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Istanbul Izmir Flight Tickets

After you land on Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport with Pegasus with the most advantageous prices, you can use Havas that takes off to Karsiyaka at every hour between 03:00 and 23:00 or takes off to Alsancak Efes Hotel at every half an hour and you can arrive in Izmir in 50 minutes. If you want a cheaper option, here are the bus lines: the bus line number 200 to Mavisehir; the bus line number 202 to Alsancak Cumhuriyet Square; 204 to Bornova-metro-coach station route.


It is important to use the electronic card Kentkart that is valid in all the public transportations within Izmir. In the municipality busses that are in service with more than 291 lines, you are not charged with fee no matter many times you use a new line in 90 minutes following the first use of the cards. Izmir metro line is in service with 12 stations in total, including Hatay/Ucyol, Konak, Cankaya, Basmane, Hilal, Stadium, Halkapinar, Sanayi, Bolge, Bornova, Ege University and Evka-3. It is possible to catch metro that passes at every 10 minutes between the hours 06:00- 00:00. You also have the opportunity to travel slower but longer distances with the line that is called "Banliyo" (Suburbia) connecting the distance of 80 km between Aliaga and Menderes.


There are ferries that connect the two sides of Izmir just like in Istanbul. These ferries that shuttle between Karsiyaka, Bostanli and Konak depart at every 20 minutes. Also, if you want to take rental car options into consideration, you can prefer

Shopping in Izmir

Izmir is not a shopping center like Istanbul. In Izmir where there are not many shopping centers, shopping is the most enjoyable in small boutiques and stalls on the coastline.


Ege Park AVM (Mall)

Ege Park, which is in Mavisehir, is one the most famous shopping centers that local people go for clothing, jewelleries and shoes.

2040. Sokak, 104 Mavisehir

Phone: 0 232 3244434


Forum Bornova

In Forum Bornova that mostly preferred by families with children and high school students who want to pass their whole days and those who want to window shop, there are stores like IKEA, Inci, Desa, Bershka, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Koton, Mango, La Senza, Levi’s, Massimo Dutti, Park Bravo, Mudo, Vakko; restaurants such as Midpoint, Burger King, Kitchenette and movie theatres.

Kazim Dirik Mah. 372 Sok. No: 10 Bornova

Phone: 0 (232) 396 00 38


Alacati Shops

In Alacati, which gives the impression of a Greek town with its blue doors and white stone houses, you can find many shops. L’Orange de Candan that makes accessory designs with semi-precious Stones and silver; The Silence of The Bees, the animal designed bikinis of which you can often see on Izmir beaches; Isla Bonita where you can buy designs such as ceramics, soaps, colorful fabrics, paper garden lanterns that are local and cultural and that come from all around the world; Alataki where Nazli Girgin sells her own necklace, hat, ring, hairband, bracelet, bag, and shawls; Punkyfish where Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Kate Jordan shops from are only some of them.

Accommodation in Izmir

There are many alternatives for accommodation in Izmir that has the best beaches of Turkey and the antique cities that are visited most often.


Imren Inn

Imren Inn, which is the best in Alacati with its bakery shops, homemade foods, ice cream and keskul (milk and almond pudding), hosts you in its hotels either in the rooms for two people or in its palaces for seven people. It is open both in summer and winter. In the morning, you will have an organic breakfast (it doesn’t matter what time you wake up); and you will have homemade rolls, brownies and cookies with your tea in five o’clock tea.

Yeni Mecidiye Mah. 1039 Sok. No:26, Alacati

Phone: 0232 716 60 02


Katre Hotel

This boutique hotel with 11 rooms opened in 2011 offers you peace and happiness with its high ceilings and the view of the harbor. The breakfast with pancake and flounders that its owner Figen cooks barley salad, pumpkin with yoghurt, sauce with red pepper and sun- dried tomato that she offers in dinner are very delicious.

Liman Mevkii, Lutfu Koparal Caddesi, No:21 Phone: 0232 716 7672


Tas Hotel

It is the first hotel of Alacati that was opened after a stone palace of 120 years old was restored. It is possible to find peace in its garden or it is a unique place to enjoy the nightfall on the poolside.

Kemalpasha Cad. 132, Yeni Mecidiye Mah. 3009 Sok. Alacati

Phone: 0232 716 77 72


Sailors Hotel

Sailors' hotel which you will know very well for the breakfasts there in Alacati Square is in service service with its spacious rooms and gardens where you can find peace if you will stay for a long time. If you will go there with your friends or families, we suggest you to have a look at apartment options that serve more like houses rather than as hotels.

