Istanbul - Berlin Flight Tickets

Berlin has three international airports and you'll land in Schöenefeld when you fly with Pegasus. All kinds of things to make it easier for you to reach the city center have been already thought about. One of the options can be going to Hauptbahnhof, which is seen as the central station of Berlin, in 28 minutes by Airport Express. You can also prefer trains that take off every 30 minutes. If you think that taxi will be more comfortable, we need to tell you that it may take up to 45 minutes depending on the traffic. For going back to the airport from the city, there is an online service offered by Berlin Airports. 


If you want to have a private car that will help you have a comfy trip, you can rent a car on One of the most practical transportation alternatibe in the city is subway. "U-Bahn" means "subway" in German. You can get on the subway from the stops where you see the sign of "U". Subway, which has 170 stations and 151.7 km long railroads, is one of the most important system Berliners use to transport and has 10 different lines.


Berlin o Bicycle

Berlin, like many European city, is a heaven for bicycles. There are bicycles roads and athletic people using them, all around the city. Thinking that you may want to join them, we've decided to provide you with some addresses.


Berlin in A Taxi

Taxis are not that much used in Berlin but it may be helpful for finding you way. You can hail a taxi on the street but if you can't find one, you can call +4930 20 20 21 22 0. To make things easier, you can write your destination on and learn about how much you'll pay beforehand.


Following A Traveller

If you want to follow the routes of an old traveller instead of going around on your own, provides tours in Berlin and its vicinity according to your interests.

Shopping in Berlin

Many shopping alternatives are waiting for you in Berlin, which is one of the most important metropolitan cities of the world. You may lose yourself in the city that houses all kinds of shopping concepts you can ask for from bazaars to boutique shops.



If Paris has La Fayette, Berlin has KaDeWe. Don't for get to go to the top floor of this huge building, where you can find many names from chic brands to local designers, and eat oysters in its gourmet section.

Tauentzienstrasse 21-24

Tel: 030 212 10



This is a store which sells well-used second hand pieces in kilograms. It's open until 7 pm every day except Saturdays, when it's open till 6 pm.

Ahornstrasse 2, off Einemstrasse

Tel: 030 211 2760



If you're looking for leather jackets, dresses and skinny leg jeans from 90's, this is a shop you need to stop by.

Bergmannstrasse 102

Tel: 030 694 3348



On this street which is seen as Champs-Elysees of West Berlin, in addition to expensive stores like Gucci, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Prada, Versace, you can also come across some interesting boutiques if you walk towards Bleibtreu and Fasanenstrasse.



The main characteristic of this brand, which has been created by combining the words Tasche (bag) and Tausch (change), is that you can change their covers whenever you want. These bags are very durable, made of vinyl and they can be used no matter what - rain, cold, mud. A great option to carry laptops or books.

Raumerstraße 8, Helmholtzplatz


Wasted German Youth

The story goes like the designer Paul Snowden looks around during a rave, heaves a sigh and says "It's just... Wasted German youth!" and invents the Wasted German Youth t-shirt series which is going to become a cult brand in the future. Let those looking for some punk influence know.

Memhardstrasse 1


Julia Mogwitz

Meet Julia Mogwitz. You are free to fall in love with these hats but you're not allowed to touch or try out. Prices range between 200-900 Euros.

Sredzkistraße 36



There is a hairdresser, bars, small shops, theatres, coffee houses and designers inside.

Oranienburger Strasse 32


Weekend markets... 

Mauer Park

It's Sunday, The flea market day in Berlin. Wake up early and rush to Mauerpark! You'll love Berliner designers t-shirts in this huge market place. You can try German style doner kebab or waffle with apple mash when you get hungry!



Boxhagener Platz

You know Berlin, it's famous for being green. That's why they set up a market even in the tiniest park they find. This is one of those. Saturday is for organic food and Sunday is for second hand clothing in case you want to take a look.

Gabriel-Max-Straße 10


Raw Flea Market

Raw, where theatre, art events, concerts and exhibitons are organized, sets up a small and refined flea market on sundays. There are toys, books, decorative items, accessories, hats, vinyls... Whatever you're looking for.

