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Düsseldorf Uçak Bileti 1 May - 31 May

Japan Day

Japan Day Düsseldorf doesn’t have to go too far to find Japanese Culture.

One of the Far East’s giant cultures can be enjoyed in Düsseldorf, the flower of Germany. If you want to get to know Far East Culture, you don't have to go far thanks to Düsseldorf’s Japan Day. Every year, this festival brings Japanese Culture to Germany for a brief visit. Japan Day gives the thousands of Japanese residents of Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas the chance to enjoy their culture a bit more intensely, even if it’s just for one day, whilst at the same time giving you the chance to see anime figures, thousands of people in traditional Japanese dress and sample the delights of Japanese Cuisine. Japan Day is fifteen this year, and the participation of other countries is evidence of the scale to which the festival has developed, not to mention of how much fun there is to be had there. When you go to the festival, you can also see the EKO House of Japanese Culture and Japan Park, which reflect the amicable political and commercial relations between Japan and Düsseldorf.

For everything you need to know about the festival that brings a faraway culture right to your door, just visit www.japantag-duesseldorf-nrw.de


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