Münich Flight Tickets 12 December - 22 December

Munich Carnival

Munich Carnival: the place for a colourful end to the festivities.

The entertainment value of Cologne’s annual festival, which runs from 11 November to the end of February, is legendary. So imagine how colourful the end of this carnival might be. So how about if the end was also the start? What we’re trying to say is that, unlike Cologne Carnival which goes on for months, Munich Carnival only lasts three days but it’s just as packed. Multi-coloured and outlandish costumes, marching bands in the streets and endless entertainment are just a few of the things that come to mind when Munich Carnival is mentioned. At the party on the last day of Munich Carnival, all hell breaks loose. After this party, you will have a completely new understanding of the word entertainment, and you certainly won't forget your experiences here in a hurry. Despite its small scale, Munich Festival is memorable for its large-scale entertainment, so we recommend you start getting your craziest costume ready now. The taste of winter is something else at Munich Carnival.


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