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Istanbul - Prague Flight Tickets

After purchasing your low-budget tickets to Prague, you can rent a car on and complete your Prague trip with maximum comfort. Renting a car will be the most economical alternatives, especially if you're going there as a group of four or five. Since there is no metro or train line to reach the city center from the airport, you can prefer buses as an alternative to a rental car or taxi. It takes 25 minutes by bus to reach the closest metro station to the airport. 

In the city center, you may prefer walking most of the time. Many important places are located near each other. The times you'll need a car will be when you want to reach the distant locations around the city.

Shopping in Prague

In Prague, which is a city in close relations with art, the shopping you'll do is also a bit different from the usual shopping trips to malls and shops. You'll come across different design products, traditional gift items and delicacies of Prague in small boutiques. In Prague, neither shopping places nor restaurants damage the magical atmosphere of the city. Everything is in a great harmony. You'll see the most famous brands of the world in Prague but it will be in an atmosphere unique to this city.


You can find interestingly interpreted version of items that you use daily in this shop where there are amazing artful designs.

U Luzickeho Seminare 7, Prague 1 118 00


You can buy presents for your loved ones or a Prague souvenir for yourself from thos tiny shop where hand made wooden objects are sold.

Melantrichova 11, Prague 1 

Shop Marionety Truhlar

Marionettes, meaning puppets identified with Prague, may be some of the stylish and thoughtful presents you can get from Prague both for your loved ones and yourself.

U Luzickeho Sem. 5 | Mala Strana, Praha 1

Čokolá - Chocolate Shop

Being a small and cosy chocolate shop, Čokoláda sells special and high quality chocolates. You can buy some of these delicious chocolates for your home or people around you.

Husova 8, Prague 11000


You can find tens of kinds of candles in Ogivi, which is a boutique candle store. You should definitely see these specially designed candles in different colors and smells. The atmosphere of this shop will amaze you.

Maiselova 5, Prague 110 00


Accommodation in Prague

In Prague, where there more affordable accommodation alternatives compared to other European cities, whether you stay in a small hostel or get covered by the glamour of luxurious hotels, what greets you when you open the window of your room will be the matchless buildings of this city that hasn't been changed since the Middle Ages. You won't want to break away from the magic of this view. 

Design Metropol Hotel Prague 

This hotel that is located where close to the old town center with a view of Prague Castle offers you a luxurious accommodation option. It's closeness to the city center is also a reason to choose.

Národní 33, Prague, 11000

Hotel Zlatá Váha

This 3 star hotel, which offers an affordable accommodation in the center of Prague is both economical and very comfortable. It's one of the best alternatives that have a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

Senovážné náměstí 981/21, Prague, 11000

Rybna 9 Apartments 

These apartments in the city center of Prague offer the chance of accommodation for 2-8 people. This way, your accommodation expenses in your Prague trip are kept at minimum. Moreover, apartments will also earn your admiration with their designs.

Rybna 9, Prague, 110 00 

Wenceslas Square Terraces 

In Wenceslas Square Terraces, apartments with a peerless Pragie view provide accommodation for 2-4 people. These apartments with wide terraces that are located to the city center are some of the affordable accommodation alternatives.

Václavské náměstí 3, Prague, 110 00 

Ritchie's Hostel & Hotel

Ritchie’s Hostel offers an economical and comfortable accommodation alternative with its central location and rooms that host 2 to 8 people.

Karlova 9 and 13, Prague, 110 00

Food and Drink in Prague

Prague's eating culture is mostly based on meat and potatoes. Here, there are many restaurants where you can eat delicious foods and many cafes where you can drink amazing coffee. All of them carry the traces of the bohemian atmosphere of Prague. Prague's cafes that pour into the streets and the long conversations that take place in these places in the company of coffee make up the characteristics of the city. An afternoon when you sip your coffee while listening to the musicians on the Charles Bridge may be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

Papas Restaurant & Bar

You can taste traditional Prague beer and delicious meat dishes on Papas Restaurant, which is one of the most frequently preferred to taste traditional Prague delicacies.

