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Flights to Elazig

Flights to Elazig

Although the city of Elazig is a new residential area, the history of the region goes back to the Ancient times. Harput is the biggest visible evidence of that.

The city took the name of "Mamurat ul-Aziz” on the demand of Governor Ismail Pasha during the rule of Sultan Abdulaziz but people started to call it "Elaziz" for short since the original name was very long. In 1937, Ataturk changed the name to "Elazik", which means 'the city of Azik", during a visit to the city and the name has turned into Elazig in the following years. Today, the most advantegous way to visit historical artifacts in Elazig will be making a reservation for low budget flights to Elazig on flypgs.com




You can see the city location on the map.

Istanbul - Elazig Flight Tickets

After your landing with Pegasus at Elazig Ariport, which is 12 km away from the city center, you can use Pegasus shuttles to reach there. You can also take a taxi even though it's a bit expensive or rent a car on flypgs.com for a comfortable vehicle that will accompany you during your visit.

Food and Drink in Elazig

Although Elazig region has one of the richest kitchens if Turkey, unfortunately it's not that well known. Actually, there are only a few restaurants where you can taste local foods in the city. Good restaurants are all located in Harput rather than the city center.

Amcanin Yeri

If you want to eat at the most famous and the most hygenic meatball restaurant of Elazig, which has an entire street dedicated to meatballs, Amcanin Yeri is the address. The meat is really delicious and the place is clean and humble.

Kofteciler Sokak

Tel: 0424 212 56 13


You can have a great breakfast or taste grills and special dishes while watching an amazing Elazig view at the terrace of Zertaslar.

Harput Yolu Tilkilik Area

Tel: 0424 215 10 58     

Kilis Lokantasi

If you happen to crave kebab, just drop by Kilis Lokantasi. It's been in service for 60 years with its delicious kebabs and doner kebab.

Izzet Pasa Mah. Sehit Yuzbasi Tahir Cad. No: 4

Tel: 0424 236 75 72     

Komurhan Kavurma

Amazing braised meat is served with a glass of delicious ayran. Komurhan is one of the best addresses. The only problem is that it's a bit far from the city.

Malatya Highway 50th km

Tel: 0424 527 10 08

Park Mavigol Restaurant

Another address that is outside of the city. It's a very pleasant place with its garden and fresh atmosphere. Moreover, its service and foods both are A-class.

Diyarbakır Road 10th km

Tel: 0424 275 33 11

Atalaroglu Baklava ve Kebap

Atalaroglu, which is a business from Gaziantep, is an expert at baklavas but their kebabs are also quite successful. The place is more like a coffee house; you can stop by to eat "alinazik" or some evening dessert.

Hurriyet Cad. No.27B

Tel: 0424 236 88 11


Balakgazi Tesisleri

This facility in Harput is probably one of the most important restaurants in Elazig. It's preferred both for its amazing view and different delicacies. We reccomend you to try "icli kofte" and "sirin".

Entrance of Harput Neihbourhood

Tel: 0424 215 11 88


Kebapçı Halit Usta

One of the best kebab restaurants of Elazig is Halit Usta. You should definitely try Adana kebab in this place which serves food between wall rugs and an authentic decoration.

Harput Mah. Ahmet Kabakli Boulevard No:38

Tel: 0424 215 11 76       

Gedik Restaurant & Garden

You'll have the chance to taste local foods and kebabs in the clean and classy Gedik. Also, in the right season, you can also enjoy its garden.

Organize Sanayi Girişi Yurtbaşı Road

Tel: 0424 233 99 99 


Kocoglu is one of the rare places where you can find local Elazig dishes. We recommend you not to leave before eating "tas ekmek tatlisi" which means "stone baked bread dessert". You also shouldn't miss Harput meatballs and "sirin".

Malatya Road, On the opposite of House of Correction for Kids (Çocuk Islah Evi)

Tel: 0424 248 31 50


Otantik Osmanlı Lokantası

Even though it has a very heavy decoration and is located next to a mall, it's the most luxurious restaurant of Elazig in terms of service and variety of dishes. You can also prefer it for business dinners.

Malatya Road 7th km.

Tel: 0424 248 02 05 

İbrahim Ethem İşkembe Paça ve Izgara Salonu

If you want sweetbrad or get hungry in the middle of the night, this is the address to go.

Yakup Sevki St. (2. Harput St.) Mehmet Arslan İs Merkezi No:3/D

Tel: 0424 238 5010     

Shopping in Elazig

In Elazig, shopping is done in markets where there are moslty local and handmade product and malls. If you want to go home with souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, we recommend you to visit Elazig Grand Bazaar.

Elazig Grand Bazaar

It's possible to find local products in Elazig's marketplace. Spices, orciks, dried nuts and fruits, sausage and "çedene" coffee will be waiting for you in those colorful shops. Especially "çedene coffee" and special "ağın roasted chickpeas" of the region can be bought as a gift. 

Akgün Mall

You can find stores of chain clothing brands, technological products and entertainment alternatives like cinema and bowling.

