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Do you need a holiday but cannot decide among different options? How about some new ideas from Trip Finder prepared for your holiday plans? We have a brand-new app in which we provide holiday suggestions, and you will find the answers to "Where to go on holiday?"

Pegasus Trip Finder

Just choose the month(s) you plan to go on a holiday, and we will offer you incredible domestic or international destinations. If you dream about a holiday concept - for example, a gourmet or adventurous trip - you can choose among filters to help us give you the most suitable travel recommendations.

Of course, we always care about your budget as Pegasus and list the cheapest flight tickets for you while inspiring you.

If you are still thinking, "Where should I go?" let's plan a fantastic trip together without losing time.


Pegasus Trip Finder


Choose Your Concept; Let Us Recommend Places to Go on Vacation

You don't have to choose a category to use Trip Finder. But if you are thinking about a holiday concept, personalized recommendations can help the decision-making and holiday planning easier.

What is your dream vacation plan? If you have clear vacation expectations, we can help you to find the right and budget-friendly destination. Choose your travel concept by using Trip Finder and let us recommend holiday places.

If you are looking for a fun journey with dancing, you can choose the "Nightlife" concept. If you want unforgettable memories with your lover in romantic cities, you can choose the "Valentine's Day" concept. Trip Finder is by your side to increase your passion for travel and your enjoyment.


Gourmet Trip

gourmet tour

Foodies love discoveries–you can choose among our experience-oriented gourmet trips. If you want to taste food to give the right of your traveler spirit, we recommend you be ready to travel towards the most important gastronomical centers.

You can choose a weekend trip finder or a summer vacation plan with additional stops. If you want to "taste everything in its original place", don't miss out on the unique destinations for gourmets with cheap flight tickets to delicious and local food. 

plan gourmet tour


Romantic Holiday 

romantic trip

What can replace a romantic holiday with your lover? Let us answer: Nothing. The roads taken together, purchased flight tickets, enjoyable travel memories, discovered streets that you get lost in... It is not hard to add a new holiday memory which is the most memorable detail of the relationship.

If you want to think about "Where to go on romantic holiday" and prepare a surprise for your lover, we are here to help. If you plan to have a romantic trip, check out our holiday recommendations to make your lover the happiest valentine.

romantic holiday


nightlife trip

If you are a traveler who wants to relieve from work stress, tiredness, and the chaos of the city to dance for hours, it is your rightful wish to make a holiday plan in which you can rest and listen to your favorite music at night to have fun in the crowds just as you like. 

Are you interested in venues with dazzling lights and increasing the tempo as time passes? Do you want to spend your holiday in an unforgettable place where you can dance at night and listen to good music? Our 24/7 live nightlife destination recommendations are coming for you! 

nigh life

Summer Holiday

 summer holiday

If you are a traveler who radiates happiness with the sun's energy and loves summer, it is time to plan the places to visit in summer. Long conversations with unique views relieve the tiredness of the entire year in the sea. Is there any other time than summer to make a discovery and joy journey when the green is the most vivid and the blue is the most beautiful?

Are you looking for holiday deals in June or holiday deals in July? There are lots of places to visit in Turkey with holiday deals in July, but you can also benefit from holiday suggestions in July for different countries. We share your excitement for your summer holiday plan regardless of the month and destination.

If you want to make the right plans with sea, sand, and sun, you are at the right place. We have prepared our destination recommendations to make your summer holiday special.  

summer holiday

Winter Holiday

winter holiday

Skiing, witnessing incredible views in a mountain house, or traveling to warm lands while your country is in winter. There are many winter holiday options in domestic and abroad destinations with ski trip finder.

Which month do you have in mind to enjoy the winter? Instead of manually searching "What are December deals?", "What are January deals?" or "What are February deals?" you can find the answers to these questions in our winter holiday recommendations.

Watching the snowflakes, enjoying a hot fireplace, or skiing throughout the holiday... Check our recommendations to plan for October holiday deals or November holiday deals to have the winter holiday you want. 

winter holiday

City Break

city break

We know that you have questions like "Where to go for the weekend?", "Where should I go for a 3-day travel planning?", "I only have one week off; how should I use my holiday? Then our city break concept is the right concept for you. Regardless of your time, you can discover new things in the cities.

To visit the museums, get lost in the city streets, drink coffee in the most beautiful coffee shops... We have inspiring destination recommendations if you want a city break! 

city break


adventure holiday

Do you love climbing? How about water sliding among the waves? How about wandering between fish or letting yourself go to incredible views with paragliding? Adventurers know which adventures to fit into a holiday.

Don't you want to have a holiday alone or with your friends to enjoy adventure and fun? If you are interested in extreme sports and looking for a day trip finder, check out the adventurer holiday destinations listed.

adventure holiday 

Make Flexible Selections; Let Us Recommend Holiday Destinations

 You want to make a holiday plan, but you haven't decided yet. You might not have set the dates for your annual leave from work. So you don't know how to start searching for holiday options. Don't worry; we have the solution. If you have flexible holiday dates, you can choose the months on Trip Finder. You can choose a season, holiday deals in March, July holiday deals, or August holiday suggestions to think about different holiday options.

How About a Fall Holiday?

Having a holiday in each season is unique. The emotion of the city is different in every season. So, which season do you prefer to use the trip finder and have a holiday? What do you say about using a random trip finder to have a fall holiday in September, October, and November? It is time to discover an ancient city or a city you don't know in this mild weather.

We Have Special Recommendations for Spring Holiday

If you want to witness the awakening of nature, you can plan a spring holiday. March holiday deals are the best option if you want to run to nature for awakening and renewal. You can benefit from April holiday deals in warm and beautiful destinations before the season starts. With May holiday deals, you can find a place to swim this month. June holiday deals are the start for the most favourite season of the year with the signals of the summer season. You can find the most beautiful destination recommendations for any month on Trip Finder.


You Are Free When You Plan on Trip Finder

you are free with trip finder

You might want to make a holiday plan regardless of the season. You are free when you plan on Trip Finder. If you want, you can choose different months to see our special recommendations. For example, you can choose August and September for August holiday deals and September holiday deals.


How Does Trip Finder Work?

Choose your departure destination and suitable dates, tell us about your budget for a one-way ticket, and we will list the cheapest flight tickets for the most suitable dates with a cheap trip finder. With a combination of Google trip finder, Wanderlust trip finder, and random trip finder websites, we will give you suggestions to stop you from worrying about "Where should you go". You can benefit from our trip finder flights to filter among different concepts to list the cities you can go.



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