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Croatia should be an important stop on your route, with its magnificent Dalmatian beaches, the medieval spirit in Zagreb streets and quiet small towns. While checking Pegasus offers for Zagreb flight tickets, take a look at Croatia visa application procedures, needed for non-EU passports..

Croatia Visa Application

Croatia, the binding culture of Eastern and Central Europe, accepts visitors regarding its Schengen visa. You can find the answer to the question "How to get a Croatia visa?" in our Croatia Visa Guide, including step-by-step procedures.

Croatia Visa Types

Croatia visa application varies depending on your purpose of staying in the country and the duration of your stay. A short-stay visa allows you to reside in the country for a period not exceeding 90 days within 180 days. This visa allows entry to the country for purposes such as excursions, medical treatments, conference participation and business trips. Long-stay visa, the second category, is needed if you seek a residence permit in order to stay longer than 90 days. This type is preferred for cases such as the reunion of family members, work contracts and study / training purposes.

Short-Stay Croatia Visa

This type of visa, often referred to as a "tourist visa", allows domestic travel and accommodation in the country for less than 90 days within a 6-month period. You can discover the myths of Croatia, attend a scientific activity at a Croatian institution, visit a family member or compete in a sports tournament with a short-stay visa. It allows single, double and multiple entry to the country.

Long-Stay Croatia Visa

The long-stay Croatia visa is a requirement when you need to accommodate for more than 90 days within 180 days. Those who plan to continue their language course or higher education in this country can apply for a student visa. Professionals who receive an employment offer from an enterprise in Croatia must apply for a work visa. In that case, applicants first must obtain a residence permit. Foreigners moving to Croatia via a marriage bond should apply for a family visa before converting it to a residence permit.

Transit Visa for Croatia

Foreigners remaining within borders for less than 72 hours and those traveling to a Schengen country can apply for a Croatia transit visa. Passengers connecting their Zagreb flight to an international hub do need a transit visa if they continue their journey without leaving the transit area. If they would like to see Zagreb and do not hold a Schengen visa, then they have to apply for a transit visa.

Schengen Visa

Since 1st January 2023, Croatia has been included in the Schengen area. This means passengers with a valid Schengen visa (Schengen A and C type visas) do not need to apply for a D-type visa. If you are a Turkish citizen having either a diplomatic, a service or special passport for public servants, you can go through the Croatian border on a visa-free status.

General Requirements to Apply for a Croatia Visa

  • Passport valid for at least 90 days counting after the end of the trip to Croatia
  • Completed and signed Visa Application Form
  • Biometric photograph scanned in the appropriate format
  • The receipt of visa application fee payment.

Make sure that you have prepared all required documents separately for each traveler in case you are planning to fly with your dependants.

Required Documents to Apply for the Croatia Visa

Although required documents for a Croatia visa application may vary depending on the visa type, you should start it by preparing the following list:

  • Fully filled out Croatia Visa Application Form
  • Passport or travel document valid for at least 90 days
  • Travel health insurance covering the duration of the whole trip
  • Bank statements proving you have the sufficient funds to subsist on during your stay in Croatia
  • If you will be traveling with a child aged below 18, a copy of the parent’s passport and his/her letter of consent for the child to travel
  • Two photos taken on a white background, with 35x45 mm. dimensions
  • Copies of the entry page of your passport and previous visas
  • Health insurance policy covering minimum 30,000 Euros for accidents and sudden illnesses, stating the dates of arrival and departure
  • Hotel reservation documenting your accommodation plans in Croatia
  • A copy of flight reservation or ticket for a round-trip flight to Croatia
  • Bank statement of prior three months or an official letter to prove your financial capacity during your trip
  • Employer’s letter to show your position and salary
  • Additional documents proving your purpose of flight to Croatia

If additional documents are asked, you can use the appropriate examples to add to your dossier:.

  • Visa sponsor letter for unemployed applicants who cannot prove their economic status
  • School or university enrollment and a letter of acceptance for students
  • Invitation letter for scientists and professionals from the host institution
  • Proof document or health report stating the medical treatment you will take in Croatia
  • Company’s registration and visa request letter with company letterhead for self-employed applicants application letter with company letterhead for business people and company owners
  • Child's birth certificate and parent's letter of consent for dependants and minors
  • Employment contract, employer’s letter to prove your work, position and salary

What is Visa Sponsorship for Croatia?

If the visa applicant is unemployed or a retired person, then Croatian authorities expect them to prove how they will cover their expenses during their stay in Croatia. If this is the case for you, you must attach a visa sponsor letter to your application. Visa sponsor letter, which you can write in a petition format, must include your sponsor’s name, surname, contact info and address while declaring that s/he will cover your Croatia visa fee, accommodation and travel expenses. You must ensure that your visa sponsor’s signature and the exact dates of your journey are clearly included in the letter.

Croatia Visa Fees

Croatia visa application fee for 2023 has been announced to be 80 Euros. Please note that when you apply for a visa through authorized visa centers and travel agencies, you may pay additionally for the visa service, biometric photo shot, the courier and for photocopy. No visa fee is required for children under the age of 12.

How to Apply for a Croatia Visa

  • Fill out the Croatia visa application form online, print it and sign it.
  • Create your supporting file by compiling the required documents for the relevant visa type
  • Make your visa appointment at the nearest consular office or through the visa center.
  • Pay the visa fee to the specified bank account and attach its receipt to your application form.
  • Attend the Consulate / Visa Center in person on the day of appointment and submit your application.
  • When your visa is approved, go back to the same visa center to receive your visa and passport.
  • If you request courier delivery, do not forget to request it and pay for it during your submission.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Croatia Visa ?

You can apply for a visa to Croatia 15-90 days before your flight. Short-stay visa applications take 2-4 weeks to be processed on average. The minimum processing time for a long-stay visa starts from 4 weeks. It is possible to encounter factors like delays and missing documents that may extend this period. You should consider those factors and find the best deals for a cheap flight to Croatia.

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