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Best Flight Deals to Slovakia


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Currency Currency: Euro
Time Time: 12:25:38
Language Language: Slovak
Airport of departure: Antalya Airport (AYT)
Airport of arrival: Bratislava Airport (M. R. Štefánik Airport Bratislava) (BTS)
Flight duration from Türkiye (Turkey) to Poland: Average of 1 hours 45 minutes

Discover the medieval architecture and artistry of Slovakia blended with natural reservoirs. Hosting 180 castles, 450 chateaus, and 2500 caves in such a small area of 49.035 km2, Slovakia offers you more than a historical follow-up. You can search for cheap flights to Slovakia from Türkiye for a memorable trip to discover one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Popular Flights to Slovakia

It is always possible to find a direct flight to Bratislava from Antalya International Airport in the most popular southern resort of Türkiye. Landing in Bratislava will easily connect you to other Central European metropolises like Vienna (81.1. km), Budapest (201.1 km), Prague (328.5 km.), Krakow (452.8 km.), Lviv (708 km.) and Ljubljana (447.6 km). Vienna is accessible via an hour and 15-minute drive from Bratislava Airport.

Flight duration from Antalya to Bratislava is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Flight departure/arrival in Antalya: Antalya International Airport (AYT)

Flight departure/arrival in Bratislava: Bratislava M.S. Stefanik Airport (BTS)

Transportation to/from Podgorica Airport

You can get to the city center by taking bus nr. 61 near the taxi stand. After a 30-minute bus ride, you will stop at the city center. During rush hour, it may take up to 45 minutes. The second alternative is taking the train as the main railway station is just 7 km away from Bratislava Airport. However, you should again get on the bus nr. 61 to reach Hlavna Stanica Railway Station. If you have a train connection to international routes like Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Ljubljana, or domestic routes like Kosice and Poprad-Tatry, this becomes the best choice.

Accommodation in Slovakia

Staying in premium standards is relatively cheap in most sites of Slovakia. Depending on the region, you can stay in a traditional cottage, a private room, or a self-catering apartment to cut the prices. You can easily find luxury hotels in the capital, major cities, and ski resorts. Do not skip the chance to stay in a historic castle or a manor house to feel the prestige of royal standards. In Bratislava, if you are eager to discover historic spots, you can book a hotel in the Old Town called ¨Stare Mesto¨ or close to Hlavna Stanica Railway Station.

Things to Do in Slovakia

Start your journey with Bratislava Old Town to go towards the smallest Alpine Mountains in the north and go down to the south to see the Danube Region. Get the first clues in our list below. If you need more hints, see our Slovakia Travel Guide for thrilling tours.

  • Bratislava Old Town - Have a tour of the Nedbalka Art Gallery, and walk along the Danube River, which also borders Austria and Hungary. See the typical medieval castle in the capital before traveling to Modra to see wine cellars and the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum for picturesque galleries.
  • Banska Stiavnica - Discover the features of a well-preserved medieval town at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town was built on a volcano and is still alive with its inhabitants rather than tourists.
  • Dobsinska Ice Cave - Go deep to see majestic ice formations in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed cave. It is located near Dobsina, in the Central Slovakia region. If you are a fan of hiking, try your best on a 100-km hiking trail in Slovak Paradise National Park.
  • Kosice Marathon - Get the chance to see the finish line for this nationally renowned marathon in one of the major Slovak cities. The marathon has been held annually since 1924. While attending it, find time to see St. Elizabeth Cathedral and other historic monuments from the 13th century.

Useful Information about Slovakia

  • Slovakia has been in the European Union since 2004 and has been in the Eurozone since 2009. This means you will need euros for shopping and payments.
  • In Slovakia, a lot of restaurants, cafes, and hotels accept Visa and MasterCard-type credit cards and wireless payments.
  • You will be astonished to see that Bratislava, the capital, borders two countries in Europe. It borders Austria in the west and Hungary in the south.
  • Another surprise is that you can even hear Czech and Slovak people communicating easily as the natives of both languages can understand and even speak basic words in the other language.
  • For security reasons, you are not allowed to carry weapons or banned drugs with you to the country. You will also not be allowed to take your electronic cigarettes, matches, and petrol lighters to the air cabin during your flight.
  • Remember to check the most recent security announcements before booking your flights to Slovakia from Turkiye.

Essential Phone Numbers in Slovakia

  • International Phone Code. +421
  • Bratislava Phone Code. +421 (2)
  • Emergency: 112
  • Fire: 150
  • Police: 159
  • Immigration Office: 0961-031265

Airports in Slovakia

In Slovakia, international flights arrive at two airports, the largest ones in the country. M.R. Stefanika Airport in Bratislava and Kosice Airport in Kosice deliver domestic and international flights. Sliac Airport, Poprad-Tatry Airport, and Zilina Airport in so-called cities with Boľkovce Airport in Lucenec are the other four small-scale air hubs licensed under IATA to support commercial transport. Also, a well-equipped transport system in Slovakia will allow you to get to the main hubs and cities from Bratislava Airport. For local traveling, you can benefit from trams, trolleys, and buses.

Bratislava Airport

Officially called Letisko Milana Rastislava Stefanika Airport (BTS), Bratislava Airport has become the busiest air hub in Slovakia. It is located 9 km. to the northeast of the capital and can be accessible via a short bus trip. The terminal serves both international and domestic flights with its three sections. Terminal B is for non-Schengen arrivals and departures. There are 29 check-in desks and 13 gates at the departure level. You will find the check-in lounge on the ground floor of the departure zone. You can search for cheap flights to Slovakia from Turkiye by sorting out Bratislava Airport. The best part of arriving at this airport is you will easily connect your journey to neighboring capitals like Vienna, Budapest, and Ljubljana.

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