Coronavirus Precautions taken by Pegasus

Ultimo aggiornamento:13 marzo 2020

Coronavirus Precautions taken by Pegasus


Dear Guests,

As Pegasus Airlines, our highest priority since the day we were founded has been to carry our guests safely to their destinations. We always put the safety and well-being of our guests and employees first, under all circumstances. That is why I would like to personally inform you about the measures we have taken against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), that has caused concern around the world.

We have been closely monitoring the developments and have been in communication with national and international authorities throughout. Our Ministry of Health in Turkey has been managing this process with great care and rigour. We also uphold the responsibility of carrying thousands of our guests every day and wholly fulfil every one of our duties.
We have introduced enhanced and more frequent cleaning and disinfection measures in compliance with international standards and the regulations of aircraft manufacturers.
We meticulously disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as the seatbelts, overhead lockers and tray tables, and we replace the headrest covers during every cleaning.
All our aircraft are fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems which are periodically replaced and filter all the air on the aircraft every three minutes on average, also efficiently filtering and keeping out viruses.

We have cancelled all flights to Iran, Italy and Iraq. As directed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, Public Health Passenger Forms are distributed to guests on international flights by our cabin crew, who ensure they are filled out. These forms are then forwarded to the relevant departments after landing, which makes it easier to contact our guests if any cases are identified. We also hold protective face masks for our cabin crews and guests on-board every aircraft.

Our cabin crew are well trained and informed as to the required procedures in the event of a guest showing any signs of illness whilst boarding or during the flight. All our teams have been thoroughly briefed regarding all measures to be taken and procedures to be followed, and are managing them with great care, professionalism and command. We have taken all these precautions and concrete steps to ease the concerns of our valued guests whilst travelling, and to prevent the further potential spread of the virus.

You can see some of the measures we've been taking by watching our video below.
It is our greatest wish that the new type of coronavirus will be halted as soon as possible around the world, bringing relief for everyone affected in these difficult times. I sincerely believe that we will overcome this problem all together.

I wish you a safe, healthy and pleasant flight.

Mehmet T. Nane
Pegasus Airlines

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