Kemalpasha Caddesi. No: 66

Phone: 0 232 716 8765


Ilica Hotel

Having a pool in its garden and a beach by the sea, Ilica Hotel which is in the thermal area where the water flows very hot is the choice of those who want to get rid of the stress of the life, especially of the families with children. Do not be surprised when you see the greeneries from the Aegean region among the open buffet meals. Breakfasts and dinners are also very delicious there.

Boyalik Mevkii, Ilica

Phone: 0 232 723 31 31


Kondo Suites

These apart hotels which are comprised of 83 suites and have a view of Chios can be rented for 12 months or they offer you the opportunity of a house in Cesme throughout the summer, which is very suitable for the ones that go there very often.

Inonu Mahallesi Cevre Yolu, No: 21A

Phone: 0232 712 27 57


Hilton Izmir

In Hilton, which rises across the best view of Izmir Bay, there are 380 rooms. In this complex that has an indoor swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, sauna, steam and massage rooms in the health club, you will leave this place very pleased after any kind of visit; business or vacation.

Gazi Osmanpasha Bulvari No: 7

Phone: 0232 497 60 60


Swiss Grand Efes

Swissotel which gives service with its 402 luxurious rooms on Izmir Kordon coastline offers you a perfect comfort with Equinox restaurant and a spa. You can include Swissotel, which is also used for weddings and parties, into your list of the places where you can stay in Izmir.

Gaziosmanpasha Bulvari No: 1 Alsancak

Phone: 0 232 414 1010


Griffon Boutique Hotel

This boutique hotel with its 17 rooms which are designed seperately from each other is a project that has been realized after a centenarian olive oil factory and its stores were restored attentively and in a manner that is loyal to its original style.

Yenifoca Atatürk Mah. Gezener Sokak 2

Phone: 0232 814 77 77


Met Boutique Hotel

The motto of Met Hotel is “Being extraordinar is being away from the city while living in it.” Its concept, which has been created according this, is modern, minimal and elegant.

Gazi Bulvari No: 124 Cankaya – Izmir

Phone: 0232 483 0 111


Anemon Izmir

Another branch of Anemon, which we've met in Galata Square in Istanbul, is also in service in Izmir. You can feel yourself as if in a movie set of 1950s with its elegant rooms and a lobby with leather armchairs.

Murselpasha Bulvari No:40 Kahramanlar/IZMIR

Phone: 0 (232) 446 36 56

Food and Drink in Izmir

Herbs, fish, every kinds of seafood, pomegranate sauce and olive oil are famous in Izmir cuisine. Whatever you eat in Izmir is healthy and organic. Which means, it is certain that you will leave happy wherever you eat; but, we still want to recommend you various options to make you happier.


Asma Yapragi

In Asma Yapragi, which was opened in December of 2010 in Alacati, you need to make reservations before weeks and you need to be patient to choose a meal after your table is shown to you. In this place where the menu changes every day, we should suggest you order meatballs with cinnamon and pit roasted lamb after plum stuffed wine leaves, cracked wheat salad in wine leaves, eggplant with gum, sea beans with wheat, pomegranate salad, beetroot stem, Bosnian pastry and spinach beet gratin.

Tokoglu Mahallesi, 1005 Sokak No: 50, Alacati

Phone: 0232 716 01 78



The menu that starts with sheep yoghurt, roasted eggplant salad with cilantro, hummus of Hatay, bulgur salad with pomegranate sauce, grill, grilled savoury pastry pockets with cheese continues with meat options like fillet steak with goat cheese.

Cumhuriyet Caddesi, 1002 Sokak

Phone: 0232 716 61 40



In Ahtapot which is in a place from where you can watch pass-byers, you should leave place for grilled octopus as its name suggests, calamari and jumbo shrimp after eating only a bit of light mezzes.

Tokoglu Mah. Kemalpasa Cad. No: 43/B

Phone: 0544 248 27 68


Fehmi’nin Yeri: Ada Balik

For this time, we are skipping Kiyi Balik that we always visit, and go to Ada Balik that steals our hearts with the wooden tables and chairs that they put on the long beach. In this place, even the light is low in order for you to see the stars. Calamari is fresh from the sea and the salad is prepared with the daily fresh vegetables from the bazaar. If you want, you can swim in the sea after the meal because no one would criticize you.

