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We are offering you an exclusive 40% off when you use your BolPoints to book international flights! Book before 23 February on or via the Pegasus app to get an exclusive 40% off flights (excluding taxes) to any international destination you like between 21 March and 8 June 2022! 

Sale Dates: 16 – 23 February 2022 (Tickets must be booked, and the transaction completed between 16 February 2022 at 00:01 and 23 February 2022 at 23:59 Turkish local time).

Travel Dates: 21 March – 8 June 2022(Valid for flights departing between 21 March 2022 at 00:01 and 8 June 2022 at 23:59 Turkish local time). (Flights between 27 April – 9 May 2022 is not included.)

Eligible Routes: Valid for international flights (Routes that are not eligible for the offer are stated at the end of the terms and conditions.)

The Discount Offer: 40% off international flights (excl. taxes) for purchases made using BolPoints

· (Taxes include passenger service charges or similar fees/taxes paid to the airport or terminal operator regarding the applicable tariffs on scheduled flights).

· Only passengers who have been sent information about the campaign to their e-mail address associated with their Pegasus BolBol membership can benefit from the campaign.

· Since the offer is exclusive to you, only you can benefit from the offer . If there is more than 1 person in the PNR, the discount will only be applied to you.The promotional fare is only valid for bookings made via and the Pegasus mobile app.


o As stated in the Pegasus General Rules, the BolPoints refer to the unit of measurement that members earn and are eligible to use as part of the Pegasus BolBol programme that cannot be traded for cash, which has no cash equivalent and cannot be converted to cash. All our guests who would like to avail of this offer must be Pegasus BolBol members and must enter their individual Pegasus BolBol membership number (the mobile phone number registered to the membership account) when entering their passenger details.

o To be eligible for the offer, you are required to use your BolPoints. You must have at least 2000 BolPoints in your account to make purchases with your BolPoints and to avail of this offer. If you have 2000 BolPoints or more, you can book your flights using your BolPoints, and if you have fewer than 2000 BolPoints, you can use your credit card to pay for the outstanding amount.

o As stated in the Pegasus General Rules, the lowest ticket fare for using your BolPoints is 5000 BolPoints (plus taxes and additional charges) for international flights.

o To make a purchase with your BolPoints, visit or the Pegasus app and search for your desired destination and list the flights by clicking the “List with BolPoints” option on the top corner of or the “List Flights with BolPoints” option at the bottom of the page on the Pegasus app. The offer will be applied to your booking after you proceed to the payment page and select “Exclusive 40% Off International Flights” under the list of current offers.

o The promotional fare is only valid for bookings made via and the Pegasus mobile app.

o The promotional fare is only valid for direct and on connecting flights.

o The promotional fare will only be applicable for the Basic Package for international flights. If any other flight package is selected for international flights, it will be charged at its full price. Extra flight services such as seat selection, meals and extra baggage, as well as the packages, will be priced separately.

o As stated in the Pegasus General Rules, in the event of a cancellation of a ticket that was purchased using BolPoints, members will be charged 55 USD for their international flight booking. The remaining cost of the ticket will be refunded to the members back into their account, together with any points spent.

o Pegasus General Terms & Conditions will apply to any other items not listed here.

o Pegasus reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of this special offer throughout the offer period. No rights relating to this special offer will be granted for any tickets which have been purchased prior to the promotional offer commencing. In such cases, no rights relating to the offer can be claimed.


Excluded Routes

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen - Cairo - Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen

Rome - Bari - Rome

Rome - Palermo - Rome

Antalya - Amsterdam - Antalya

Antalya - Stockholm - Antalya

Antalya - Berlin - Antalya

Antalya - Billund - Antalya

Antalya - Paris - Antalya

Antalya - Cologne - Antalya

Antalya - Copenhagen - Antalya

Antalya - Duesseldorf - Antalya

Antalya - Frankfurt - Antalya

Antalya - Goteborg - Antalya

Antalya - Geneva - Antalya

Antalya - Hanover - Antalya

Antalya - Hamburg - Antalya

Antalya - Helsinki - Antalya

Antalya - Leipzig - Antalya

Antalya - Munich - Antalya

Antalya - Nuremberg - Antalya

Antalya - Stuttgart - Antalya

Antalya - Tallinn - Antalya

Antalya - Zurich - Antalya

Bodrum - Cologne - Bodrum

Rome - Bari - Rome

Rome - Catania - Rome

Rome - Turin - Rome

Rome - Lamezia Terme - Rome

Rome - Palermo - Rome

Rome - Geneva - Rome

Rome - Naples - Rome


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