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Istanbul - Trabzon Flight Tickets

After your landing at Trabzon with Pegasus' advantageous prices, you can get on a Havas bus around 25 minutes later and go to the city center. Trabzon's public transportation options are not that frequent and useful but you have different alternatives to reach the center from the airport that has been in service since 1957.


Although taxi prices are quite high in Trabzon, you can reach the city center for a small price since the airport is close to the city. But let us remind you that there is a night-time tariff, which is 50% more expensive than the ordinary tariff, in use. If you want to rent a car to go around the city more comfortably, you can use

Shopping in Trabzon

The heart of shopping beats in bazaars and market places in Trabzon. Especially if you're tired of big and closed malls and want to experience something new, we recommend you to visit all bazaars one by one.


Bakircilar Bazaar

This bazaar, where you'll find copper pots and ornamental items, is one of the symbols of unique Turkish art of coppersmith. These pieces, which are all handmade, are great both for you and for the ones you love as presents. It's a different pleasure to drink cold ayran (a drink made of yoghurt and water) from a copper glass.



There is nothing that you can't find here. The neighbourhood which continues to be the main marketplace of Trabzon, draws tourists' attention as well. It's really enjoyable to go around this neighbourhood where many things from souvenirs and gifts to daily needs are sold in a chaotic atmosphere.


Russian Bazaar

This bazaar, where people of Caucasian, Armenian and Russian descent sold the item they brought after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, has lost its original sense in time. Mostly local products are sold here but sellers haven't changed much.


Women's Bazaar

In this bazaar, where female farmers sell their crops, apart from fresh fruits and vegetables, it's also possible to find grains and local cheese varieties. 

Accommodation in Trabzon

Accommodation places have a wide price range in Trabzon. It's up to you to decide whether you want to stay in a luxurious hotel or a more budget friendly guest house.



Novotel is ideal for you especially if you're in Trabzon for a business trip. It's close the airport and its location by the sea is a reason to prefer. It's one of the new and the biggest hotels of Trabzon.

Behind Dunya Ticaret Merkezi, Cumhuriyet Mah. Kasustu Beldesi, Yomra

Tel: 0 462 455 90 00


Zorlu Grand Hotel

It's Trabzon's most luxurious hotel that is located at the heart of the city, meaning on Maras Street. In addition to clean rooms, beautiful architecture and gym options, it's one of the best choices with its restaurants and bars. It is also has the biggest meeting room capacity in the city among other hotels.

Maras Cad. No:9 , 61100

Tel: 0 462 326 84 00


Usta Park Hotel

This hotel is a good alternative for both touristic accommodations and business trips thanks to its central spacious and comfortable room, fitness, sauna and hammam options and central location. It also makes ot possible to have business meetings with its small meeting rooms and one ball room.

Iskender Pasa Mahallesi No:6/8

Tel: 0 462 326 57 00


Nur Hotel

This tiny city hotel is the choice of those looking for an economical accommodation with its clean rooms which also have a nice view if located on upper floors.

Iskenderpasa Mah. Cami Sok. No:15

Tel: 0 462 323 04 45


Uzunkum Otel

Even though it's a bit outside of the city center, it's a good choice for touristic trips with its affordable price and clean rooms which wiil meet all your needs. It's a hotel you can prefer especially if you have a car.

1 Nolu Besirli Mah. Sahil Cad. No:206 

Tel: 0 462 221 20 20


Hotel Buyuk Sumela

The hotel that is located in Macka vicinity is close to Sumela Monastery and excursion routes around even though it's far from the city center. It's also ideal to stay in a calm atmosphere with its luxurious service.

Ataturk Cad. Macka

Tel: 0 462 512 35 41

Food and Drink in Trabzon

When it comes to eating in Trabzon, of course the first thing in our list is fish and the first fish to eat is "hamsi" which is a kind of anchovy. However, one shouldn't forget peerless delicacies of The Black Sea region: "mihlama", Turkish pita, Akcaabat meatballs and "Laz borek". Here are some of the addresses where you can taste them.


Kalkanoglu Pilav Salonu

You should taste traditional rice dish and compote in this business which has been serving rice dish for more than 100 years. Also, you have the chance to taste haricot beans and braised meat there. Let us remind you that they don't serve in the evenings.

Pazarkapı Mah. Tophane Cami Sok. 3/A

Tel: 0 462 321 30 86


Rustu’nun Firini

Breads that are lined on the window may misguide you but believe us, maybe the best pita in Trabzon is served at the long tables inside. We definitely recommend you to taste pita with minced meat. It's an ideal place for a fast lunch and prices are very affordable.