Germiyan Yalisi Ada Mevkii Cesme

Phone: 0532 668 16 44



In their menu that is comprised of three different stories; from the garden, from the earth and from the sea, they prepare each phase themselves such as fumigation, resting, marination, saucemaking. You will be very happy among the options such as sardine and beetroot, octopus and potato mash, Aegean mussels, french beans.

1001 Sokak No.5/A Alacati

Phone: 0232 716 8308.



You can go for a breakfast with an omelette with dukkah spice; or for a dinner that offers options such as moules mariniere, fish cake, linguine with crawfish, and sole fish; Alacati is away from the crowd, and Su’dan in Haci Memis is always delicious.

Hacımemis Mahallesi, 2012 Sokak, No:22, Alacati

Phone: 0232 716 77 97


Dost Pide

If you are in thoughts about where to eat, a pocket of pita filled with minced meat and cheddar of Dost Pide is the answer to all your problems.

Celal Bayar Mahallesi, 5152. Sokak, Cesme

Phone: 0232 723 0501


Doruk Yaprak Doner

However you want it is up to you, but with its sauces, pickles and the vegetables Doruk Yaprak Doner is very delicious.

Sifne Caddesi, Kum Sokak. No: 14

Phone: 0232 723 38 32


Kumrucu Şevki(Kumru Seller Sevki)

In Sevki that has branches both in Alacati and Cesme, they fry bread, salami and sausage separately and later add cheese among them all. Do not skip the pickle that comes with it.

Ilica Mahallesi, 35930, Cesme

Phone: 0232 723 23 92



Langusta, which is also known as the restaurant of insects among the local people, serves first calamari, and mussel, and lastly the langusts that are cooked in the oven slowly after being boiled.

Ciftlikkoy, Cesme

Phone: 0232 722 10 08


Ferdi Baba

In Ferdi Baba, which is in Alacati Port, filled octopus, ocean rolls, beaten eggplant, stone crop, sun-dried tomato and grilled pumpkin come as starters; grilled fresh fish from the sea according to the season comes as the main dish. If you want a calmer place instead of Alacati Port, you can prefer its second branch in Sifne.

Port Alacati Yat Limani, G2 Building

Phone: 0 232 716 90 01


Deniz Restaurant

It is definitely the best fish restaurant in Izmir. The mezze session that starts with blessed thistle continues with basil, cold shrimp salad and greeneries that are special to Aegean region. It is important to listen to the waiter about which fish to eat that day.

Ataturk Caddesi 188, 35220 Smirne

Phone: 0232 464 4499



Shrimp filled chard, octopus in Greek style, fish with blessed thistle, paella, tongue Meniere with almond, roasted fish, seafood that is cooked in melon are among the special tastes that you can try here.

Izmir Levent Marina Tesisleri, 2028 Haydar Aliyev Bulvari, No:4, Inciralti

Phone: 0232 259 59 58



Tuval that we are used to in Alacati has opened its second branch in Cesme Marina. It is possible to find tastes that appeal to everyone because "Moules mariniere” in Belgium style, homemade ravioli with asparagus and eggplant, fried potato and unbeaten fillet steak with Bearnaise sauce are among the specials of this place.

1016 Sokak, 2/21-B, Cesme

Phone: (0232) 712 14 44


Balikci Hasan

If you go to Hasan, which is one of the fishers on the Dalyan coast, you should order sea bass in milk. Sea bass from Karaburun and Foca is put in béchamel sauce after being boiled. It is put in the oven with cheddar, shrimp and butter and served.

Liman Caddesi, No. 2, Dalyankoy- Cesme

Phone: 0232 724 02 02



Kircicegi, which was founded in 1985, is in service with 12 branches throughout 24 hours a day now. The menu that starts with ezogelin soup or tomato soup continues with many crispy pita kinds such as pita with small pieces of meat, fried meats and sausages.

Kibris Sehitleri Cad. 1443 Sk. No: 83, Alsancak

Phone: 0232 464 30 90

City code: 232

Provincial Security Directorate: 0232 489 05 00

State Hospital: 0232 243 43 43

Fire: 110

Police: 155

Ambulance: 112

Phone Malfunction: 121

Water Malfunction: 185

Electricity Malfunction: 186

Places to Visit in Izmir

Izmir, which includes Ephesus which is one of the most important ancient cities of the World; Cesme and Alacati that have the best beaches and Sirince which is one of the cutest villages, is one of the important destinations in terms of both cultural and summer tourism and must be visited in Turkey.


