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Beyrut Uçak Bileti 1 February - 29 February

Al Bustan Festival

Al Bustan Festival Every year, the eagerly anticipated Al Bustan Festival brings the joyous union of music and dance to Beirut.

Whether we call it The Paris, Wonderland or coolest daughter of the Middle East, we know it won’t be enough to sum up Beirut. You can be sure that just as words fail to describe Beirut, the same can be said for the Al Bustan Festival which is hosted by the city. The Al Bustan Festival is where classical music and dance declare their outright love for each other and, we might as well tell you now, that by the time you get home, your ticket will be covered with hearts you have drawn on it throughout the festival and end up in pride of place on your wall. Staged in the Emile Bustani Auditorium, the Al Bustan Festival is the meeting place for prominent musicians, not just from Lebanon, but from around the world, making this already peerless city even more wonderful. The Al Bustan Festival is the right choice for a festival that will stay in your thoughts for many years to come, set in the irresistible atmosphere of Beirut.

The Al Bustan Festival will reinforce your passion for dance and classical music. For more detailed information about the festival please visit www.albustanfestival.com


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