Istanbul - Diyarbakır Flight Tickets

In Diyarbakir airport, which was opened in 1952, domestic and international flights have started. After your landing with Pegasus Airlines at the most advantageous prices on Diyarbakir which is a very important region for domestic and international tourism, you will be 6 km away from the city center. You can easily reach the city center by using municipality buses for a reasonable fee. You can also prefer taxi. If you want to have the comfort of a car during your trip, you can easily rent a car through

Shopping in Diyarbakır

Shopping in Diyarbakir is mostly done in marketplaces where you can find local products. You can buy souvenirs for both yourself and your beloved ones from these bazaars. Also, there is a shopping center which you can prefer to shop from chainstore brands. 

Sipahi Bazaar

Sipahi Bazaar is the most colorful one among the historical bazaars of Diyarbakir. It is possible to find various shops from tobacco sellers to carpet sellers, felt sellers and wooden shoe sellers. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is a very interesting place to see. 

Kuyumcular Bazaar

You can find golden wicker bracelets that are typical to Diyarbakir in Kuyumcular Bazaar. These products that have a real handicraft represent a cultural heritage of 300 years. Also, you can find Mardin silver works there.

Peynirciler Bazaar

You can find famous plaited cheese of Diyarbakir and also various kinds of cheese and yoghurt that have been brought from near provinces and districts in this bazaar which is in Mardinkapi direction. 


In Ninova which is the new shopping mall of Diyarbakir, you can find all of the brands that you are looking for and you can take do activities like cinema and exhibitions.

Accommodation in Diyarbakır

You can find a variety of hotels from luxurious hotels to average quality Diyarbakir hotels in Diyarbakir which is one of the most popular Southeast cities in terms of tourism. You can make use of our list for accommodation alternatives that may appeal to you.

SV Business Hotel

Especially if you are on a business trip, SV Business Hotel is right for you. It is also suitable for touristic travels. It will meet all of your needs with its meeting rooms, fitness center and sauna.

Inonu Caddesi No:4 Dagkapi

Phone: 0412 228 12 95     


Diyarbakir Dedeman is in service with 98 rooms. It meets your expectations from a luxurious hotel with its gym, bar, pool side area. It is also an elegant alternative with a big hall of 400 people capacity for your business meetings.

Elazig Cad. Next to City Municipality

Phone: 0412 224 73 53

Surkent Hotel

The hotel, which is located in inside of the wall, draws attention with its reasonable prices. This small but nice place will be suitable for your touristic travels.

Dagkapi Mah. Hz. Suleyman Cad. No: 19

Phone: 0412 228 10 14     

Büyük Kervansaray Hotel

The hotel that was opened in one of the old caravansaries is very good in terms of location. You can prefer it for a holiday in a building where you smell the history in this historical town of Diyarbakir.

Gazi  Cad. Mardinkapi

Phone: 0412 228 96 06   

Birkent Hotel

Birkent is a clean and modern city hotel. The prices of the hotel which is very advantageous in terms of its location are very reasonable.

Inonu Cad. No:26

Phone: 0412 228 71 32 

Food and Drink in Diyarbakır

You will enjoy meat in Diyarbakir cuisine. Diyarbakir meals with a menu rich with meat offer many alternatives such as stuffed lamb ribs, specialty meats, kebab and local tastes. You can have a look at the ones that we have chosen for you in our list about what to eat and where to eat in Diyarbakir.

Mustafa’nin Kahvalti Dunyasi

It is the most famous address for breakfast in Diyarbakir. There is such a breakfast table that you will feel full the moment you see it. You can really enjoy the food with Chef Mustafa’s specialties and various tastes of Diyarbakir and around.

Gazi Cad. Tarihi Hasanpasa Hani

Phone: 0412 228 93 45


Umut Cigercisi

One of the best addresses where liver, which is consumed a lot in Diyarbakir, is cooked is Umut Cigercisi. You can prefer it either with or without spices. It is told that this place makes people who don't like liver make a peace with that.

Lise 4. Sokak Lise Caddesi Yenisehir

Phone: 0412 224 00 44

Attor Pide and Lahmacun

It is an ideal address for "pide" (pita) and "lahmacun". You don’t need to search for another place for a reasonable priced and delicious lunch in Diyarbakir.

