Dear Agencies;

We’re introducing a new incentive system that earns you Pegasus Plus points (TRY) through the Advantage and Extras Packages sales you make during ticketing, and Seat Sales and Pre-Order Meal Sales you make during or after ticketing. Please see below the steps describing how the system works.

STEP 1 – You must become a Pegasus Plus member.

a) You must be a Pegasus Plus member in order to earn points through Pegasus Incentive System.
b) Those who are already a member do not need to re-register.
c) To become a Pegasus Plus member, visit the registration page on or click on the link below. The form must be completed accurately and in full.
d) Your Pegasus Plus membership number is your mobile phone number i.e. 5327370737
Member Login Link

STEP 2 – Register your Pegasus Plus information on the Agency Portal.

a) Once you become a Pegasus Plus member, you must register your Pegasus Plus information on the agency portal.
b) Select the “My Profile” section from the left-hand side menu and add your name, surname and Pegasus Plus membership number to the Pegasus Plus Information section.
c) If your name, surname or phone number does not match your membership data, the system will report an error and the registration will not be completed.
d) You must ensure that the registration is successful, otherwise, the points will not be added to your account.
e) Filling out the form accurately and in full is the responsibility of the ticket sales agent.

STEP 3 – Offer the products that earn points, to our guests.

a) Our products which are listed below will earn you points.
b) 1 Point equals to 1 Turkish Lira (TRY), 2 Points equals to 2 TRY and so on.
c) The rules regarding earning points are determined by Pegasus and you will be informed of any changes to these rules through announcements on the agency portal.
d) You can earn your Pegasus Plus Flight Points for flights until 25th March 2017.
e) With bookings that earn you points, the points will be added to your account once the guest has been flown.
f) Points will not be added in cases where the guest has not been flown for any reason.
g) Plus Points will be added to the user account which has made the sales of the products that is applicable for earning points.
For example; the ticket sale was made by User A and the pre-order sale was made by User B. If it is the pre-order that is applicable for earning points, points will be added to the account of User B once the guest has been flown.


Plus Points

Seat Selection Sale

Pre-order Meal Sale

Advantage Package Sale

Extra Package Sale

Domestic Routes

1 points = 1 TRY

3 Points = 3 TRY

2 points = 2 TRY

4 Points = 4 TRY

International Routes

2 Points = 2 TRY

3 Points = 3 TRY

2 points = 2 TRY

4 Points = 4 TRY


STEP 4 – You can monitor your earned points through our reports.

a) Log into the agency portal.
b) Reports about your earned points can be viewed through the agency portal.
c) Select “SQL Reports” from the left-hand side menu.
d) Select Agency Earned FF Points Report.
e) Enter the dates between which you’d like to see the points sales and click “Search”.
f) The report will be in an Excel format. Download the report onto your computer to check the details.
g) Please remember that the guest must be flown in order for points to be earned.

STEP 5 – You can book flights with your earned points.

a) You can book flights on our website using the points in your Pegasus Plus account.
b) Select the ‘Pay with FlightPoints’ option, enter your membership number and purchase part or all of your ticket with your points.

We wish you success in your sales ahead.

With kind regards,

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PNR Numarası ve E-Bilet Nedir?

What is PNR number?

What is PNR number?

PNR is a code abbreviation for the Passenger Name Record. More is known as the reservation number. It is given to you if you have booked or purchased a ticket through the Internet. It consists of letters and number. In short, it is easiest to access your flight information.

PNR Number will be sent to your e-mail address when you purchase a ticket.

E-Bilet Nedir?

E-Bilet Nedir?

E-Bilet numaranız, E-Faturanız da belirtilen PC12345 ile başlayan belge numarasıdır. Bilet işlemlerim menüsünden ödeme ayrıntıları altından detaylı görüntüleyebilirsiniz


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