Basel Uçak Bileti 1 February - 29 February

Basel Fasnacht

Get ready for three solid days of entertainment at Switzerland’s Basel Fasnacht, a tradition that goes back generations.

The festival has earned a place on the list of ‘Europe’s Best 50 Local Festivals’ and has been celebrated for almost seven centuries. Are you ready to get to know the most entertaining side of Switzerland’? From 4 a.m., when the carnival starts, until the end of the seventy-two hour extravaganza, the streets become a riot of colour. Basel Fasnacht boasts amazing costumes, activities, theatrical displays and concerts, so choose your mask now and start practising in costume! As you walk in the rain of confetti, the glow from the carnival will erase the February chill and warm your soul. That much we promise you. One of Switzerland’s most important events, Basel Fasnacht, also hosts the world’s biggest open air art exhibition. Known as the Lantern Exhibition, this event should be high at the top of your list of things not to be missed. This nighttime light display illuminates the whole city and is a good enough reason in itself to go to Basel Fasnacht. We must also mention that the Carnival is packed with visitors from all over Europe, so make sure you don’t leave it too late to book your place.


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