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Flights to Hurghada 12 December - 22 December

Hurghada Atu Triathlon African Cup

Hurghada Atu Triathlon African Cup Participants compete in three consecutive sports in this triathlon held in Hurghada, the heaven of Egypt.

Swimming, cycling and running - each sport has a beauty of its own so just imagine them altogether in one place. Yes, that’s a triathlon! Competing in three separate sports, one after the other without a break, makes the triathlon a real test of how much the human body can endure. If you say, ‘Yes, I have to be there!’, let’s take you straight to Hurghada, the Egyptian city that neighbours the Red Sea. As a participant in the Hurghada Atu Triathlon African Cup, you will swim in the city’s sea, discover Hurghada by bike and take in the air of Egypt as you run on its streets. Organised by The African Triathlon Union, the event has been running since 1993 and let’s not forget that it attracts participants from numerous African countries. The Hurghada Atu Triathlon African Cup is slowly attracting athletes from more and more countries, and we promise you that it’s just as thrilling to be part of it as a spectator as it is as a competitor.

For more detailed information about the Hurghada Atu Triathlon African Cup, please visit www.atu.triathlon.org.


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