Revaler Straße 99


Nowkoelln Flea Market

It's called a flea market but what's sold inside is completely different. Designer products, a backgammon set from 1950s or paintings. There is no limit to what you can find here but it's only available on the third sunday of every month.

Accommodation in Berlin

You can choose the best fitting one among many different accommodation options in Berlin. Having a big variety of tourists from students to businessmen, Berlin has all kinds of accommodation alternatives. If you're thinking about a trip with your big group of friends, you can rent houses for pretty good prices for a day, a week or even a month on For hotel and hostels in Berlin for different budgets, you can lend an eat to our alternatives.


Luxury seekers… 

Hotel de Rome

If you like art deco and neo-classic, this hotel is your address.

Behrenstraße 3

Tel: 030 4606090


Hotel Concorde Berlin

Club Étoile  will offer an amazing Berlin panorama at night in this 311-room art loving minimal hotel designed by Jan Kleihues. Brasserie Le Faubourg  will become indispensable part of your lunches. Augsburger Strasse 41

030 800 9990


Ellington Hotel

White, bright and wood. That's the concept of the hotel. It's also a plus that it's right near Ka De We – the biggest shopping center of Berlin.

Nürnberger Strasse 50-55

Tel: 030 6831 50


Grand Hotel Hyatt

Maybe one of the best location of Hyatt hotel chains in the world. Spacious rooms that come with internet TV, a spa that sees Berlin from above and a swimming pool. Tizian, the restaurant on the top floor, is so good that you need to try it even if you don't stay there.

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2

Tel: 030 2553 1234



Seeking conceptual places... 

Lux 11

An economical boutique hotel with minimal design. They also have extra discounts for those who stay longer than 3 days.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 9-13

Tel: 030 936 2800


Casa Camper Berlin

This is the very cool hotel of Camper, which is the Spanish shoe brand we all know with the slogan “Walk, don't run!” It welcomes you with a tapas restaurant that is open 7/24 and 51 different rooms painted with warm colors. They also have rental bicycles, if you want one.

Weinmeisterstrasse 1

030 2000 3410


Ackselhaus & Bluehome

These tow buildings located side by side are comprised of tiny apartments, each of which has a bedroom, a living room a toilet and a kitchen inside.

Belforter Strasse 21

Tel: 030 4433 7633


Propeller Island City Lodge

Each of the 31 rooms designed by German artists Lars Stroschen has a different theme. You can stay in space, upside down, in a grandma's room or even in a coffin.

Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58

Tel: 0163 2565909


Seeking a cheap trip... 

Artist Riverside Hotel & Day Spa

In this hotel, which is not only a hotel but also a spa center, you can feel more comfortable and peaceful than you have ever felt.

Friedrichstrasse 106

Tel: 030 284 900


Circus Hostel

This is a heaven especially for those who just take their backpacks and go to a trip. If you build a good relationship with the man at the reception, there is almost no advice he can't give and no tickets he can't find. It may be hard to find a place here if you haven't reserved a room very early. That's why you may also want to check Circus Hotel they have just opened in Rosenthaler Strasse 1 or the apartments they rent.

Weinbergsweg 1A

Tel: 030 2000 3939

Hearth of Gold

You are in a high quality hostel which is a meeting point for people who come from all around the world and love travelling. Also, they have internet, ping pong and billiards.

Johannisstrasse 11,

Tel: 030 2900 3300


Hotel Transit

Everyone speaks English in this 49-room hostel located in the art filled neighbourhood named Kreuzberg. It has a bar that is open for 24 hours and it feels pretty good for your soul to take a walk in Victoria Park next to it.

Hagelberger Strasse 53-54,

Tel: 030 789 0470

Food and Drink in Berlin

Berlin, kendine has özel sosislerin, Vietnam yemeklerinin ve tavuğun şehri olarak bilinir. Biz de birbirinden güzel Berlin yemeklerini tadabileceğiniz lokal, geleneksel ve füzyon mutfaklardan güzel bir liste yapmak istedik.

