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Flights to Lefkosia

Flights to Lefkosia

In Cyprus, you'll find the warm waters of the Mediterranean together with 10,000 years of history. If you're ready to discover this mysterious island, find yourself a great deal on tickets to Cyprus with Pegasus.

Cyprus will enchant you with magnificent sea views as well as its historical atmosphere and natural beauty. What are you waiting for? Book a flight now!



Transport in Nicosia

Ercan Airport is the only airport in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where commercial flights land. If you fly to Ercan Airport with Pegasus, you'll be 23 km from Nicosia and 44 km from Kyrenia. You'll find taxis outside the airport, and shuttle services which go to various parts of the island.

Renting a car is probably the easiest way to travel around the island during your trip, but remember they drive on the left in Cyprus! Stick with taxis or private hire cars if you're not comfortable with this. You'll find vehicle rental options at

Where to Eat in Nicosia

This is the ideal place to try genuine Cypriot cuisine, including its famous pastries and pide. Their ""piruhi"", a sort of ravioli, is particularly good. You can also visit them for breakfast and try ""katmer"", and wash it all down with some of their homemade lemonade.
Büyükhan, Northern Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 228 77 60

Sabır Lokantası
It's normal to wait for up to half an hour the famous meatballs served here. If you have the time, don't give it a second thought. Because even though you might have to wait, the fact that the shop has survived for years shows that the place is a cultural treasure.
Opposite Büyükhan, Northern Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 22734 70

Müze Dostları Restaurant
Most of the vegetables served here come from the garden of the owners. You'll discover a range of delicious home-cooked vegetable dishes, served in a charming little garden. We especially recommend the local delicacy, molohiya.
Selimiye Camii Avlusu, Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 228 93 45

Grand Mardo
Mardo, an ice cream brand born in Nicosia, has many branches across Northern Cyprus. The café-style establishment offers options from breakfast to delicious ice cream.
Mehmet Akif Cad. 95/A Dereboyu, Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 228 25 64

Cadde de Passport
This venue offer various dishes and snacks from international cuisine, and is one of the most popular in Nicosia. It's a great place for a meal or a drink.
Mehmet Akif Cad. 88 Dereboyu, Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 228 86 08

Caffe Aşkı
You can enjoy cafe-style dishes and local delicacies in a cozy atmosphere here at Caffe Aşkı, which is particularly popular with the young people of Nicosia.
Mehmet Akif Cad. Dereboyu, Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 228 77 99

Anibal Restaurant
Where better to enjoy ""Şeftali kebabı"" or ""peach kebab"" than its birthplace? We should say though, there's no fruit in it; it gets its name from the way it looks!
Karaoğlanoğlu Cad. Çağlayan, Nicosia
Tel: 0 392 22748 35

Galabalık Restaurant
Galabalık is the best place in town for seafood, and it was originally established by a fisherman. Once just a small shop it is now a huge restaurant with room for 120 people. After enjoying traditional Cypriot mezze, you'll have some of the best seasonal fish the island has to offer.
Kemal Aksay Caddesi No:71 Taşkınköy, Nicosia
Tel:0533 841 9060

Places to Visit in Nicosia

Büyük Han
Dating back to 1572, this inn is a typical example of Ottoman architecture. It was the first inn built by the Ottomans in Cyprus.

Selimiye Camii (St. Sophia Cathedral)
Originally St. Sophia Cathedral, this building was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period, and is an example of Gothic architecture. Although it was used as a mosque during the Ottoman period, the cathedral's original architecture has been preserved. Coronations were held at this cathedral, which was the most important structure of the Lusignan period.

St. Nicolas Church
Built in the 12th century during the Byzantine period, this church has seen changes made to its structure over the centuries. The building, which took much of its current shape during the Venetian period, was used as a bedesten in the Ottoman period.

Dervish Pasha Mansion and Ethnography Museum
This mansion is a 19th century building belonging to Dervis Baba who published one of the first Turkish newspapers in Nicosia. The upper floor of the two-story mansion is made of adobe. The mansion, which has served as a museum since 1988, exhibits objects describing daily life in Cyprus. We suggest you check opening times before you visit.

Venetian Column
Venetian Column, as the name suggests, was built in 1550 by the Venetians. Later, the Ottomans carried this column to the courtyard of the Sarayönü Mosque, but in 1915 it was returned to its original by the British.

Kyrenia Gate
Built in 1567 by the Venitians to keep watch over the city, and restored by the Ottomans in 1821, the walls were later destroyed by the British. This gate is one of the last remaining sections.

Bayraktar Mosque
In 1570, the Ottomans crossed the city walls in order to take Nicosia. Legend has it that this mosque and mausoleum were built where the soldier carrying the Ottoman flag fell and was martyred. The name of the mosque comes from this story.

Sarayönü Mosque
A new mosque was built by the British to replace the Ottoman mosque which had destroyed by an earthquake in the early 20th century. This mosque, today's building, has the hallmarks of Andalusian architecture. The mosque was later used as a marriage registry office for many years.

Mevlevi Tekke Museum
The ""tekke"" which was established shortly after the Ottoman conquest of Nicosia, but ceased to be a Mevlevi place of worship in 1954. After being used as a kindergarten, it was then turned into a museum.

Country code: +90 392

Nicosia Police: 0392 228 33 11

G.Mağusa Police: 0392 366 53 10

Girne Police: 0392 815 21 25

Police Emergency: 155

Fire: 199

Forest Fire: 177



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