Pazarkapı Mah. Kalkanoglu Sok. No:4

Tel: 0 462 321 10 51     


Ozdemir Kasabi

Meats prepared by butchers are either prepared and served in your plates or on your grill if you want to cook them yourself. Meat are really delicious and if you aren't an expert of grills, don't risk it.

Sana Mevkii Kasustu Yomra

Tel: 0 462 341 20 45     


Beton Helva

This may be the most famous halvah place in Turkey. Their halvahs, which are not fabricated, really have a different taste. They also have ice cream and summer halvah alternatives in summer. Don't go back before you try it.

Uzun Sokak No:21

Tel: 0 462 321 25 50     


Bordo Mavi Restaurant

Here's a great address for you to both taste some local delicacies and eat a cafe-meal. Bordo Mavi is one of the highest quality places in Trabzon with its comfortable decoration and decent service. Crowds meet here at the nights of Trabzonspor's football matches.

Trabzonspor Sadri Sener Facilities

Tel: 0 462 323 33 25


Karpi Pide Salonu

Here's another great address for Black Sea pita. It's really different from the ordinary Turkish pita thanks to its thin crust. We especially recommend covered pita with minced meat inside.

Kunduracılar Cad. Halkevi Sok. No:15 K:1

Tel: 0 462 321 79 33      


Nihat Usta

Even though it has a place in Istanbul, one should eat Akcaabat meatballs in Akcaabat. With its successful service and clean space which has an amazing view, Nihat Usta is the most famous meatballs restaurant in Akcaabat.

Liman Mevkii – Akcaabat

Tel: 0 462 228 00 50     


Bozo Pide

If you have a chance to go out of Trabzon and happen to be in Surmene, Bozo should be your address for pita. Your warm pita with braised meat is served covered and you start eating it by making a spoon out of the covering piece; that's the tradition. You can also add an egg to your pita; it goes very well with minced meat.

Carsi Mahallesi Orta Sokak No:43/A Surmene

Tel: 0 462 746 19 16     


Akcay Doner

Make sure you stop by Akcay to eat real paper doner cooked on wood fire. They also have varieties of pot-cooked dishes. Doner is delicious thanks to the cooking technique and the taste of the meat. Don't forget that the orders are not made in portions but made in grams.

Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:9/B

Tel: 0 462 321 23 86


Fevzi Hoca

Fevzi Hoca is a taste that is known all over the country now. We recommend the one that is located in Akcaabat. You can order any dish you want from its rich fish menu without any reservations. Fish are always fresh, poaches are very original but pan-fried fish are also very delicious. Also, we recommend you not to miss out on corn bread.

Akçakale Beldesi

Tel: 0 462 259 24 00


Ice Mar

Even though it has the name of an ice-cream brands, this is actually a cafe and it has a very beautiful area. The cafe that is located in a historical building has been elaborately renovated. You should try cakes in this place where local and international tastes meet.

Marac Cad. Next to Merkez Is Bankasi Meydan (Merkez)

Tel: 0 462 326 16 17


Nejla Hanim’in Ev Tatlilari

Here's an amazing address for desserts. Don't leave Trabzon without visiting here. Especially "Laz borek" is amazing.

Fatih Mah. No:142  Sogutlu/Akcaabat

Tel: 0 462 248 33 09



Inan Kardesler

If you visit Uzungol, you should eat your dinner in Inan Kardesler. In addition to fresh salmon trouts, you'll also find traditional tastes of Black Sea region in this place that is a wonder of nature. It's a peerless spot thanks to its location.

Uzungol Beldesi

Tel: 0 462 656 62 60


Lazeli Restaurant

Lazeli is a place where you can both taste amazing fish and find local tastes. Don't leave Trabzon without eating fried hamsi (anchovy). As a plus, it has an amazing view.

Kavakli Beldesi Sahil Cad. No:2 Akcaabat

Tel: 0 462 228 05 08

City code: 462


Health Emergency:112

Fire: 110

Gendarmy: 156

Places to Visit in Trabzon

Trabzon has many places to see in terms of both natural and historical beauties. What should one see in Trabzon? We've listed for you.


Trabzon Museum

The building which is also known as Kostaki Mansion is a civil engineering example dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The mansion, which used to be used as a high school before the foundation of Republic of Turkey, was opened as a museum in 2001. It's in service as an archeology and ethnography museum.


