İstanbul - Batman Flight Tickets

Pegasus has regular flights to Batman, a city surrounded by mountains and well preserved nature. You can buy an İstanbul – Batman fly ticket and get to the Batman Airport in two hours, which is seven kilometers away from the city.

After your Batman flights lands, you can use public transportation or taxi to get to the city. Prices are very affordable since the distance is very short.

Transportation in Batman relies mainly on minibuses. There are also bus services on a fixed schedule. Since most places in the city center are within walking distance, the public transport system is not very complex. Minibuses are mostly used to get to the districts.

Shopping in Batman

Shopping in Batman can be categorized as traditional and modern. While the downtown shopping center provides products for modern life, small businesses scattered around the city reminds people of the soul of the past.

Places to visit in Batman for shopping are not numerous, but they are lively. Especially places with a long history offer hand woven fabrics.

If you want to buy souvenirs from Batman, visit the silversmiths. Silver work is very advanced in this region.

Batman Park AVM

The shopping center contains famous brands as well as a large supermarket and a movie theatre. The Batman Park Shopping Center is centrally located, and you can find most of your needs here.

Address: Kültür Mahallesi, 315/B

World Center Shopping Center

World Center contains food isles on the ground floor, clothing on the middle floor and a movie theater and restaurant on the top floor. It is a weekend favorite for the locals.

Address: Diyarbakır Caddesi, Turgut Özal Bulvarı

Zeki Gümüşcülük

You can find the best silver work in town here. They sell both wholesale and retail.

Address: Meydan Mahallesi, 9/C

Accommodation in Batman

Since the city attracts travelers from all over the world with its historical and natural attractions, there are many choices for accommodation in Batman. Batman hotels offer the highest level of comfort to guests, but if you would like to sacrifice quality and stay for more affordable prices, there are bed and breakfasts and guesthouses as well.

The most touristic district in Batman is Hasankeyf, due to its historical attractions and incredible natural beauty. Therefore accommodation in Hasankeyf is also very developed, and you can find any kind of service you like.

Real Konak Hotel

Distinguished by its large library, Real Konak is run by a polite and adept staff. Breakfast and parking is free for guests, and the hotel’s location is central.

Address: Gap Mahallesi, 2

Grand Hasankeyf Hotel

Grand Hasankeyf gets a thumbs up from its guests for its rich breakfast menu, friendly staff and comfortable accommodations. Prices are very affordable as well.

Address: Atatürk Bulvarı, 155


The Ancient Mesopotamia Hotel

The staff are as professional as they are friendly at the Ancient Mesopotamia. The comfortable hotel also has a large Turkish bath and a spa. The rooms are spacious, the food is good, and the prices are affordable.

Address: Ziya Gökalp Mahallesi, 170

Bozoğulları Hotel

This three star hotel offers free parking, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and minibars.

Address: Diyarbakır Caddesi, 1

Hasankeyf Hasbahçe Guesthouse

Clean rooms and showers provide the comforts of modern life while you watch ducks, geese and sheep grazing in the yard. It looks like an American motel with its rooms built in a row.

Address: Hasankeyf

Food & Drink in Batman

Batman’s cuisine is so rich and delicious that we can call it the gourmet city of Southeastern Anatolia. Batman’s food scene is dominated by meat dishes, although there are a variety of pastries, soups and vegetables on the menu as well.

İçli köfte (kibbeh), kuru dolma (dried vegetables stuffed with rice and meat), Şam böreği (pastry with rice and meat filling) and çiğ köfte (steak tartar a la turca) are some of the most popular dishes that originate from Mardin. You can make your meal unforgettable by complementing these with perde pilavı (rice and chicken pie) and tandoor bread.

Çömce Restaurant

Çömce offers a meat-oriented menu with a view of the Tigris river. It is thought to be the best restaurant in Batman. The staff is friendly, the restaurant is clean, and they have a back yard that is arranged as playground for children.

Address: Diyarbakır Caddesi, 32


Petrol stands out among Batman’s restaurants with its food presentation. The impressive atmosphere almost creates a whole other world in Batman, and they serve all three meals. Prices are moderate and definitely worth it.

Address: T.P.A.O. Site

Diyarbakır Kadayıfçısı

Melted cheese between the hot kadayıf (shredded pastry) dissolves in your mouth and mixes with the flavor of the ground pistachios, creating a feast of flavor in your mouth. Diyarbakır Kadayıfçısı makes the best kunefe in the city, so do not miss it.

Address: Diyarbakır Caddesi, 249/B

Şirin Usta

The meat is prepared so well, you do not need any side dishes. With a central location, Şirin Usta is a simple restaurant where the staff is cute, as the name Şirin suggests.

Address: Siirt Çevre Yolu

Xalo Hayran

If you crave liver come here. The most popular liver spot in Batman, Xalo Hayran is very crowded after work hours and on Sundays. If you would like to have a quiet meal try to avoid these times.

Address: Yeni Mahalle, 1008 Sokak, 15

Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire Department: 110

Police: 155

Airport: (0488) 218 0444

Places to Visit

Batman is especially famous for the ancient city of Hasankeyf and most places to visit in Batman are there. Once a center of science and culture with its madrasas, Hasankeyf was mostly abandoned and lost its importance when transportation routes changed. With 12,000 years of history, you can find cave houses, inns and tombs build by people who sculpted nature.

If you are thinking about visiting Hasankeyf, do not delay your visit. According to a law that came in effect in 2016, this historical site will be flooded by a dam project.

The Hasankeyf Caves

The Hasankeyf caves have a very complex water system that played a role in the rise of many civilizations. They sheltered Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations. There are about 4,000 caves, and they remain intact.

Hasankeyf Yol Geçen Hanı

Yol geçen hanı (passerby’s inn) is a commonly used idiom in Turkish that indicates a place frequented by travelers, and it actually exists here. It is an enormous cave on the bank of the Tigris River. This natural cave is located beneath the monolithic Hasankeyf fortress, and it contains a water cistern as well as a secret passage to the fortress.

İmam Abdullah Zawiya

Located on the hill on the left side of the entrance to the Hasankeyf Bridge, İmam Abdullah Zawiya was built to commemorate İmam Abdullah who was martyred in 638 fighting against the Byzantines.

Yılmaz Güney Cinema

As the name suggests they screen dissident movies as well as selling hand made products by local women.

Address: Turgut Özal Bulvarı, 262


There is actually not much nightlife in Mardin. Locals prefer to visit each other’s homes in the evening and do not go to entertainment venues very often. There are a few folk bars in the city, which offer an authentic experience.

Abbara Türkü Bar

They play live music mostly from Mesopotamia. The prices are a bit high.

Address: Cumhuriyet Meydanı, 401

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