Diclekent Bulv. 86, City Center

Phone: 0 412 257 64 90

Hasim Usta Flavour World

The kebabs that you will eat in Hasim Usta can make you over-enjoy your meal. You should try this restaurant where you can also find tastes that are special to Diyarbakir.

Maliye Mevki Lise Cad. 5. Sok. Haci Tahirbey Apt. No:4/B Yenisehir

Phone: 0 412 224 20 39     

Sitki Usta Kadayif ve Kunefe

There are three branches of Sıtkı Usta, which has been in service since 1968. Originally, it was opened as a kadayif seller, but later on it started to bake kunafah, as well. It is a good option to taste the most famous kadayif of Diyarbakir.

Lise Cad. Camlica Deger Apt. Alti B/7(Across City Municipality Building)

Phone: 0412 228 41 22

Dagkapi Kebapcisi

Dagkapi, which is one of the most famous liver sellers of Diyarbakir, is a little bit uncared but the liver is delicious.

Kibris Cad. No: 6 City Center

Phone: 0412 224 10 14

Onur Ocakbasi

If you are planning to go there for dinner, you need to act early bceuses it closes at 19:30. Of course, when we call it "ocakbasi", you shouldn’t think of the ones in İstanbul. Spectacular grills and salads, greens, various offerings that come before the grill are gorgeous.

Gazi Cad. S. Nazif Sok.

Phone: 0412 224 14 05     

Selim Amca’nin Sofra Salonu

This restaurant is famous for its stuffed lamb ribs, but it is also possible to find tastes like stuffed sheep sausages. 

Av. Emin Cad. No: 22/B Yenisehir

Phone: 0412 224 44 47 

Ozler Meat Restaurant

It gets credits especially with its fast service. It is also liked for its delicious food. Beyti (a kind of kebab) and kunafah should be tasted.

Yeni Mardin Yolu 3. Km. Baglar

Phone: 0412 233 82 82

Kadayifci Levent Usta

It is a very special address to try burma kadayif (shredded wheat dessert with pistachio filling) which is the unique taste of Diyarbakir. Levent Usta is also in service in more than one branch.

Gervan Cad. No. 2/B Ofis

Phone: 0412 228 52 31

Keyf-i Kebab

Kebabs in the most luxurious kebab restaurant of Diyarbakir are very delicious. The prices are a little bit high for Diyarbakir, but it is one of the most elegant restaurants with a terrace in hot summer months.

Elazig Cad. Next to the Court House

Phone: 0412 228 58 10


Pacaci (Trotter Soup) Fazil

If you like specialty meat, this is a good address with trotter, sheep’s head, stuffed sheep sausages for you. Whatever you ask for, it'll be served in an elaborately prepared way for you.

Istasyon Cad. No: 13/C Yenisehir

Phone: 0412 223 01 70

City Code: 0 412

Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism: 0 412228 22 15     

Police: 0 412 248 83 55     

Gendarmy: 156

Police: 155

Health Emergency: 112

Places to Visit in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir, which has a history of 9000 years, presents many alternatives for places to see. Diyarbakir with squares, historical city walls, places of worship like mosques and churches that witnessed the oldest times of the history deserves being one of the most interesting places of cultural tourism. 

The Inner Castle (Citadel)

Its traces date back to 3500 B.C. This region, which is the heart and foundation center of the city, has been used while being developed by every civilization. With the recently completed restorations, the Citadel has been rendered functional with cultural purposes. 

The Outer Castle

The walls and towers of Diyarbakir bears the traces of various civilizations. These walls, which are in the shape of a bothus when looked from above, are the second longest city walls after the Great Wall of China.

The Grand Mosque

The construction, that was built as a church in this region that had been used as a temple since Pagan times, was transformed into a mosque after being conquered by Muslims and became the first mosque of Anatolia. Also, the four sides of the mosque were reserved for four different sects of Islam, and Hanafiis and Shafiis are still worship in two separate places.

Nebi Mosque

The construction which is thought to have been built in 1530 according to its inscriptions, has a striking architecture with its white basaltic face stones.

Hz. Suleiman Mosque

27 companions of Prophet Mohammed that were martyrized during the conquest of the city by Muslims were buried there. Later on, this mosque was built in memory of these martyrs. The mosque has a great amount of visitor due to the myths regarding these companions.

Adana Clock Tower

Adana Clock Tower, which started to be built in 1881 during the time when Ziya Pasha was the governor and was completed by Governor Abidin Pasha in 1882, is 32 meter high and located on Ali Mufit Street in Government Square.

