Stockholm Uçak Bileti 12 December - 22 December

Stockholm Marathon

Thanks to the Stockholm Marathon, you get the chance to explore Stockholm, not by walking, but by running.

It’s a good idea to start warming up for this year’s thirty-eighth Stockholm Marathon right away. The marathon that unites sport with the city and helps you enjoy Stockholm via a magnificent route. Attracting participants from all over the world, the 42 km Stockholm Marathon is joined by professional athletes, as well as people who have adopted sport as a lifestyle. The marathon is open to all those aged over eighteen. If you complete the course in under six hours, your name will be added to the list of winners and you can become the proud owner of a special marathon t-shirt. This year it’s expected that twenty-thousand competitors will join the marathon which starts and finishes at the Olympic Stadium. Book yourself a place along with them, before it's too late. There’s no better time to throw yourself into the marathon gust that’s already starting to sweep around the city. We should also let you know that the marathon starts at 12:00 every year.

If you want to find out more information, or even be one of the Stockholm Marathon runners, please visit the official website at



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