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Flights to Dammam

Flights to Dammam

If you're planning a vacation on the Persian Gulf, take a look at the fares to Dammam on offer with Pegasus, and enjoy the impressive beaches this port city has to offer.

Dammam is a port city along the coast and is well know for being one of the most affluent regions in Saudi Arabia, with its large highways, skyscrapers and impressive modern architecture. As you come in to land in Dammam, you'll be greeted by a palm-lined city nestled in the Persian Gulf. With artificial islands and elaborate city planning, Dammam offers great coastal views, especially in spring.



Transport in Dammam

The city's public transport system is not particularly widespread, with no metro lines and limited bus links. It's easiest to get around Dammam by taxi; renting your own vehicle being another alternative. With its wide open highways, driving in the city is a real pleasure. You can also get around Dammam in small public minibus vehicles called ""Dubbabs"".

What to Eat in Dammam

  • Kabsa: This traditional dish of meat and rice is a favorite in the Gulf region. Kabsa can be made with chicken, lamb or camel and also uses a blend of spices. It's one of the first dishes to try in Dammam.
  • Falafel: These chickpea patties are a staple of Arab culture, and they're a great vegetarian option.
  • Margoog: A trip to Dammam offers the opportunity to discover the classic flavours of Arab cuisine. Margoog, prepared with lamb and vegetables, is one of the most popular dishes in the city.

Where to Eat in Dammam

  • Al Qadisiyah: You'll find a host of places to eat and drink in this district, including places where you can try local delicacies as well as global chains like McDonald's.
  • 28th Street is one of the city's most vibrant areas, with restaurants lining either side. You'll find the whole range of Dammam's cuisine here, including its famous kebabs.
  • Al Hamra: You'll find some of Dammam's most famous restaurants in this coastal area. There are plenty of seafood and Indian restaurants here, especially on the Khaleej Road side.

Places to Visit in Dammam

  • Dammam Sea Front: Dammam's sea from is full of charming green spaces, like King Abdullah Park, and it's a fantastic part of the city to explore.
  • Marjan Island: The artificial island of Marjan (""coral"" in English) is the perfect place for a stroll and a bite to eat in the open air of Dammam. There are also several beaches to enjoy on the island. Be sure not to miss this feat of human engineering while in Dammam.
  • Dolphin Village: There are many amusement parks in Dammam, with Dolphin Village being just one. Here you'll find dolphins playing on a backdrop of amazing sea views.
  • Othaim Mall: Dammam is a major centre of commerce and there are many malls to visit. Othaim Mall boasts a range of international brands and fast food restaurants, and with its ship-like architecture, it's just as interesting to look at from the outside.
  • Tarut Castle: Tarut Castle is located 40 km from Dammam city centre, and is considered one of the oldest settlements on the Arabian Peninsula. With a history dating back to 5000 BC, it's one of the most interesting places to visit around Dammam.

Dammam Important Telephone Numbers

Country code: +966

City Code: 3

Ambulance: 997

Police: 999

Fire: 998



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