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Trabzon Uçak Bileti 1 August - 31 August

Uzungöl Culture and Tourism Festival

Uzungöl Culture and Tourism Festival Trabzon’s biggest tourism magnet, Uzungöl, entertains its visitors with the Uzungöl Culture and Tourism Festival.

You’re fainting with heat. ‘There’s no breeze...’ you sigh as you start thinking of how you can escape. Our suggestion is, don't just think about escaping, find a destination that will greet you with entertainment at the same time. If you’re in Trabzon, you can be sure that your greeting will be returned. Held every year in August, the Uzungöl Culture and Tourism Festival has another feature that you can take full advantage of. Thanks to its location in the midst of a breathtaking highland plateau, you can enjoy this unrivalled festival at the same time as the spectacular scenery. In the popular tourist spot of Uzungöl, you won't find it difficult to relax, enjoy yourself and take in the spirit of the Black Sea right down to your bones. Accompanied by festive activities and the natural beauty of Trabzon, the Uzungöl Culture and Tourism Festival will make you forget all your worries. Young or old, male or female - this festival will find itself a place in your heart. If you’re ready to join hands with people you have never met before and join in the energetic Black Sea dance "horon", please step this way to the Uzungöl Culture and Tourism Festival.


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