Anne Blume
Alman sanatçı Kurt Schwitters’in bir şiirinden esinlenerek açılan bu kahvaltıcı aynı zamanda da bir çiçekçi. Art Nouveau dekore edilmiş duvarlar arasında Früstücksetagere sipariş ederseniz üç katlı bir tepsi içerisinde meyve, peynir, şarküteri, ekmek, reçelin bin bir çeşidini yiyebilirsiniz.
Kollwitzstrasse 83
Tel: 030 4404 8749

Café Einstein
Eski bir caz barı dekorasyonuna sahip kahve, Berlin’de yaşayan entellektüellerin adresi. Aslen kahvaltı ve brunch reyonu enfes olan kahve, sabah 07:00’den gece yarısına kadar açık.
Under den Linden, 42
Tel: 030 2615096

Humus, zeytin, domates, közlenmiş patlıcan dolu vejetaryen tabağı ya da peynir ve şarküterinin ihtişamını yaşatan gurme ürünleri, Barcomi’s’de her şey yanında bagel ile servis ediliyor, öğle saatlerinde Berlinlilerin favori mekanlarından biri olarak kabul ediliyor.
Sophienstrasse 21, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, 2
Tel: 030 285 98 363

Bar, pub, gece hayatıyla ünlü Kastanienallee üzerindeki bu restoran, akşam iş çıkışı saatlerinde uğramak isteyenlerin mekanı. Akşam yemeği menüsündeyse Asya-İtalya füzyonu tabaklar var.
Tel: 030 4849 2651
Kastanienallee 49

Altes Europa
Her şey son derece basit. Önünüze gelen şnitzel, patates salatası ve sosis tabakları dışında. Onlar enfes!
Gipsstrasse 11
Tel: 030 2809 3840

Monsieur Vuong
Vietnam yemeği cennetindesiniz. Burada tek sorun asla rezervasyon alınmaması ve masaların kantin modeli yan yana dizili, banklarla birbirine bağlanması. Önemi yok. O lezzet için değer. (Eğer Vietnam yemeğini severseniz Rykestrasse 36’daki Si An restoranında ikinci tura çıkabilirsiniz.)
Alte Schönhauser Strasse 46
Tel: 030 9929 6924

Ka De We mağazalarının en üst katındaki gurme yemek reyonunda dünyanın her yerinden mutfağı denedikten sonra hemen köşe başında sizin için bir restoran daha bulduk. Yedi ayrı sosu üzerine dökebileceğiniz, ağızda dağılan bir et yapıyor.

Neredeyse 400 kişinin oturabileceği bir bahçe, tahta banklar, enfes sosis, şahane şnitzel, arada bir konserler, kabareler ya da tiyatro gösterileri düşünün. Düşünemezseniz de Prater’e gidin. O size nasıl olabileceğine dair bir ipucu verir.
Kastanienallee 7-9
Tel: 030 448 5688

Beyaz masalar üzerinde, Avusturya ve Doğu Avrupa yemeklerinin füzyonlanmış hali. Bu aralar Berlin’in en popüler lokantalarından birisi kendisi.
Simplonstrasse 16
Tel: 030 2904 9704

Batı Berlin’in sanatçı mahallesi olarak bilinen Charlottenburg’a gitmeniz için güzel bir neden olan Florian, organik ürünlerle geleneksel Doğu Alman mutfağını bir araya getiriyor.
Grolmanstrasse 52
Tel: 030 313 9184

Sokaktan aldığınız patates-sosise iyi bir alternatif. Sosların bile ev yapımı olduğu Frittiersalon’un hamburgerleri leziz. Kıbrıs’tan esinlenerek yaptıkları hellimli, susamlı, yoğurt soslu burgerlerini denemelisiniz. Hafta sonları 01:00’e kadar açık.
Boxhagener Strasse 104
030 2593 3906

Country code: +49

Fire / ambulance: 112

Police: 110

Ambulance: 31 00 32 22

Helpline International: 44 01 06 07

Taxi: 261 026

Places to Visit in Berlin

Being one of the oldest cities of Europe, Berlin is loaded with history and culture due to many destructions it has experienced in the past. That's why there are countless places to see there. You can take a look at our recommendationsfor amazing architecture, open air art galleries, green areas and many more. 

Berlin Wall

The 46 km long wall, whose construction has been started in 12 August 1961 with the decision of West Germany parliament in order to prevent citizens of East Germany from going to West Germany, was demolsihed in 9 November 1989. In this area, where remnants are exhibited in an open air museum, you can get an old East Germany stamp on your passport in Check Point Charlie, which used to be a crossing point.


