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BolPoints Detail
BolPoints Detail
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Travel Details
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Membership Details
What is BolBol?
What is BolBol?

For inquiries and questions related to BolBol, you can call our toll-free call center att 0 (850) 399 17 016


Member of Pegasus BolBol since .

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To not miss the advantage of flying with Pegasus BolBol, you must use your BolPoints before they expire.

For inquiries and questions related to BolBol, you can call our toll-free call center at 0 (850) 399 17 01.

Check my Travel Documents (Timatic Web)

Check my Travel Documents (Timatic Web)

Travelling Abroad is Easier with Timatic!

No matter how exciting and much fun travelling abroad can be, dealing with visas and other official procedures can make it rather difficult and confusing. So, what if we told you that, from now on, you can find out about all the visa and documentation you need before you go on your trip, and so enter the country of your dreams without any complications? And with just one click!


Information about the Whole World on just one Screen with Timatic Web

For the first time in Turkey, thanks to the Pegasus Airlines and IATA (The International Air Transport Association) partnership, Pegasus passengers can now make queries about all the visa and official information they need for their trip abroad.

IATA gets updated information from countries all over the world every month, and shares it with its member airlines - which now includes Pegasus Airlines as well!

The Timatic online search facility is integrated into flypgs.com, and includes the following details for each country:

  • The minimum passport validity period needed for entry, passport regulations, and advice
  • Visas, visa regulations, and advice
  • Documents required for entry, health regulations, and advice
  • Financial regulations regarding things such as the maximum amount of cash that you can bring into the country and importing and exporting
  • All customs regulations including requirements such as whether or not pets can be brought into the country.


What does Timatic provide?

Before your trip, with Timatic, you can find out which documents or conditions are applicable to your journey, and so avoid unfortunate situations such as not being allowed into the country due to missing documents, invalid visas, or last minute ticket invalidation.


If you think 'Timatic Web Can Help Me Out'

Search Timatic for up to date IATA details on passport, visa, travel documents, and health requirements by:

  • clicking on www.flypgs.com,
  • entering your PNR (Reservation Number) and surname into the 'Ticket transactions' section,
  • and then clicking on 'Check my Travel Documents' to find out everything you need.

Best of all, the whole service is completely free for Pegasus customers!


What is Timatic?

Timatic is provided through the IATA and Pegasus Airlines partnership. It is an online search facility that enables those travelling abroad to find out all the details relating to every document, visa, tax, or any other requirements necessary for the country they are travelling to.

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