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When Do I Find Cheap Flight Tickets?

How to find the best cheap flights? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. If you choose the periods with shrinking demand periods, it is possible to travel with much more attractive prices. You can visit the most beautiful cities in Europe with attractive prices. Choose your flight dates and save your trip without spending too much money on your budget.

How to find cheap flights for the whole year?

Booking flights early

The timing is quite important when booking a flight ticket. Thanks to early booking, you can buy air tickets at a much cheaper rate and choose a seat from anywhere on the plane.

Best flight times and flight days

There may be serious differences between the weekend and weekdays in terms of both flight fares and flight schedules. Weekdays, such as Tuesday and Thursday, are among the least popular days of the week. Therefore, prices may be more appropriate than the weekend.

Take a look connecting flight

When you compare direct flight prices and connecting flight prices, you may experience with very attractive deals. You can also get serious advantages in terms of price, even if connecting flights are less comfortable than direct flights.

Skip to Special Days

Holidays, festivals and special days are the most difficult times to find flight ticket. On special days prices reach a peak. If you plan to your travel 4-5 days before special days, you can find flight tickets at much more affordable prices.

Check summer and winter season flight price announcements

In order to increase the flight density, the airline companies can go to price discounts, especially in summer or winter. You can make an early reservation by following the season flight price announcements and organize your trip plan a few months ahead.

Follow campaigns

You may join to the most attractive campaigns by following the opportunities. You can follow us on our social media accounts and get information about cheap flights.

Which European cities are more ideal to get cheap one-way flight tickets?


Cheapest flights to Athens

Athens, home to many ancient places, historical monuments, and delicious food, is one of the first choices of travelers. The most suitable flight tickets to Athens, the capital of Greece, can be booked in mid-March.


Fly to Rome in November

You can fly to Rome, the capital of Italy, in November more cheaply than other periods of the year. If you want to travel to Rome in the spring and summer, you can take your ticket months in advance and get a chance to travel with almost November prices, but generally, you should pay a lot more for tickets during these periods because of tourist season.


The most advantageous period for Berlin: February

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most preferred destinations for voyagers who want to travel abroad. If you choose February to travel to the city, you will also come here in one of the coldest periods. However, prices are much lower in February than in other periods of the year. Thanks to the current campaigns of Pegasus Airlines, you can find very cheap one-way flights to Berlin in the winter time.


Travel to London in Spring

Accommodation, food and shopping expenses are usually peak In London. But, it is possible to buy flight tickets with much more attractive prices than other European cities. If you don't want to travel abroad in cold weather, you can find tickets to London, the capital of the United Kingdom, at affordable prices in May when the weather starts to warm up.


Flights to Barcelona are more advantageous in December

You can discover low-cost flights to Barcelona in December. The most popular period of the city, which is also known for its famous beaches such as Barceloneta, is summer. During this period, the intense interest of travelers from Europe and from different countries of the world cause Barcelona tickets to be expensive. However, if you prefer December, you can join the highly colorful and exhilarating New Year celebrations in the country or discover the historic centers of Spain at affordable prices during the first holiday of the new year in January.



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