4-Legged Minaret

Sheik Mutahhar Mosque is essentially famous for its minaret. Today, square minaret, which is in the middle of a road, rises on four legs. It is very remarkable as the only minaret that was built that way.

Surp Giragos Armenian Orthodox Church

The church, which is believed to have been built in 16th century, became the only church with 7 horans in the world thanks to the additions that were made later on. It is still a magnificient complex with the main church and surrounding buildings around.

Mar Petyun Keldani Catholic Church

This church that belongs to Catholic Keldani, who are also known as East Assyrians, was built in the 17th century and is still open to worship. Moreover, it has been in service as “Amid Keldani Patriarchate” since 1681.

Virgin Marry Assyrian Kadim Church

It was established in the 3rd century in the area which is known to have been used as a Sun Temple since old ages. The church, where religious activities continue to be practiced, is comprised of three yards and various buildings. Also, it has many religion related historical artifacts.

Dengbej House

Dengbej people can be described as poets or story tellers in Kurdish culture. This restored historical Diyarbakir house thhas been open to service as a Dengbej House since 2007. In this building that hosts a tourist office belonging to the municipality visitors can listen to Dengbejs while drinking tea.

Hasan Pasha Inn

The two storey inn that dates back to the 16th century is a touristic center today. It is one of the first touristic places with breakfast cafes and souvenir shops. We suggest you to have some drinks under the hot weather of Diyarbakir in the cafe that is managed by Kamer Charity Foundation which supports women that are exposed to the violence and located in Hasan Pasha Yard.

Cemil Pasha Palace

The construction that was built in the late 19th century is one of the best civil architecture examples.

Archeology Museum

In this museum that was moved into a construction in the Inner Castle (Citadel) as a part of the Inner Castle Project, artifacts that belong to various civilizations that had passed from Diyarbakir and its surrounding from the late Paleolithic age to Ottoman time are exhibited.

Cahit Sitki Taranci Museum

The house, which is a beautiful civil architecture example and where the famous poet Cahit Sitki Taranci from Diyarbakir was born, was reorganized as a museum. One part of the construction has been put into use as an ethnography museum and in the other part, the personal belongings of the poet are exhibited.

Neighbourhoods of Diyarbakir

Surici: As its name suggests, this district is the historical Diyarbakir that is surrounded by city walls. You can get to know Diyarbakir as walking around this district that is comprised of narrow streets that are called Kuce. In this district which is both the touristic center and the poorest settlement of the city, children play on the streets. This sociological structure in a historical texture is one of those things that needs to be seen.

Ofis/ Yenisehir: Yenisehir is a district next to the old city, right on the north of city walls.

This part of Diyarbakir is comprised of more modern and broad streets. Especially the area that is called "Ofis" is one of the places young people prefer most with its shops and cafes.


The nightlife in Diyarbakir, which is one of the interesting touristic places, mostly consists of bars where you can have some drinks and listen to music till late hours. Many of these places where you can have fun till late hours are located in the Ofis area. 


This bar that serves in a private building in Ofis, where there are mostly cafes and bars, will be a good choice with its nice and calm atmosphere to have a talk.

Rizvanaga Caddesi, Sanat Sokagi (Across the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture )


Frekans Cafe Bar

Frekans, where you can eat in the company of live Turkish music or folk songs, gets vibrant at the later hours of the night.

Gevran Cad. Sen Apt. Kat. 1 Across Diyar Tat

Phone: 0412223 62 17 

Balance Performance Hall

Balance, which also includes famous voices from Istanbul from time to time, plays mostly Turkish Pop and Rock. It is one of the most suitable places to dance and have fun till late hours in Diyarbakir.

Lise Cad. Yilmazlar Apartman Alti, Camlica Yenisehir

Phone: 0412 223 04 01

Asmin Restaurant Bar

Asmin, which is one of the most exclusive places of Diyarbakir, serves both as a restaurant and a bar. The bar is open till 4 a.m. in the morning.

Dr. Selahattin Yazicioglu Cad. Bines Apt. No: 1

Phone: 0412 224 80 73



We recommend Zeynaz with its modern atmosphere like a pub for a nice talk in a calm environment accompanied by live music in the evenings and for after work meetings.

Ekinciler Cad. Kervansaray Apt. Kat:1 No: 4 Ofis

Phone: 0412 224 80 73

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