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International Flights From 5€ + Taxes!

International flights on sale now from just 5€ + taxes between 10-11 August, available to book exclusively on and the Pegasus Mobile app! This offer is limited to only 160.000 seats. Don’t miss the lowest fares before they’re gone to travel between 1 January – 30 March 2024! The offer is valid only on selected routes.

International Flights From 5€ + Taxes!

Campaign Features

    10 August 2023 / 11 August 2023
    01 January 2024 / 30 March 2024
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International Flights From 5€ + Taxes!

Sale Dates: 10-11 August 2023 (Tickets must be booked, and the transaction completed, within the period between 10 August 2023 at 8:15 Turkish local time and 11 August 2023 at 23:59 Turkish local time).

Travel Dates: 1 January – 30 March 2024

Eligible routes for the promotional fare: There are 160.000 seats available at the promotional fare on the flights listed below.

Fare: From 5€ + Taxes (Taxes include passenger service charges or similar fees/taxes paid to the airport or terminal operator regarding the applicable tariffs on scheduled flights). Please find the destination and fare details below.

Number of seats: There are a maximum of 160.000 seats available at the promotional fare.  As soon as all these seats have been sold, the ticket prices will change, and no rights will be granted related to this promotional offer.

Only Pegasus Bolbol members who have entered their individual Pegasus BolBol membership number (the mobile phone number registered to the membership account) when entering their passenger details to book their flights, will be eligible for this special offer. Pegasus BolBol members who enter a different mobile phone number during the booking process will not be eligible for this offer.

Guests who are not yet Pegasus BolBol members, but who become Pegasus BolBol members during the promotional period and book their flights according to the applicable terms and conditions, will be eligible to benefit from this offer.

The promotional fare is only valid for bookings made via and the Pegasus mobile app.

The promotional fare is only valid for direct flights.

The promotional fare will only be applicable for the Basic Package for international flights.  If any other flight package is selected for international flights, it will be charged at its full price. Extra flight services such as seat selection, meals and extra baggage, as well as the packages, will be priced separately.

All tickets booked under the terms of this promotional offer are subject to the terms and conditions relating to changes, cancellations and refunds for the applicable fare class stated in the Pegasus General Terms & Conditions.

Pegasus General Terms & Conditions will apply to any other items not listed here.

Pegasus reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of this special offer throughout the offer period. No rights relating to this special offer will be granted for any tickets which have been purchased prior to the promotional offer commencing. In such cases, no rights relating to the offer can be claimed.


Routes eligible for the promotional fare:

From 5€+Taxes

Istanbul - Hurghada - Istanbul

Istanbul - Tirana - Istanbul

Istanbul - Athens - Istanbul

Istanbul - Pristina - Istanbul

Istanbul - Skopje - Istanbul

Istanbul - Bucharest - Istanbul

Istanbul - Yerevan - Istanbul

Istanbul - Batumi - Istanbul

Antalya - Tblisi - Antalya

Ankara - Tblisi - Ankara

Istanbul - Tblisi - Istanbul

Vienna - Ankara

Vienna - Istanbul

Brussels - Charleroi - Istanbul

Copenhagen - Konya

Istanbul - Copenhagen - Istanbul

Kayseri - Dusseldorf - Kayseri

Elazig - Koln - Elazig

Istanbul - Berlin - Brandenburg - Istanbul

Istanbul - Koln - Istanbul

Istanbul - Dusseldorf - Istanbul

Istanbul - Frankfurt - Istanbul

Istanbul - Hannover - Istanbul

Istanbul - Hamburg - Istanbul

Istanbul - Munich - Istanbul

Istanbul - Nuremberg - Istanbul

Istanbul - Stuttgart - Istanbul

Amsterdam - Istanbul

Eindhoven - Istanbul

Rotterdam - Istanbul

Istanbul - Basel Mulhouse - Istanbul

Istanbul - Geneva - Istanbul

Istanbul - Zurich - Istanbul

Istanbul - Bahrain - Istanbul

Istanbul - Tabriz

Ankara - Tehran - Ankara

Istanbul - Tehran

Istanbul - Erbil  - Istanbul

Antalya - Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion - Antalya

Istanbul - Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion - Istanbul

Ankara - Amman - Ankara

Antalya - Amman - Antalya

Istanbul - Kuwait - Istanbul

Istanbul - Beyrut - Istanbul

Istanbul - Dammam (SA) 00 - Istanbul

Istanbul - Abudhabi - Istanbul

Istanbul - Sharjah - Istanbul

Prag - Istanbul

Izmir - Londra - Stansted - Izmir

Antalya - Londra - Stansted - Antalya

Londra - Stansted - Ankara

Istanbul - Manchester - Istanbul

Istanbul - Londra - Stansted - Istanbul

Helsinki - Istanbul

Istanbul - Lyon - Istanbul

Istanbul - Marseille - Istanbul

Paris - Istanbul

Budapest - Istanbul

Istanbul - Bergamo - Istanbul

Bologna - Istanbul

Roma - Fiumicino - Istanbul

Venice - Istanbul

Istanbul - Oslo - Istanbul

Krakow - Ankara

Istanbul - Barcelona - Istanbul

Istanbul - Madrid - Istanbul

Ankara - Stockholm - Ankara

Istanbul – Stockholm - Istanbul

Antalya -Berlin -Antalya








Antalya-Paderborn / Lippstadt-Antalya








Antalya-Basel Mulhouse-Antalya

Antalya-Sharm el-Sheikh



Antalya-Stockholm - Arlanda

Stockholm - Arlanda-Antalya

Sharm el-Sheikh-Antalya





Izmir-Berlin - Brandenburg-Izmir






From 15€+Taxes
Istanbul - Sharm el-Sheikh - Istanbul

Istanbul - Baghdad - Istanbul

Ankara - Erbil  - Ankara

Istanbul - Basra - Istanbul

Ankara - Amman - Ankara

Istanbul - Muscat - Istanbul

Istanbul - Riyad - Istanbul

From 25€+Taxes

Istanbul - Baku - Istanbul

Istanbul - Ganja - Istanbul

Ankara - Almaty - Ankara

Istanbul - Baghdad - Istanbul

Ankara - Erbil - Ankara


From 45€+Taxes

Ankara - Almaty - Ankara

Istanbul - Bişkek - Istanbul

Istanbul - Doha - Istanbul

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