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Paris Uçak Bileti 1 November - 30 November


Africolor African culture takes hold of the streets of Paris thanks to Africolor.

This year, for the twenty-seventh time, the Africolor festival will temporarily transport Africa to the Parisian streets. Are you ready for a concentrated dose of the culture of this great continent? Africa deserves to be called the mother of every musical style that has ever taken hold of the globe. To get a taste of this continent in the streets of Paris, when the air is filled with the scents of Autumn, is without doubt an incredible experience. You will find an abundance of African rhythms at Africolor so, of course, it’s not the same unless you dance. Not only that, but who has ever been in close proximity to African music and not seen any dancing? Africolor also offers you plenty of opportunities to get even deeper into the culture of the continent with screenings from African Cinema and, thanks to the festival, you will feel as if you have been living in Africa for years. Open your arms to Africolor, the much-loved, spiritual sibling of the Parisian streets, and let it pull you inside this celebration of African culture. Here’s to hoping you capture the spirit of Africolor and get kidnapped by music that’s sweeter than sweet.

Africolor offers you a direct line to Africa’s awe-inspiring culture, and you can find more detailed information on the festival’s official website www.africolor.com



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