Accommodation in Elazig

Even though Elazig doesn't have that many accommodation options, we've listed a couple of good options. You can choose whichever you want among Elazig hotels, which you can prefer for both culture tourism or business trips.

Akgun Hotel

Akgun Hotel is the kind of hotel that can meet all your luxurious expectations from open swimming pool to fitness center. It's also a good option for business trips with its meeting rooms and business center.

Universite Mah. Sehit Korgeneral Hulusi Sayın Cad. No: 20 Bahcelievler

Tel: 0424 248 20 00      

Marathon Hotel

It's in service with rooms designed with different capacities for different purposes, 54 rooms, a restaurant, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a fitness center. It's a good city hotel with a simple decoration.

Bosna Hersek Bulvarı No: 17

Tel: 0424 238 86 86     


Mayd Hotel

There is 24-hour room service in Mayd Hotel which has a modern and simple decoration. All rooms have minibar, air conditioner, cable tv and wi-fi. It's central location is also an important advantage.

Gazi Caddesi, Horosan Sok. No:11

Tel: 0 424 237 26 26


Mavigol Otel

Mavigol Otel, which is very suitable for conventions and event organizations, provides a great opportunity of vacation and recreation with its peerless location by The Lake Hazar.

Elazig Mavi Gol Otel Guney Koyu/ Sivrice

Tel: 0 424 425 10 20     

Places to Visit in Elazig

Being one of the most important residential zones in history, Elazig has many ancient artifacts that must be seen. We've listed all the places to see in Elazig which has witnessed history with its museums, ramparts, churches and mosques.

Archeology and Ethnography Museum

Archeology and Ethnography Museum is comprised of two halls which are "Archaeological Works and Coin Hall" and  "Carpet, Kilim and Ethnography Hall". In the archeology section, pieces that have been found during dam projects are mostly exhibited.

Harput Castle (Milk Castle)

It's been thought that the castle that is located on the rocks that rise above Harput has been constructed during the period of Urartians. There are hidden roads and roomes carved into stone in it. 

The Grand Mosque

The building which dates back to the 12th century, has reached our day from the days of Artukians. The Mosque, which has many architectural elements differs from other mosques of that period. Its minaret, on the other hand, is thought to have been constructed in another period.

Harput Museum

Harput Museum was founded in 1965 as the core of Elazig Museum. Today, local crafts, ethnographic items and some inscriptions are exhibited there.

Sara Hatun Mosque

It's believed that the original building had been constructed by Sara Hatun, who was the mother of Uzun Hasan, the Sultan of Akkoyunlu. However, that building couldn't reach our current times. Even though it had many renovations, the building we have today is actually the version that was reconstructed in 1843. 

Virgin Mary Church 

Being one of the oldest Syrian churches, Birgin Mary Church was built in connection to the rock near Harput Castle. It's known that there are hidden roads from the church to the castle. Today, it's abandoned.

Kursunlu Mosque

The building belonging to the Ottoman times is located on Harput. The ebony mihrab of the mosque, which is not dated since no one has managed to read its inscriptions, has been brought there from the Grand Mosque.

Arap Baba Masjid and Tomb

The ornaments of the tomb, which was constructed at the time of Giyaseddin Kaykhusraw III who is the son of a Seljukian sultan, Kilij Arslan IV, are very interesting. This is building worth seeing for those ornaments. Also, there is a mummified body in the tomb and that person is known as Arap Baba among people.

Esediye (Aslanli) Mosque

Only the portal of the mosque, which is ruined, is standing today. The portal provides the information that it dates back to the Seljukian or Artukian times. Also, it's also called Aslanli Cami (Mosque with lions) because of the lion embossings that can be seen on the ruins of arch.

Alacali Masjid

The most striking part of the building which dates back to Artukian period is its two-colored stone works. The hand-drawn adornments on its wooden ceiling are also very beautiful.

Cemsit Hamam

The hamam, which is located next to Sara Hatun Mosque, belongs to the period of Yavuz Sultan Selim. The building, which has the style of Classical Ottoman architecture, is still in use.


It's believed that its water is healing; that it's good for stomach, bowel and lung illnesses and depression. The current building has been reconstructed in 1988 in accordance with the original wooden building.

Lake Hazar

Lake Hazar, which is a tectonic lake, is one of the deepest lakes of Turkey. It's also an important natural value with water sports opportunities and facilities around it.

Keban Dam

Built on the Euphrates, Keban is the second biggest artifical lake of Turkey. It has an impressive view.


Neighbourhoods of Elazig


Center: This region comprised of "Elazig Carsi" and "Yeni Mahalle" areas is the center of the city for many things. Both shopping areas and the administrative center are located here. 


Harput: Harput is the relatively touristic area of Elazig. This region, which dates back to 20th century B.C. is the historical center of Elazig.


Elazig Calendar


Hazar International Poetry Evenings

In the event, which has been held every year since 1992, poetry readings and panel discussions are organized with local and international visitors.


City code: 0 424 

City Tourism Directorate: 0 424  236 58 54     

Police: 0 424 241 10 00     

Gendarmy (Emergency): 156

Police (Emergency):155

Health Emergency:112




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