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Earn 20 Times More BolPoints

Pegasus BolBol Members earn 20 times more BolPoints on all flights booked between 20 and 22 September for travel anytime between 28 October 2018 and 30 March 2019. The more you fly, the more BolPoints you’ll earn – then you can fly even more!

Campaign Features

    20 September / 22 September 2018
    28 October 2018 / 30 March 2019
Earn 20 Times More BolPoints
  • Sale Dates: 20-22 September 2018 (From 00:01 on 20 September until 23:59 on 22 September 2018, Turkish local times)
  • Flight Dates: 28 October 2018 – 30 March 2019
  • Eligible Sale Routes: All routes
  • Special offer: Earn 20 times more BolPoints
  • The special offer is only available for tickets booked on or the Pegasus Mobile app
  • To be eligible for the special offer, you must be a Pegasus BolBol member and every passenger must enter their individual Pegasus BolBol membership number (the registered mobile phone number to the membership account) when entering their passenger details.  Pegasus BolBol members who don’t enter their mobile phone numbers cannot avail of the special offer.
  • For guests who are not yet Pegasus BolBol members but who become Pegasus BolBol members during this special offer period and book their flights according to the applicable terms and conditions, they will be eligible to earn BolPoints after the special offer flights have been completed.
  • Bolpoints earned as part of this special offer will be calculated according to the amount paid in Turkish Lira.  No Bolpoints can be earned from tickets purchased with BolPoints.
  • The Bolpoints earned will be applied to the lowest package fare available for the applicable fare class. For any other packages that are selected, the special offer will be applied only to the Essential Package on domestic flights (within Turkey) and to the Basic Package for international flights.  Extra services (such as seat selection, meal, extra baggage) added to the price of the ticket price and other packages will not be applicable to the 20 times more points offer and guests will not be eligible to earn any extra points upon their purchase.
  • For every 100 TL worth of expenditure, 2,000 BolPoints will be earned, subject to the t&cs of this special offer.  The total BolPoints to be redeemed from this special offer will be calculated according to the amount spent on flights according to the applicable t&cs.
  • The points earned from this special offer will be automatically deposited into Pegasus BolBol membership accounts within 72 hours after the applicable flight has taken place, subject to the t&cs of the special offer.   
  • Children are also eligible to take part in the special offer if they have a linked account to another Pegasus BolBol member above 18 years of age. Once the applicable flight of linked members has taken place, the points earned from the special offer will be deposited automatically in the main member’s account to which they’re linked, subject to the t&cs of this special offer.
  • Members will not be able to earn any Bolpoints for flights which were originally booked as part of this special offer but which have been changed after the sale period has ended. 
  • This special offer cannot be combined with any other points or offers.
  • All tickets purchased under the terms of this special offer are subject to the terms and conditions relating to changes, cancellations and refunds for the applicable fare class stated in the Pegasus General Rules. 
  • For any other items not mentioned here, the Pegasus BolBol General Terms and Conditions and Pegasus General Rules will apply.
  • Please contact the call centre on 0850 399 17 01 if you have any questions about the BolBol Membership Programme.
  • Pegasus reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of this special offer throughout the offer period.   No rights relating to the terms and conditions of this special offer will be granted for any transactions which have not been completed before such changes are made. 


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