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Milano Uçak Bileti 1 May - 31 May

Milan Week

Milan Week All the events that make us love Milan for being Milan rolled into one: Milan Week.

Despite being famous for fashion, Milan is also an important city for the arts. Don’t you agree, it’s time you got to know Milan’s slightly more hidden side? If you’re thinking the same as us, welcome to Milan week! Throughout the week, in which you will get chance to see Milan’s culture up close, entry to state museums and some participating exhibitions is free of charge, so you can quickly and proficiently immerse yourself in Italian culture. Additionally, we’ve especially underlined the tours, outstanding Italian cuisine and concerts resounding with beautiful melodies that you can also enjoy as part of Milan Week. Naturally, we don’t think you are ever going to visit Milan and come home still hungry for more art but we’re sure you won’t find a richer feast than during Milan Week. Get your camera ready, memorise the digital maps of Milan’s streets and say hello to a city that you will take to your heart.



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