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Best Flight Deals to Belgium


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Belgium can't wait to attract you with its beautiful, low architecture and narrow streets. The small cities are at an even smaller distance from each other, making it a perfect destination for people who like to see a lot in a short time. Brussels, Groningen, Liege, Brugge; they are like districts in a city called Belgium. Nonetheless, do not let it trick you – these cities are distinct from each other, yet each one of them is offering you different experiences and qualities. If you are a fan of small – do not hesitate to buy your flight tickets!


Brussels South Charleroi Airport is an important hub that welcomes flights from all major airports. It is possible to get direct flights from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport or Kütahya Airport to Brussels as well as connected flights. Belgium is a highly advanced country in terms of transportation modes that enable a comfortable trip for all visitors.

Transportation to/from Brussels South Charleroi Airport

The public transportation options from Brussels South Charleroi Airport to Brussels city centre are varied, including a shuttle bus, bus, and train.

In addition to this airport shuttle, a more private shuttle service called Door2Gate picks the passengers from their homes or hotel and leaves them at the airport. Further, it is possible to take the train operated by SNCB that reaches Charleroi Sud station. If you would like to know more details about the train operated by SNCB, you can click here; while more information about the bus line operated by TEC can be found here.

Public Transport

The most common inner-city public transport option in Belgium is the inner-city buses. The major cities in Belgium, including Brussels, Anvers, Gent, Bruges, and Leuven, have inner-city bus lines that link the city centre with suburban areas. Also, there are trams lines in cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Charleroi for faster transportation. The Brussels metro connects all destinations in the city, and the metro line is linked with tram and bus lines in Brussels as well.

Another option to travel in Belgium is to use taxi or rental car services. Taxis are available in almost all locations in Belgium and enable access to different areas in the city. A rental car is an ideal option for travellers who want to visit the other cities in Belgium without waiting for the scheduled public transport.

Is there a travel card for tourists in Belgium?

There is a special travel card for tourists in Brussels. Travellers can purchase a Brussels Card, which comes with 24, 48, or 72-hour options and can be used in all STIB buses. The Brussels Card also brings more advantages for tourists, such as free admission to 49 museums as well as discounted prices for different tourist attractions. More information about the Brussels Card for tourists can be found here.

Transportation Between Cities in Belgium

The railroad in Belgium is operated by SNCB, which covers almost all of the major cities in the country as well as international railroads. Travellers who flight to Brussels Airport can visit some of the nearby cities such as Bruge, Ghent, Antwerp and Utrecht. In addition to intercity trains, intercity buses are also commonly preferred by travellers. The buses go to small towns and villages in Belgium, linking even the farthest locations in the county to the major roads. Shared car services are also prefered for intercity transport in Belgium due to their affordable costs.

Where to Stay in Belgium?

Belgium hosts thousands of tourists and businesspeople every year. For this reason, accommodation opportunities in the country are various and abundant. From convenient hotels near the airports to the rental apartments in the city center, or to the luxury hotels, in many places, you can safely enjoy your Belgium tour. In Brussels, there are four famous districts that you may consider to accommodate: Grand Place district and the surrounding Old Town consists of amazing historical buildings. Ixelles (Elsene) district is located on the borders of the shopping center Avenue Louise; Saint Gilles districts stands out with its multicultural structure and art. On the other hand, the Europen Quarter (Leopold Quarter) region symbolizes the modern face of the city.

To book your accommodation in Belgium, take a look at the hotel reservation page.


Things to do in Belgium

Belgium is mostly popular with its lovely streets and delicious chocolate, but as this list will prove, there is much more to that country!

  • Brussels Grand Place: Grote Markt, a central square of Brussels and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most magnificent medieval squares in Europe, with a variety of shows performed there regularly. Let yourself indulge in the myriad of cafes and restaurants, trying the local cuisine and beverages. Its most famous buildings are the Town Hall, the King's House, and the Houses of the Grand Palace, each of them dating originally to as early as 12th century with the current constructions remembering as far as the 17th century. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to experience one of the many events regularly organized in that square.
  • Mini-Europe: Mini-Europe is a place where you can "visit the whole of Europe in a couple of hours" by participating in an animated tour of Europe, with its key monuments recreated in a scale of 1 to 25. This place is great to go to with kids but also for adults who enjoy the simplicity of sightseeing. It is very affordable to get inside, and you can easily spend a few hours there.
  • Brussels Chocolate Tasting Tour: Go there to taste the most famous and the tastiest chocolate in the world – the Belgian chocolate. This tour is a 2-hour walk featuring some of the best chocolate shops in the country. It is an unforgettable experience for all chocolate lovers and a great insight into the local culture for all the others.
  • Historic Centre of Brugge: Spend some time walking around the historical, commercial, and cultural heart of the country, wandering through the streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its gorgeous Gothic architecture will make you feel like a time-traveler.
  • Atomium: The Atomium, the most popular of Brussels' attractions, has a shape of the crystal of iron but is 165 billion times bigger. The structure is enormous, impressive, and it lets you see the city from the perfect height and the ideal angle, allowing you to appreciate the historical outlook of this Europe'. If you want, you can get some souvenirs at the local gift shop.
  • Gravensteen: That "only surviving castle of the count" is one of many castles in the region, yet there is something special about that particular one. It has an excellent audio tour, letting you feel the history of the place and experience it to the best of its potential.
  • Antwerp Bike Tours: You like sightseeing, and you also like biking? You cannot skip the opportunity to combine these two! The Antwerp Bike Tours will give you just that – an excellent overview and orientation of the city at the biking pace. These tours are group- and family-friendly. The trip has an affordable price and lasts between 2,5 and 3 hours, depending on the option picked.

We listed some useful side notes about Belgium for you right below.  

Things to Know Before Visiting Belgium

  • Belgium is a very safe city, with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • The local currency is Euro – there should be virtually no problem with buying it in your country of origin or already in Belgium.
  • There are three official languages: French, Dutch, and German, but the Belgians are usually familiar with English, and as such, the communication should be relatively easy.
  • It is convenient to get around – do not be afraid of planning to see a few cities in 2 or 3 days. It is doable!
  • Feel comfortable about traveling by train – it is not expensive, and it is very well structured and organized. The train should be your best friend if you want to sightsee Belgium properly!
  • Remember to check every place for u26/student discount; a lot of them offer them (some of them even offer a free entrance).
  • Don't forget to be prepared for a little bit of rain; an umbrella and a raincoat in your backpack won't hurt and can save you a lot of trouble (and some euros as well for that matter).

Essential Numbers

Country Phone Code: +32

Airport Phone: +32 2 753 77 53

Emergency Line: 112

Turkish Consulate: +32 3 820 71 00

Turkish Embassy: +32 2 548 93 40

Airports in Belgium

Pegasus uses the following airports for flights to Belgium:

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is located 12 kilometers northeast of Brussels. You can reach it by car, by taxi or by public transport; train (17 minutes to the Brussels city center, departing every ~10 minutes) or bus (a variety of the city buses and airport shuttles available at all times).

Car Rental in  Belgium

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Belgium for business or leisure.



Have flights to Belgium restarted?

Yes, our flights to Belgium restarted in July.

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