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Flights to Frankfurt 1 June - 30 June

Opernplatz Fest

Opernplatz Fest Thousands of people get a taste of Frankfurt at Opernplatz Fest.

What if we told you we know about a festival in Frankfurt where as soon as one concert ends, another starts... a festival where there are theatre plays and where you can be cheek by jowl with scrumptious foods from world cuisine? Moreover, this festival is set in Opernplatz, the square dominated by the magical grandeur of the Alte Oper concert hall. You can rub shoulders with the locals and capture the spirit of Frankfurt at a festival which will not leave you unoccupied for one minute. As well as this, you can feast on your favourite delicious foods from the surrounding stands and, thanks to Opernplatz Fest, immerse yourself in world culture whilst in Frankfurt. The Opernplatz Fest is a simple but jam-packed festival space and we can warn you now that it is the evenings more than anything that will blow your mind. When the unique fabric of the square mingles together with the festival, unforgettable times start knocking on your door. There’s no way you’re going to leave it closed now, is there? The Frankfurt address for music, dance and performance is Opernplatz Fest, a city festival that you should definitely experience.

For more detailed information about this cool festival, please visit www.opernplatzfest.com


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