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BolPoints Detail
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What is BolBol?
What is BolBol?

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Travel Glossary

Travel Glossary

Service Passport

Service Passport

 What is a Service Passport (Grey Passport)? 

*Please note that the information on this page is intended for the use of citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

A service passport or grey passport is a type of passport issued to people who will work abroad for the state. It is very similar to the green passport issued to civil government officials. It can be given by special administrations and municipalities. National athletes also use these passports. In accordance with Passport Law No. 5682, it only covers the term of office. A grey passport allows visa-free entry to many countries. 

Which Turkish Citizens Can Get A Service Passport?

Persons who are sent abroad on behalf of the state but do not have a black (diplomatic) or green (private) passport are issued a service passport. 

  • Persons who have been officially sent abroad by the government, private administrations or municipalities,
  • Persons working as civil servants in international organizations of which the Republic of Turkey is a member,
  • Persons appointed by the Turkish Air Authority and the Turkish Red Crescent Society,
  • Service Stamped Passport is issued to the spouse, minor children, minor siblings, children who are underage and residing with their parents, not married, do not have a job, continue their education and who are under 25 years old.

Duration of the Service Passport

The duration of the service passport is arranged to cover the duration of the task. Those with grey passports cannot use this passport after their service.  The grey passport is usually issued for 5 years and includes a visa for the country to be deployed. After the task is completed, the passport is returned to the institution which it was issued by. And then, the institution delivers the passport to the civil registry. 

Necessary Documents for Service Passport for Turkish Citizens

The necessary documents this passport listed below. After completing these documents, they will be able to obtain their passports.

  • Service passport request form
  • ID card (You can keep a photocopy with you.)
  • Your previous passports
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Passport book price receipt
  • Consent for minors or persons with disabilities
  • Certificate of study for students
  • Health board report

How Many Days Does a Service Passport Take?

The grey passport takes between 3 to 5 days. 

Can you Make a Touristic Tour with a Service Passport?

A service passport is a type of passport that covers only the duration of its duties. You cannot travel with it abroad for touristic purposes. In such cases, both you and the institution issuing the passport will be under suspicion.

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