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 Check-in online (at home) to minimise social contact.

 Arrive earlier than usual at the airport. Please follow all the instructions at the airport.

 Maintain your social distance in queues and waiting areas.

 Use Express Baggage to drop-off your bag without queueing, Self-scan your ID card and mobile boarding pass for contactless boarding 




All the air in the aircraft cabin is filtered and replaced with fresh air on average every three minutes. All Pegasus Airlines aircraft are fitted with HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air, filters. This system filters more than 99.99% of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria. 



The air in the cabin is as clean as an operating theatre!

The air inside the aircraft is replaced every three minutes on average.



Airflow is only from the top of your seat to the floor. 

There is no airflow to the front or back. 



This system filters more than 99.99% of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria.


More than half of the air in the cabin consists of clean and sterile air from outside the aircraft, and the rest consists of the interior air which has been cleaned by HEPA filters.






  • We disinfect our aircraft every 24 hours with high efficacy cleaning products that act against the coronavirus and are effective for at least 48 hours
  • The air inside the aircraft is replaced on average every 3 minutes with fresh new air filtered by HEPA filters.
  • More than 99.99% of airborne contaminants and dust particles are filtered by HEPA filters.
  • We are installing hand sanitiser dispensers on our buses, which are disinfected regularly.
  • To minimise contact points on board, we are temporarily removing printed material such as the menu and inflight magazine.
  • We look forward to welcoming you on board with our new measures for safe and healthy travels.
  • All cleaning, sterilising and disinfecting products used are approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health and aircraft manufacturer.
  • The Disinfection Procedure is coordinated by the Pegasus Airlines Ground Operations Team.
  • The disinfection of our aircraft is performed in accordance with the Airbus and Boeing Aircraft Maintenance Manuals by a cleaning team of 5 - 6 people.


For personal preventative measures, please refer to the Turkish Ministry of Health’s website



Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees.

  • During this period, as we await to meet you again, we are continuing to take online courses in hygiene and sanitation measures and personal protection against any kind of epidemic outbreak.
  • Before every flight, we will use a thermometer to conduct body temperature checks of all our crew.
  • For the safety of you and our employees, we will be disinfecting all the tools and equipment used by our teams, both before and after use.
  • We will be putting up protective plexiglass screens between our personnel and our guests on the check-in counters for maximum health and safety levels.
  • In order to provide a safe travelling environment we will be minimizing touch points by only accepting credit card payments for purchases made on-board.

Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees. We are taking, and will continue to take, all the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of everyone who flies with us.



There is no requirement to wear a face mask during the flight.


You may bring only bring 1 item of cabin baggage no more than 55x40x20 cm in size or 1 personal item no more than 40x30x15 cm in size on board the aircraft.



We have lots of self-service ways to help you travel contactless and get ready for your flight with just your phone:

  • Check-in online to avoid queueing  
  • Use Express Baggage for contactless bag drop
  • For Turkish Nationals with a Chip-ID Card on domestic flights, just scan your ID card for contactless boarding all the way.

For a fast and secure journey, use the Express Baggage for contactless baggage procedures and drop off 


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