Betlemske namesti 8 | Praha 1 - Stare Mesto, Prague 11000 

Ambiente Pasta Fresca

Pasta Fresca is one of the places that draw attention with home made pastas and sauces. Also, we recommend you to have a dinner here with their nice deli products and delicious wines.

Celetna 11, Prague 110 00 Praha 1 

Original Coffe

You can come to Original Cafe after a long walk in the streets of Prague and relax while drinking a delicious cup of coffee. This cafe will be one of your favourites with its elaborate service and interesting design.

Betlemska 12, Prague 1 


You can have a perfect meal of meat or seafood depending on your choice, with the elegant servings of this peerless restaurant with a view of the river, castle and the city.

Rasinovo Nabrezi 80, Prague 2 


There are bread, bagel and croissant varieties in Baksehop, which is one of the best breakfast places in Prague. You can get a table and have a long breakfast here or have some snacks on the run.

Kozi 1, Prague 110 00

Country Code: +420 2

General Emergency: 112

Fire: 150

Ambulance: 155

Prague City Police: 156

Prague Airport: +420 220 111 888


Places to Visit in Prague

There are too many historical building, squares, bridges and art centers to see in Prague, which is one of the richest European cities in terms of history, culture and art. We also recommend you not to come back without attending events like concerts and theatre plays in Prague where concerts are organized very frequently.

Old Town Square

The old town center, which is the most importat square in Prague, is also in the position of the city center. Make sure your visit coincides with one of the shows or concerts organized in this square.

Prague 1

Charles Bridge

This historical bridge on the River Vlvata is one of the most famous gothic works. You'll feel something different at every step you take in a walk on this bridge thanks to the sculptures on it. Moreover, you can double the pleasure of your walk with the hot wine you'll buy from the street sellers on the bridge. n

Between Mala Strana and the Old Town, Prague 11000 

Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock (Staromestska Radnice)

The Astronomical Clock in theold town square is one of the most important historical works that needs to be seen in Prague. You can watch the special show that takes place every hour. You can also see a panoramic view of the city if you climb up the clock.

Staromestske namesti 1, Prague 110 00

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, which has become one of the most important symbols of Prague, is as magnificent and fascinating inside as it is outside. You can have a peerless experience by attending one of the activities organized in the castle that have been protected for years, like jazz concerts.

Prague 11908

St. Vitus Cathedral

Being one of the most magnificent cathedrals in Prague, St. Vitus is one of the must-see historical buildings, especially after it's lit at night.

Prague Castle, Prague


Prague is one of the European cities that will satisfy you with its nightlife as much as it does with its historical and cultural heritage. There are even tourists that visit Prague only for its nightlife. Parties that continue until the morning in big night clubs which host perfromances of famous DJs, drinks sipped in jazz bars in the company of a calm music or conversations held in a more humblr bar are some of the alternatives you can choose from the nightlife of Prague.

Double Trouble Bar

You can have a long night with the affordable prices and high quality music of Double Trouble Bar, which is one of the night clubs in the Prague city center.

Melantrichova 17, Prague 110 00

Groove Bar

Groove Bar can be a perfect option with its affordable prices for those who want to have a calm night but listening to good music and have some quality drinks at the same time.

Vorsilska 6, Prague 110 00 

Ambiente Lokal

Being one of the most stylish bars in Prague, Lokal will make you have a beautiful night with good music and delicious Prague beers.

Dlouha 33, Prague


You can have some drinks and experience a pleasurable night in the company of an amazing music in this stylish jazz bar in the old town square.

Zelezna 16, Prague 110 00 

Vodka Bar Propaganda

If your expectation from the night is dancing and having fun, Vodka Bar which is one of the famous night clubs of Prague will give you what you want. Don't forget to make reservations before you go.

Michalska 12, Prague 11000

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