights- it makes no difference. Wherever it is you are flying to, with Pegasus Flex you can now enjoy more freedom when booking flights. Pegasus Flex, which can be purchased when buying your ticket, gives you the right to unlimited ticket changes. Thanks to this, you can change the time and route of your ticket without paying penalty fees.

Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase Pegasus Flex while booking in our website, agents or call centre. On one-way tickets, Pegasus flex costs 12.99 Turkish lira for domestic routes and 9.99 euro for international routes.


  •  You can purchase Pegasus Flex up to 6 hours before your flight.
  • In order to avoid paying additional fees when using Flex, you must make sure you make any changes to your ticket at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  • Any price difference between your flights will be charged to you. 
  • Pegasus Flex can be purchased alongside Basic, Essentials or Advantage Package options. If you choose an Extra Package, you will not need Pegasus Flex. Extra Package is our most comprehensive flight package and already includes the option to make changes to your ticket.
  • Pegasus Flex can only be used for ticket reissues and cannot be used for refunds.
  • Pegasus Flex can only be used to make flight changes and cannot be used for passenger name changes.
  • Pegasus Flex can only be purchased during booking process and is only valid on the ticket you are buying at that time.
  • You cannot use Pegasus Flex if you have already paid for “freeze the price” option. This product is not displayed on the payment page for PNRs with “freeze the price” options. 
  • You can still use Flex even if you have already checked in.
  • Service fees are also payable for ticket changes made via the call centre.


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