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Slovakia Visa Guide

Slovakia Visa Guide


With the hidden beauties, and sharp mountains for a wonderful ski experience, Slovakia offers a lot to its visitors. Within the Schengen area, Slovakia visa application procedures differ for EU and non-EU passport holders. You can find the answers to your questions about how to get a Slovakia visa in our Slovakia Visa Guide.

Slovakia Visa Types

Like the majority of EU countries, Slovakia’s visa application procedures differ for long and short stays, which are defined by the maximum number of days. A short-term visa, which is usually referred to as a tourist visa, is bound to the Schengen visa applications. This will allow you to stay for a period not exceeding 90 days within 180 days. Long stays exceeding the 90-day limit require either a student visa, a family visa, or a business visa to enter the country. This long-term visa type is also called a national visa application.

Slovakia Schengen Visa

Slovakia tourist visa allows you single, double, or multiple entries for a total of 90 days in 180 days a year. You can travel to Slovakia to have excursions or attend short-term business trips via this scheme. If you are a Turkish citizen having either a diplomatic, service, or special passport for public servants, you may be exempted from the Schengen requirement. In case you have an Australian, Canadian, UK, or US passport, you will be able to travel to Slovakia freely within up to 90 days. For other terms, you will need to apply for a valid Schengen visa.

Slovakia Student Visa

Teenagers who plan to continue their higher education in this country can apply for a student visa. Erasmus+ students and other foreigners who will study for at least three months (a semester) need to have a Slovakia student visa.

Slovakia Work Visa

Professionals with an employment offer from an enterprise registered in Slovakia must apply for a work visa. This type of long-term visa is bound to a residence permit request.

Slovakia Family Visa

Foreigners moving to Slovakia based on a marriage certificate or to reunite their families for residential purposes must apply for a Slovakia family visa.

Slovakia Transit Visa

A Slovakia transit visa is a requirement for land travelers driving through non-Schengen borders and for international flights passing through the transit area. If you will spend a night in the capital after your flight to Bratislava, then you will also need a Schengen visa.

General Requirements to Apply for a Slovakia Visa

You can start by checking the common requirements for your short-term stays in Slovakia.

  • A passport which is valid for at least 90 days
  • Completed and printed Slovakia Visa Application Form which varies for your travel purpose
  • Biometric photographs in the appropriate format
  • The receipt of visa application fee payment.
  • Travel itinerary

Required Documents to Apply for a Slovakia Visa

Apart from the general list, you will need to prepare each item below to apply for a visa before traveling to Slovakia.

  • Health insurance policy covering a minimum of 30,000 Euros for accidents and sudden illnesses, stating the dates of your arrival and departure
  • Bank statements proving you have sufficient funds to afford your journey and stay
  • If you travel with a child aged below 18, a copy of the parent’s passport and his/her letter of consent for the child’s flight
  • Accommodation reservations for you and your dependents
  • A copy of the flight reservation or flight ticket to Slovakia
  • An invitation letter from a legal entity in Slovakia (if the case).

What is an Invitation Letter for Slovakia?

Professionals traveling to Slovakia for business and scientific purposes may need to submit an invitation letter declaring that they are invited to a specific event. This may be the case if you are a student, an athlete, a businessperson, a faculty member, or a family member residing out of Slovakia. Your invitation letter should be written and signed either by a natural person (permanent resident) or a legal person. The visa invitation letter should clearly define your purpose of travel to Slovakia, the connection between you and the inviting person, confirmation of accommodation, funding source, and dates of your stay. You should remember that you will submit this letter during your visa appointment in person.

Slovakia Visa Fees

Currently, Slovakia visa fee amounts to 80 Euros per person. Children under the age of 12, Turkish citizens under 18, and researchers traveling within the official framework of the EU Programmes are not asked to pay a visa fee. Keep in mind that this basic fee includes only a consular application. Visa application centers may charge you additionally for their extra services.

How Can I Get a Slovakia Visa Appointment?

Slovak embassies in each country are certified authorities to grant a visa. Be careful that each consular office has a different region under their responsibilities. Before making a Slovakia visa appointment, check the consular office close to your address.

How to Apply for a Schengen Visa for Slovakia

  • Fill out the Slovakia visa application form designed according to your travel purpose: business visit, cultural / sports / scientific event, study and EU Education, spouse/child visit, tourism, truck driving in the Schengen area, or family visit. You can fill in English, Turkish, or Slovak languages.
  • Submit your application online.
  • Print the final version of the form sent to your email and sign it.
  • Prepare your proof documents.
  • Make your visa appointment either at the consular office or at a visa center.
  • Pay the visa fee to the bank account.
  • Go to the Consulate / Visa Center in person on the day of appointment and submit your application.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Slovakia Visa?

You can apply for a Slovak visa at least 15 days before your flight. Business, study, EU project, and scientific / sports event attendants’ applications are decided within 3 working days. Tourism-related applications usually take 15 days to be concluded. You should remember that it may take even a month if an individual application needs a more scrutinized check. Check your calendar before booking your flight to Bratislava if you need a visa to Slovakia.

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