Museum Island

In the Museum Island, which listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there are museums like Altes Museum, where classical Greek and Roman works are exhibited; Alte Nationalgalerie, which is home to paintings of important names of 19th century like Adolph Menzel, Eduard Manet, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas abd Paul Cezanne; Bode Museum, which is famous for Byzantium art and its numismatic collections; Neues Museum where old Egypt works are located and Pergamon, where Islam and Near East works are exhibited.


Bauhaus Archive

Here, you can see the archives of Bauhaus, which is 20th century's most important chool in the fields of art, design and architecture. The museum, where works of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, who were teachers in the school, are shown, is the latest architectural design made by school's founder Walter Gropius in 1964.


Brucke Museum

Alman ekspresyonizminin öncüsü Die Brucke grubunun müzesinde, Erich Heckel, Otto Herbig, Max Kaus gibi büyük ustaların eserleri var.



This is a museum of Lego, which has been a part of every kid's life and helped all of us improve our skills, in Berlin. They also have stores in many parts of Berlin. If you buy your tickets online, the family price is 21,00 €.


Jüdishes Museum

This museum about holocaust, Hitler's rule and Germany's history is one of the must-see places to understand the period of World War II.

Parks of Berlin

If you want to spend a day walking around in parks, here are some recommendations: 

Tiergarten, which is 3 km long and located at the heart of Berlin, has been created by Peter Josef in 1830 and its current trees have been planted in 1949. 

You can have  a panoramic view of Berlin if you climb up the Viktoria Park hill in the middle of Kreuzberg. 

Treptower Park, which is in the southern part of the city, is one of the most popular places of picnic-goers. In 1915, Einstein gave a conference in the observatory in it. The world's longest telescope, which is 21 meters long, is also here.



Berlin Olimpiyat Stadium, which was built in 1936, has been home to important sports events like 1936 Summer Olympics and 1974 FIFA World Cup.


Hamburger Bahnhof

It's a must to at least spare half a day for this building which has been turned into a modern art museum after the renovation of the old train station.


Kunst-Werke Berlin

Being another contemporary art museum, this building used to be margarine factory. Berlin Biennial is also organized here.


Berlin’s Bridges

Potsdam’ı Berlin’e bağlayan Glienicker Brücke, which connects Potsdam to Berlin, is also known as "Bridge of Spies" due to spy exchanges of USSR and USA during the World War I.


Oberbaum Brücke

Oberbaum Brücke, which is a double floored wood bridge that is 154 meters long, is the bridge between East and West Berlin. Since 1999, people come together on both sides of the bridge end celebrate the end of the war by throwing balloons filled with water at each other.


Schloss Brücke and Admiral Bridge

Schloss Brücke, or "Palace Brdige" in other words, has been made in the beginning of 1800's by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who is one of the most famous German architects. One also shouldn't forget to mention Admiral Bridge, where young people come together with drinks in their hands to make music these days. 



It's a must to see a panoramic view of Berlin by going up to this building designed with the simple esthetics of communism in 1960’s.

Panoramastrasse 1A

Tel: 030 242 3333


Zoologischer Garten

Seeing the famous bear Knut, exploring the world of insects, feeding monkeys... A day spent in the zoo and aquarium will be the favourite of your kids for sure.

Hardenbergplatz 8


Berliner Dom

You need to see the inner achitecture, which has been redone again and again, of this cathedral that is home to many concerts due to its beautiful acoustics. You can call 030 2026 9119 for guided tours.

Am Lustgarten


Botanischer Garten

There are more than 16.000 plants and a museum in the botanical gardens founded at the beginning of the 20th century.

Königin-Luise-Strasse 6-8, Zehlendorf

Tel: 030 8385 0100



Famous Berliners... 

Berlin has been home to many famous people like classical music geniuses Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner; Scorpions which is an idol of hard rock culture; Kraftwerk and MİA who are popular names of the club atmsophere after 1990’s; Marlene Dietrich who is the first Germna actress to become successful in Hollywood; Grimm Brothers, who are the writers of stories known by children all around the world like Cindrella, Hansel & Gratel and Rapunzel; Bertol Brecht who is the founder of epic theatre and Albert Einstein who is one of the most important names of the 20th century and world history.