Belevi Museum

Belevi Museum which is known to belong the Hellenistic Era in the Seljuks has the importance of being the second biggest and highest mausoleum after Halicarnas Mausoleum.


Izmir History and Art Museum

The museum that was opened to service in Kultur Park in 2004 exhibits grave remnants from Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantium and many ages; agora, sculptures, ceramics; gold, silver and bronze coins. 


Ephesus Ancient City

You are in one of the most important ancient cities in the world. While the first settlement of Ephesus was the mountain top where St. Johannes Church was, the Greeks founded a Greek city there and named it Ephesus after conquering the city in the 11th and 12th century B.C. Zimakos moved the Ephesus city in the 3rd century B.C. from the place where the tower was to the place where it exists today. After this moving, Ephesus became a very important harbor city and one of the four most important cities of the Roman Empire. If you go to Ephesus Antique city, which was deserted because the alluviums being brought by Menderes Brook made the Ephesus harbor useless after the 4th century, you shouldn’t leave it without visiting Artemis Temple with 127 columns and the engravings on 36 of them.


The Seljuk Castle

There are remnants of the tower that was positioned on the first settlement area of Ephesus from the Byzantium, Ottoman and Aydinogullari. After passing various cisterns inside it, narrow streets with stone pavements and the mosque, the church will be welcoming you.


The Elevator

The elevator that is between Mithatpasha Street and Halilrifat Pasha Street was built by Nesim Levi in 1907. After ascending 155 stairs and arriving at the top of it, a spectacular view will be waiting for you.


Klazomenai Ancient City

This antique city in Urla is one of the 12 Ionian cities. In the archeological excavations, layers from the archaic, Early Bronze and Classical ages were found.


Kus Cenneti (Bird Paradise)

In this area of 8000 square meters that was declared as Sea Birds Protection and Breeding Field in Cigli in 1982, there are 220 bird species today. It is possible to observe everything by renting a bike in this area where birds such as stork, shelduck, ruddy shelduck, spurling, black- winged stilt, bee- eater, wheatear, penduline tit, and oystercatcher incubate.



It is told that Pergamon that was the capital city of Pergamon Kingdom between the years 282-133 B.C took its name from Pergamos who killed Teuthrania king. It is possible for you to see the historical artifacts, which were excavated in Bergama, in the Pergamon Museum Island today.


Virgin Mary Church

You are in the church of Virgin Mary who was believed to have died in Ephesus according to some sources. The church, which is very famous and that people from all around the world visit to light only a candle, is in Seljuk.


Kemeralti Bazaar

It is possible to find handicrafts such as leather, fuss and feathers, carpet, embroidery, and shawl in the bazaar that goes along from Konak Square to Mezarlikbasi just like Grand Bazaar.


Izmir Culture Park

In this area, that was made upon the demand of Ataturk and that has art and entertainment places such as Ismet Inonu Art Center, Ataturk Open Air Theatre, Fuar Marriage Office, Amusement Park, Parachute Tower, Zoo, Painting- Sculpture Museum, there are also sports centers such as a astro pitch football field, tenis courts and swimming pool and more than 8000 trees.



You can encounter live music, those who dance salsa and sing karaoke on this road that is open to bicycles, pedestrians, skaters along the sea coast.


Neighbourhoods of Izmir



It was a Roman village famous for fig production with 1800 houses in the 19th century; the olive oil that is produced in Sirince has the recognition to be the best one in South Aegean Region. In addition, do not skip tasting the local fruit drinks that would be offered to you while walking around the streets.


Old Foca

This town with an icy cold sea that is 1 hour away from Izmir and where rock festivals are organized has become a heaven not only for those who want tranquility in summer but also in winter. It is told that Herodotus came to Anatolia to write down the famous Trojan War back in the history and meanwhile met Foca.



This bay which was known as Aiolis in the antiquity is famous for its clear water. If you like visiting historical places, you should see Myrna and Pitane ancient cities that are very close by.


New Foca

New Foca is famous for its fishermen who are neighbors of Fula Mountain, which is covered with pine trees, and Sarphane Mountain of 416 meters high; white houses that resemble its Roman neighbours, walks along the sea coast, a pier which is called Burunucu and its tranquility.



Sigacik is a town of Seferihisar, which has been discovered by those that have adopted the motto of a calm life and that seek tranquility in recent years. Akkum Beach, which is one of the best beaches of Aegean, waves its blue flag here.



