Adana Flight Tickets 1 September - 30 September

Altın Koza International Film Festival

The Altın Koza Film Festival has long since crossed over the border to fame and will this year be gathering cinema lovers together under one roof for the twenty-third time.

This is an Adana event that we hold close to our hearts. In September, it will once again bring the cinema world’s most prestigious and dazzling productions to its audiences. Ever year, the festival is attended by seventy thousand people, not just from other Mediterranean countries but also from countries further afield. The festival first began in Adana in 1969, shedding its light over Turkish Cinema, but for various reasons it was forced to take an eighteen-year break after 1973. Later, with support from cinema lovers and Adana Municipal Authority, it rose again out of the ashes and continues to expand today. The Altın Koza International Film Festival, which is well-known both in Turkey and abroad, does not stop at showing films from those already famous in the industry. It also hosts a ‘Student Film Competition’ which gives audiences the opportunity to see student films from the big names of the future. Please note that this eagerly anticipated Adana event lasts for just one week.


All the details are on the festival’s official site


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