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Adıyaman Airport is a modern airport with a terminal building that opened to use in 2013. The airport serves domestic flights and offers many disabled passenger-friendly features. Adıyaman Airport is an important gateway for domestic and foreign tourists with its location close to the city centre and easy transportation options.

There are no direct international flights to Adıyaman Airport. However, within the scope of domestic flights, there are flights to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Ankara Esenboğa Airport. Connecting flights to various destinations can be made from Adıyaman Airport.

The direct flight from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Adıyaman Airport (SAW - ADF direct flights) takes approximately one hour 45 min. It is one of the most convenient ways to reach the city from other countries. You can check flights and buy a plane ticket to Adıyaman for the fastest and most comfortable transportation to this historical city.


Transportation from Adıyaman Airport to City Centre

Adıyaman Airport is located approximately 22 km from the city centre. There are several options for transportation between the airport and the city centre:

Public Transportation

Minibuses depart from the airport terminal to the city centre. You can reach the city centre in approximately 20-25 minutes. For this option, you can pay the driver when you take the minibus. The public transport options, including minibuses and shuttles, do not have a schedule, and the drivers often go to the airport around flight hours.


Thanks to the airport services offered by BAY-TUR Tourism company, it is possible to reach Adıyaman Airport in approximately 30 minutes. To use this service, you must be at Democracy Park about 1-1.5 hours before the flight. You can pay the driver once you arrive at the airport. Also, some of the hotels offer free shuttle services to the airport. You can learn about these options by consulting your hotel.


You can reach the city centre in approximately 20-25 minutes by taxi from the taxi stations in front of the airport terminal building. Taxi fares may vary between the airport and the city centre, and you may have to pay according to your destination.

Car Rental

You can reach the city centre by renting a car from these car rental companies at the airport.

City Transportation

Public transportation options in Adıyaman include buses and taxis. Buses operated by Adıyaman Municipality organise services to many destinations in and around the city centre.

Public transport tickets can be purchased on the bus or at the municipal ticket offices. A public transport card called "Kent Kart" is also offered by Adıyaman Municipality. This card can be used on buses and can be purchased from municipal ticket offices or authorised sales points.

Taxis are also commonly used in Adıyaman, and the city has many taxi ranks. Taxi fares may vary according to the tariffs determined by the municipality.

Transportation to Surrounding Provinces

There are several options to reach nearby cities from Adıyaman. These include buses, trains and private vehicles.


There are bus services to travel from Adıyaman to other cities. From Adıyaman Bus Terminal, you can get on the expeditions organised by bus companies. Travel time to other cities may vary depending on the destination, the bus company and the route.


There is no railway station close to Adıyaman, but it is possible to travel to nearby cities by train. There are trains from Adıyaman to cities such as Elazığ and Diyarbakır. You can buy tickets for train travel from the official website of TCDD.

Private Vehicles: 

You can also travel from Adıyaman to other cities by private vehicle. Travel time may vary depending on destination and traffic density. You can choose from rental cars, private transfers or your own vehicle.

The airport in Adıyaman is located in the South-eastern Anatolia Region and is approximately 22 kilometres from Adıyaman city centre. The airport serves domestic flights, and air traffic density is moderate. Adıyaman Airport is suitable for aircraft traffic with its runway of 2500 metres and serves approximately 100 thousand passengers annually. The terminal building has a modern and spacious design and offers passengers a comfortable travel experience. The airport is also equipped with civil defence, fire and security teams. The region where Adıyaman Airport is located has rich potential in tourism, and the airport contributes to the development of tourism in this region.

Domestic Flight Terminal

The Domestic Terminal is located at Adıyaman Airport, at an altitude of 674.75 metres. The terminal building has a passenger capacity of 2,500,000 and 18 check-in counters. Private security and DHMI personnel work for security operations and are monitored by CCTV camera systems. The terminal building is protected by a fire detection and alarm system. Passengers are informed with the announcement system and information monitor, and transportation services such as parking lot, taxi, and rent-a-car are available. The terminal building also has a male/female prayer room and a baby care room. There are also two baggage claim conveyors in the domestic arrivals hall, where arriving passengers can take their luggage.


Unfortunately, there is no duty-free shop at Adıyaman Airport. However, cafes and restaurants in the terminal building offer various food and beverage options.

Disabled Passenger Services

Adıyaman Airport offers services to facilitate the travel of disabled and special needs passengers:

  • Guidelines and warning surfaces are available for visually impaired passengers.
  • Special check-in areas and information desks for disabled passengers are designed per the standards.
  • In addition, specially trained support personnel are available to assist passengers with disabilities.
  • Special parking areas for disabled passengers and handicapped payphones are also available in the car park.
  • In the terminal building, there are toilets suitable for disabled passengers, passenger support handrails, a Braille terminal building layout map, elevators and elevator keys designed in the Braille alphabet.
  • There are information signs in the Braille alphabet in WCs suitable for disabled passengers and emergency call buttons at the help request points.
  • Seats in passenger lounges are also marked with the International Symbol of Disability label.

All these services aim to make the travels of disabled and special needs passengers safer and more comfortable.

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