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Istanbul - Giresun Flight Tickets

You'll have a short journey with cheap flight tickets to Giresun that you've bought from Pegasus. And the destination of this journey will be Ordu-Giresun Airport, which has opened to service in May 2015 and is the first airport to be built on sea not only in Türkiye but in Europe. 

It's possible to reach the city center of Giresun by paid shuttle services from the airport which has been constructed between Gulyali district of Ordu and Piraziz district of Giresun. If you want to have a private car in Giresun, it's possible to rent a car from the offices at the airport.

Shopping in Giresun

Many places have been waiting for you to shop in Giresun. You can buy small and sweet gifts from the souvenir shops in the city center or you can stop by Kazancilar Carsisi, which is a famous spot in the city, and shop there.

The famous loin cloth or "pestemal" as it's called here is one of the things you can buy here. If you want to buy some foods and experience Giresun when you go back home too, nuts or nut products and cherries are among what you need to buy.

Acommodation in Giresun

You have many accommodation alternatives in Giresun where nature is quite generous about showing off its beauty. You can either accommodate in luxurious hotels in the city or wake up to days that are high in oxygen in a mountain house.

Here are Giresun's accommodation alternatives for a pleasant holiday:

Hotel New Jasmin

This hotel, of which top floor has a pool that makes the sea view even better, is one of the most preferred alternatives of the city. Serving traditional tastes in the best way, Hotel New Jasmin also offers a shuttle service to the airport.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari, 61, Giresun

Sedef Otel

This Giresun hotel, which will steal your heart with its cute design, will also become one of your favorites with its service.

Sultan Selim Mah., Saircan Sok., 3, Giresun 

Lonca Hotel

While the hotel serves you with the comfort of your home, its view that belongs to heaven will be a detail to make you have the perfect holiday.

Sultan Selim Mah., Kazancilar Sok., 12, Giresun

Damcilar Hotel

Damcilar Hotel, which is in the center of Giresun, provides good location, good service and spacious rooms for a good price.

Hacimiktat Mah., Fatih Cad., 17, Giresun 

Zifin Hotel

It's possible to wake up to the green nature and mountain view of Giresun in the hotel that is located in a huge mansion. The nostalgic design of Zifin Hotel adds a different atmosphere to the view.

Yavuz Kemal District, Kulakkaya Plateau, Giresun

Food and Drink in Giresun

A fish and vegetable based kitchen is dominant in Giresun, which is one of the most breautiful cities of the Black Sea Region. Dishes prepared with herbs that grow thanks to the heavy rain in the city have an important place in Giresun cuisine. Fish, which is one of the first things that come to mind when one says Black Sea, is a must-have on a table. Tastes you should definitely try in the city are:

  • Karalahana Sarmasi (Collard Green Rolls)
  • Hamsi Borek
  • Giresun Pide
  • Calicilegi (Blueberry) Soup
  • Isirgan (Stinging Nettle) Dish
  • Fried Salty Cherry

Here are the Giresun restaurants where you'll enjoy the city's tastes:

Yusuf’un Yeri

This fish restaurant that is located right at the foot of St. Jean Castle will amaze you with is view that brings blue and green together as well as serving a peerless meal.

Avukat Sukru Okan Cad., Kale Dibi, Giresun 

Soray Balik Lokantasi

This restaurant where you can eat delicious fish and taste local delicacies is one of the must-visit spots of Giresun.

Ayvasil Mevkii, 25/A, Giresun 

Kukul Pide Salonu

This restaurant where you can enjoy both delicious "pides" and Giresun view will serve you an unforgettable Karadeniz pide.

Ardurak Village, Sahil Yolu, Giresun

42 Kahvalti ve Cay Evi

It's a must to enjoy a glass of tea facing the sea in this place which will allow you to start a beautiful day with traditional Giresun breakfast.

Doganci Village, On The Road To Yilgin Region, Giresun

Corylus Cafe & Patisserie

In this cafe, of which design you'll love and which will help you satisfy your sweet craving in the most delicious way possible, you also have the chance to eat a meal.

Citlakkale Mah., Inonu Cad., 129 A/C, Giresun

Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 110

Police: 115

Ordu-Giresun Airport: +90 452 226 28 52

Place to Visit in Giresun

It's possible to have a holiday which touches nature and allows you to enjoy natural beauties in Giresun, which has been a settlement area for centuries. Giresun's attractions promise enjoyable days. The first thing on the list of must-do is climbing a plateau.


Giresun Castle

This castle which has been built by the Empire of Trebizond will lay the view of Giresun before your feet. Watching sunsent from the castle will bring you peace.

Ataturk Bulvari, Giresun

Bedrama Castle

This castler where you can watch the green-filled view of the city will help you touch both history and nature.

Bedrama, Giresun

Giresun Museum

This museum, where archeological findings are exhibited, may help you get a satisfying load of information about the history of Giresun. Moreover, the fact that the museum is located in an old church will take you to an interesting ambience.

Ataturk Bulvari, 62, Giresun

Giresun Island

Giresun Islan, which proves that Black Sea is a part of heaven, will provide you with the meeting and the great love of green and blue.

1,5 km away from Giresun 

Kuzalan Waterfall

Being one of the peaceful spots of Giresun, Kuzalan Waterfall impress you greatly.

Sebinkarahisar Road, Giresun


Nightlife is not that lively in Giresun but there are some cafes and bars where you can have a good time with your friends by listening to live Black Sea music on the shoreline of the city center.

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