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Baby Passport

baby passport

What Is a Baby Passport (Child Passport)?

A baby passport is a travel document used for foreign journeys requiring a passport, even if one day has passed since birth. This type of passport, also called a child passport, is no different from an adult passport.

Where and How to Get a Baby Passport?

You can get a baby passport by applying to the civil registry of the province or district where you live. However, you must make an appointment online first.

Making an Appointment

To get a baby passport or a child passport, you first need to choose the passport application option by going to the related web page of your country. Then, you should choose the type of passport you want to get for your child and fill out the application form. Then you should select the district civil registry where you will apply and the date and time that suits you. This way, you can make your application appointment. German, Italian or British, the application requirements are different for citizens of each country. For countries like the UK, you can directly fill out the application form and submit it to a post office

Paying The Duty Fee

In our "Passport Fee for Babies 2023" chart, you can find the required payment amount suitable for the period of time you will receive a passport.You can pay your payment to the tax office directorates, post offices, and contracted banks before going to the application center. You can also pay via the Tax Administration's website belonging to your country. After that, you can complete your application by going to the provincial or district civil registry, where you apply on the appointment date with the documents mentioned below.

Necessary Documents for a Baby Passport

After making an online appointment, you can go to the passport appointment by preparing the necessary documents which are generally the below for countries such as UK, Italy, France and Germany:

  • The baby's two biometric photos taken in the last six months (in accordance with ICAO standards)
  • The mother's identity card or temporary identity document
  • The father's identity card or temporary identity document
  • The baby's identity card or temporary identity document
  • Paying the passport book fee and paying the duty fee before the application (Payment information is displayed on the system, no voucher/receipt is requested during the application.)
  • The baby's old passport (if there is one)

Passport Fee for Babies 2023

Baby passport fees increase as the child gets older. For example, duty fees and book costs are generally lower for children under three than they are for children over three. Depending on the baby's nationality, different fees apply. You can check your own country’s duty fees and book prices on the official websites. For reference: UK, Ireland

Why Is a Baby Passport Needed?

With an e-ID card, there is no need to have a passport for the countries that can be visited without a passport. However, to enter the countries that require a passport, babies also need one. Babies who could use their mother's or father's passports in the old regulation now have to have their own to travel.

How Many Days Does the Baby Passport Come Out?

The process may differ according to the countries where the baby’s passport is produced. If you need a passport for your baby urgently, you can generally request a one-week Fast Track option. If you require a passport for your baby to travel quickly for medical care, because a friend or family member is very ill or has passed away, or for an urgent government matter, often within a week of your appointment, your new passport is delivered to your house. You can generally follow up on your application via your country’s civil registry’s website.

What You Need to Know About the Baby Passport

  • Parents must be present at the passport application.
  • If one of the parents cannot come, a notarized consent document is required. (It is the permission given by the legal representatives of the underage and restricted people in passport applications. If legal representatives are present at the application, their consent may be obtained by the application center.)
  • If the mother and father are divorced, the consent of the person who has custody is considered sufficient.
  • If the court has determined an interim decision on custody, an application is made by the parent to whom temporary custody is granted. If the court has not made an interim decision on custody, the parents must apply together.
  • During the child passport application, you must also take your child to the application centers.
  • If the parent is a foreign national, they must submit a consent issued by a notary.
  • If one of the parents has been convicted, the other parent applies for the passport. It is necessary to bring a letter stating the status of the convicted parent from the prison prosecutor's office.
  • If they are under 25 and a student, a student passport can be obtained with the "Student Certificate." (If the student status has been confirmed in the system during the application, there is no need to bring this document.) For the Student Passport, you can get detailed information from our article, "What is a Duty-Free Student Passport and Where to Get It?".

The right of children to use special passports such as green passports and gray passports remains valid between the ages of 0-25 but expires in the case of marriage.

How Can I Renew My Baby's Passport?

While no first-time passport applications are acknowledged by mail, you can renew your baby's passport online or by post. The baby's first passport application must be made in person by the baby's parents or legal guardians. However, when baby passports are renewed, this is not the case. You only need to prepare the required documents and complete the steps outlined below to renew your baby's passport.

  • Your baby's previous passport,
  • Any current passports from any other countries your baby may possess,
  • Any court orders pertaining to the baby,
  • Images of the baby or children under 18, either printed or digital.

After you've filed the application, if your child is under 12, someone else needs to verify your and their identity. This entails having your application countersigned. In order to do this, you must provide proof that you are the baby's or child's parent or guardian, together with identification from a person eligible for the task. This person cannot be in a personal connection with you and must have known you for at least two years.

What You Should Know About Renewing a Baby's Passport

  • A child passport renewal application can be submitted online or by mail.
  • Before they may travel, you must renew your child's passport if it has become invalid.
  • Travel arrangements should only be made once you have a valid passport, as the new one will have a different passport number than the previous one.
  • You cannot renew your child's passport if their name or any other personal information has changed. Instead, you must submit a new passport application.
  • Passport renewal for children can be done before the expiration date.
  • Depending on the nation they are going to, your child's passport needs a certain amount of time left on it. Look up the destination country's admission criteria.
  • The amount of time remaining on your child's previous passport will not be transferred to their new one.
  • Your child can still use their passport if it has not expired, regardless of its color or whether it says "European Union" on the cover.

Information Needed During a Plane Ride with a Child

You have completed the passport process. However, traveling with a baby has its challenges. You can get support from the articles we have prepared before so that you can have a comfortable and safe trip with your child:

  • You may prefer daytime time when traveling with babies. Babies may be tired and moody during the evening hours.
  • You can choose draped and cotton clothes that will not make your baby feel bored or overheated during the flight.
  • When traveling with a baby, you can choose seats near the toilet during check-in.
  • If you are traveling with a baby on an airplane, your baby may get cranky, especially during takeoff and landing. This is because the changing air pressure makes babies' ears uncomfortable. What you can do at this point is bottle feed your baby. The baby's sucking movement can help relieve congestion by reducing the pressure in the ears.
  • If you need to heat baby food, you can get support from the cabin crew on this issue. It will be enough to call the relevant host or hostess and ask for it.
  • The baby carriage is not allowed in the aircraft. You have to fold the baby carriages and hand them over to the attendants as registered baggage delivery.
  • If you are going to travel by plane alone with your baby, it is a good idea to use a kangaroo to carry your baby.

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