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BolPoints Detail
BolPoints Detail
Travel Details
Travel Details
Membership Details
Membership Details
What is BolBol?
What is BolBol?

For inquiries and questions related to BolBol, you can call our toll-free call center att 0 (850) 399 17 016


Member of Pegasus BolBol since .

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BolPuan to Expire

To not miss the advantage of flying with Pegasus BolBol, you must use your BolPoints before they expire.

For inquiries and questions related to BolBol, you can call our toll-free call center at 0 (850) 399 17 01.

Fibaemeklilik Campaign

Fibaemeklilik Campaign



          Pegasus Bolbol members who sign a Private Pension Contract with Fibaemeklilik receive 3,000 BolPoints from Pegasus as a ’Welcome Gift’ and each month will receive a ‘Loyalty Gift’ equivalent to 1% of the size of their fund as long as their Private Pension Contract continues

●       The offer is exclusive to Pegasus BolBol members. Those who are not Pegasus BolBol members are not eligible to benefit from this offer.


●       Only Pegasus BolBol members who have signed a Private Pension Contract with the Pegasus Group Fibaemeklilik Loyalty Pension Plan can benefit from the offer.


●       In order to benefit from the offer, the Pegasus BolBol member's mobile telephone number must be the same number that is on their Fibaemeklilik's Private Pension Contract and listed on their Pegasus BolBol account. In the case where no Pegasus BolBol account can be found linked to the mobile phone number provided on the Private Pension Contract, or if the mobile phone number listed on the Pegasus BolBol membership differs from the one in the Private Pension Contractt, the Pegasus Bolbol member will not be entitled to the BolPoints outlined in this offer.


●       To receive the ‘Welcome Gift’, the Pegasus Bolbol member's contribution to the Individual Pension Contract and, if outlined in the pension plan, the set-up costs, must have already been paid, and the Private Pension Contract is active after the withdrawal period of two months from the contract start date. Once the withdrawal date has passed, 3000 BolPoints will be added as a ‘Welcome Gift’ into the Pegasus BolBol account within seven working days.


●       Pegasus BolBol members who meet the above conditions will be entitled to BolPoints worth 1% of their total fund amount as a ‘Loyalty Gift’ every month, as long as the Private Pension Contract is still active. The first ‘Loyalty Gift’ will be added to the Pegasus BolBol member's account at the same time as the ‘Welcome Gift’ and the following monthly instalments will be made within the first seven working days of the month. In calculating the Loyalty Gift, the fund size of the Private Pension Contract will be taken into consideration, excluding the state contribution amount.


●       In order for Pegasus BolBol members to qualify for BolPoints as part of this offer, the Private Pension Contract must be active on the date that the BolPoints are added into the BolBol account.


●       For customers who meet the above conditions and have more than one Individual Pension Contract; a “Welcome Gift’ of 3000 BolPoints will only be added once, with no further ‘Welcome Gifts’ available for additional Individual Pension Contracts. The ‘Loyalty Gift’ will be added separately for each Individual Pension Contract if the above conditions are met.


●       Pegasus BolBol members, who already have a Private Pension Contract with Fibaemeklilik and change their plan to join the Pegasus Group Loyalty Pension Plan will not be able to benefit from the ‘Welcome Gift’. These members are still eligible to benefit from the ‘Loyalty Gift’.


●       Pegasus and Fibraemeklilik reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of this offer throughout the offer period.


●       The contribution amounts invested in the Private Pension Contract are evaluated by the Pension Mutual Funds. The total amount contributed and the return on the fund constitute the size of the fund on the Contract.



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