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Art Dubai

Art Dubai: a Dubai festival that could be a kingdom of its own.

Artists from all over the world, over ninety galleries and a broad range of events... It wouldn’t be a surprise if Art Dubai broke away from the country and declared itself a separate kingdom. The arts fair, which is now in its tenth year, has its finger right on the pulse of contemporary art. Art Dubai is comprised of three main sections: Modern, Contemporary, and last of all, Marker, which puts regional artists under the microscope. With concerts, film screenings and talks, as well as numerous galleries, Art Dubai ensures that its name never drops from the lips. This is one of the most outstanding arts fairs throughout the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, and let’s not forget the educational opportunities that also exist at Art Dubai. Moreover, there are educational groups arranged according to profession and age group. So as you see, the gateway to some top-quality education programs is open wide for you. At Art Dubai, you will find a whole host of art forms and, let’s put it this way, there’s nothing you won't be able to find.

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