Movies About Berlin


First World War, Hitler's period, the seperation and reintegration of East and West Berlin, punk era... You can watch these movies if you are interested in history of Berlin.


Metropolis ( Fritz Lang)

Under The Bridges (Helmut Käutner)

Hotel Berlin (Peter Godfrey)

Berlin Express (Jacques Tourneur)

The Last Ten Days (Georg Wilhelm Pabst)

Teenage Wolfpack (Georg Tressler)

The Tunnel (Reuven Frank)

Run Lola Run (Tom Tykwer)

Good Bye, Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker)


Berlin Neighbourhoods

Charlottenburg, known as the bourgeois neighbourhood of Berlin, is famous for its bars, coffee houses, tours around Savignyplatz and Charlottenburg Palace.


Once seen as a seperate town, Dahlem is known as the university neighbourhood now.


 Ku'Damm, which is one of the most damaged areas during the war, carries what's left behind from Berlin Wall.


Grunewald is the dream of city planners with a 49 km2 wide green area.


In Hansaviertel, you'll find buildings made by famous architects like Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Alvar Aalto.



Gay bars, pubs, hotels, barber shops and stores are the most prominent features of Schöneberg.


In Tiergarten, which is a residential area with parks, you need to see the parliament building and Bradenburg Gate.


Alexanderplatz was the center of West Berlin. Today, it's Berlin's biggest square with modern buildings. TV Tower is also here.


Hackesche Höfe is compared to Greenwich Village of New York with constantly rising prices and new stores.


Mitte, is the heart of the city, is the middle of it, is the meeting point, is its everything. Bars, shopping points, restaurants and most of the cafes are located here.


You can see buildings dating back to Middle Ages in Nikolaiviertel.


Mauer Park is the meeting point on sundays with its galleries, fathers taking their kids outside, freelancers working in cafes and boutiques. Hip restaurants and local people are in Prenzlauerberg.


Night Life

Berlin's night life is known for its night clubs and bars that don't close their doors until the morning.

If you don't want to go from bar to bar or watch concerts that take long, there are two streets you need to go. The first one is Kastanienallee, which is a slope from Mitte to Prenzlauer Berg in the East; and the other one is Wesser and Reuter streets and their vicinity located in Neükölnn, which used to be known as a ghetto but has turned into a popular area recently.



Arena is one of the most 'local' entertainment places on the side of the canal in Berlin. The place, where musicians like Club der Visionare, Florence and The Machine give concerts, has a radio station in it and it's where people in Badeschiff sip their cocktails on sundays with its pool and beach.


Berghain/Panaroma Bar

Everyone is having fun in Panaroma Bar, which has earned the title of Europe's best bar many times over and over again, while wathing Berlin from above and dancing to techno music.

Wriezener Karree



Don't be fooled by the desks in front of it. There is ana amazing atmosphere waiting for you inside. Electronic, house, Tiefschwarz... All names of German techno music, that you are curious about, are playing here. If you leave before 5 am, you're leaving early.

Falckensteinstrasse 49

Tel: 030 6128 0395


Sage Club

This is the place for rock music lovers and those who want to listen to a different kind of DJ in each room.

Köpenicker Strasse 76


Dr. Pong

A pinp-pong table and people turning around it welcome you when you walk in. You'll come accross black and white movies and music made on computers if keep walking. Unlike an ordinary club atmosphere, this is a place where you can sit comfortably and talk to your friends.

Klub der Republik

You'll hear many music genres here, from 1960’s nu-jazz collections to 2000’s electronic trends. The common feature of DJs play here is that they are all from Berlin.

Pappelallee 81




If you going to go there, there is one thing you need to know: This is a place that doesn't care about luxury, only cares about good music and that is loved by locals.

Rosenthaler Platz


Green Door

Green Door, which is the best cocktail bar in Berlin, is right behind a green door. You can sit on their tables until 4 am listening to jazz and spend a quite and calm night filled with serenity.

Winterfeldtstraße 50

Tel: 030 2152515

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