Hagia Sophia Museum

The church that was built in the 13th century during the time of Empire of Trebizond is one of the must-see places in Trabzon. The church which differs from others that are similar with its ornaments is especially impressive with its frescos and mosaics.


Ataturk Mansion

This mansion which wash built at the beginning of the 19th century is one of the rare examples of civil architecture that is designed in the European style in its period. This mansion, where Ataturk accommodated during his visits to trabzon, has been rearranged as Ataturk Museum. Don't forget to take walk in the mansion's garden which also has been designed in European style.


Gulbahar Hatun Mosque

This is the mosque of the complex that was built in 1514, in memory of Gulbahar Hatun who is the mother of Yavuz Sultan Selim. Today, only the mosque and a mausoleum has been left from the complex. The mosque belongs to the Zaviye (with hermits cells) group, an architectural style encountered in the Early Ottoman period. Unfortunately, the original ornaments of the mosque are gone.


The Arsenal

The building, which has been built in 1887, is striking with its circular plan. Being used as a storage during the Russian invasion, the building got seriously damaged in an exploison in 1919. It was handed down to private management in 2010 and started to give service as a restaurant after being renovated.


Zagnos Pasha Bridge

4 different stages have been founded in the bridge that connects Ortahisar, which is founded between two valleys to West. It's believed to have been a draw bridge during Roman and Byzantine periods. The bridge we have today has been constructed by Zagnos Pasha who was the governor of Trabzon in the 15th century.


Ortahisar Fatih Mosque

The building that used to be a church, has been converted into a mosque right after the invasion. It has taken its final form with several changes in time. Inside, especially the mosque's minbar is decorated with Turkish ornaments that have been added at different times.


St. Anna (Small Ayvasil) Church

Being one of the oldest churches in the city, St. Anna is a small building planned like a basilica. There is an embossing belonging to the Byzantine period and an inscription about the restoration made in the period of Basil I in its entrance. Its frescos inside are from later periods.


Sumela Monastery

This monastery which has been located on the skirts of Karadag in Macka, on a spot that is above the valley, provides an impressive view for those who are watching it across the valley. Unfortunately its frescos have been ruined.


Vezalon (Yahya) Monastery

Like Sumela Monastery, it was built on a mountain ridge, around a cave and has taken its current shape in time with various additions. The frescos in it are worth seeing.


Memisoglu Mansion

The mansion, which is located in Balikli region of Surmene vicinity, feeds the eye especially with its doors and ceilings which are great examples of woodwork. However, the main reason of its fame is the vantilator like mechanism that is activated by an axle which rotates it. For this reason, it's also calld "the mansion with rotating ceiling" by local people.



Being 99 km away from Trabzon, Uzungol is a natural reservoir that has been formed by some rocks that fell due to landslide and blocked the river's flow. It creates an amazing view with the green area surrounding it.


Karadag Plateau

One of the tens of plateaus that re located around Trabzon. It's 1946 meters high. It's an ideal place for clean air and plenty of oxygen. With the rise of plateau toruism, this place has also become suitable to host tourists.



Neighbourhoods of Trabzon


Ortahisar: The oldest settlement center of the city. Many historical buildings are side by side there. It's also an interesting area with its location between two valleys and closeness to the port. It still keeps its importance and vividness.


Yali: This neighbourhood, which everyone calls Faroz even though its official name is Yali, is the most famous neighbourhood of Trabzon. It's a beautiful place by the sea where mostly fishermen's families live and there is the social life of a traditional neighbourhood. 


Uzun Sokak: It's the most popular pedestrian street of Trabzon. The street and its vicinity where mostly youth of the city hangs out is filled with shops and cafes that aim this group. It's a nice walking route.



Nightlife in Trabzon is not that lively and it ends at early hours. Still, we've picked a couple of addresses for you.


Cingil Bar

This is a calm and pleasant space. On some weekends, live music adds a nice atmosphere to the place.

Uzun Sok. Saray Carsisi Floor:2 No:49

Tel: 0 462 321 46 95


Pati Cafe

You can have dinner at this cafe which is very enjoyable thanks to its view.

Maras Cad. Galeria Is Merkezi No:8 Floor:6 Merkez

Tel: 0 462 323 33 50


Suleyman Bar

The place, where people have fun with live Turkish music while being seated seems to be having a bit heavy atmosphere.

Devlet Sahil Yolu, Forum AVM

Tel: 0 462 330 03 64


Club 462

Being Trabzon's new night club, Club 462 is one of the rare entertainment places.

Maras Cad (Bordo Is Merkezi Floor:6)

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