You can go to Selcuk to paraglide, to walk around its historical castle or to lay on the sands of Pamucak Beach that stretches along 6 km for the whole day.



You should certainly visit Konak which is one of the nine regions of Izmir. Kadifekale, which was built by Lysmachos - the general of Alexander the Great, is one of the most important places that should to be seen.



Even if you don’t know it from Karsiyaka Spor cheers with the number of 35 ½, you will know it from the house of Latife Hanim, the wife of Ataturk, from the old Ottoman palaces that are lined side by side and of course from its vibrant streets.



Alsancak is the district where mostly high income families of Izmir live with Kordon, Kultur Park where Izmir Park has been built and big hotels and houses on broad boulevards.



Bearing the same name with the main campus of Ege University and Ege University Hospital, which is one of the biggest hospitals of Turkey, is one of the keystones of Bornova.



Tanju Okan died here in 23rd of May, 1996. Necati Cumali wrote his famous verses here. Urla has been always known as the place of artists, singles and daydreamers in Aegean.


Nightlife in Izmir

Nightlife that has been dispersed around Cesme, Ilica and Alacati rather than the center of Izmir continues till the first hours of morning especially in summer.



If you are in Alacati, you first enjoy sitting in Nar and then go to Salca. You dance in Sobe as if you are having fun in your own garden, and lastly you go to Yaya and mingle with strangers.



Paparazzi which serves as a beach during the day in Ayayorgi bay turns into a bar that plays mostly rock music at night. You can also come across with live music sometimes.

Ayayorgi, Cesme

Phone: 0232 712 67 67


Café Pi

Pi Grup that creates an atmosphere putting signature on the parties that continue until the mornings and with the beach, that is opened in Cesme after its places in Taksim, Besiktas, Suadiye, and Ortakoy in Istanbul, is very ambitious about becoming one of the most important addresses of entertainment.

Sakarya Mahallesi Aya Yorgi Mevkii No: 17

Phone: 0530 969 02 02


Riders Beach

If you are searching for a place to go after 4 a.m. in the morning, Riders Beach, which makes everyone dance to techno and electronic music, is the right place for you. It serves as a surfing school during the day.

Alaçatı Mevkii, On the opposite of Liman

Tel: 0541 292 77 00


Deli Deli

It is guaranteed to have fun in Deli Deli that is renowned as a place that makes everybody sing by playing Turkish music in Port Alacati.

Port Alacati Area

Phone: 0232 716 90 98


Here is another place that is a beach where everyone lays down in day time; it makes them jump to the dance music at night. The place that was known as Seaside was bought by Emre Ergani and its name was changed as Bobou being inspired by Bohemian Bourgeois. There are mostly DJ parties and thematic nights here.

Hacimemis Mah. Piyade Kumlugu Liman Mevkii No: 106 Alacati

Phone: 0 232 716 70 40




Babylon that has been giving service in various places in Cesme for the last six years draws attention with a menu of slow music in house and nujazz genres during the dayc. You can come across the live concerts of musicians such as Duman, Can Bonomo, Zaz, Bob Sinclair at nights.

Aya Yorgi Koyu, 35930. Aya Yorgi

Phone: 0232 712 63 39


Fun Beach

It is a very nice beach as its name suggests. It offers many activities such as air inflated climbing walls in sea, beach volley, Jet Ski, canoe. If you order chicken, the sauces that come with it are very delicious. It is a beach that especially families with children would prefer.

Cesme Sehit Mehmet Yolu, Izmir

Phone: 0232 722 1095


Okan’s Place

People who call it paradise on earth are very right. Okan has a very rare persona with a garden where he makes organic agriculture and nearly 500-600 pigeons and chickens. After having a rest on the sand, you can prefer its sardine salad menu.

Altinkum Mevkii, Cesme

Phone: 0532 394 0131


Kum Beach

It is the fashionable beach of Cesme. Some people say that it is the most beautiful beach of Aegean that was founded on an area of 900 meters.

Phone: (0252) 377 62 72



It is possible to see cool men and women on this famous beach that serves on the bay of Aya Yorgi which is closed to the famous winds of Cesme.

Aya Yorgi, Cesme

Phone: 0 232 7120403 


Sole & Mare

Sole& Mare, which is another example of "daytime beach and club at nights" fashion is known for the crowded parties that people in Izmir prefer especially at nights.

Aya Yorgi Koyu, Cesme

Phone: 0232 712 20 57

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