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Montenegro welcomes visitors with its hilarious mountains, glacier lakes, pearly blue seawater, Medieval reminiscents and Ottoman-Balkan traditions. You can have cheap flights to Podgorica from Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines.

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Capital of Montenegro:


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13.812 km² (5.332 sq mi)

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Euro (EUR)

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Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro. ¨Podgoritsa¨, as locals call it, is the largest and the most populated economic hub in the country.

Official Language and Popular Phrases

The official language is Montenegrin, having roots in the Serbian-Croatian language family. Here are some basic phrases in Montenegrin.

❖ Hvala - Thank you / Molim - Please.

❖ Izvinite - Excuse me.

❖ Dobar dan! - Good morning!

❖ Dovidenia! - Goodbye!

❖ Mogu da dobim …? - Can I get …?

❖ Kolika je kosta? - How much does it cost?


Situated in Western Balkans, Montenegro is a part of Southeast Europe. Geographically, the country is bordered by Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, Croatia to the southwest and Bosnia-Herzegovina to the northwest. The Adriatic Sea coast to the south covers 293.5 km. Podgorica and Tivat are two cities which have air connections for travellers. Bar, Budva, Kotor and Niksic remain relatively popular spots.


The population is 619.211 people, according to the 2021 census. 45% of this figure is Montenegrin, and 28.7% is Serbian, with the remaining people representing different Balkan nationalities.

Local Time

Montenegro stands in the Central European Time zone, standing an hour ahead of Greenwich time. CEST summertime makes a difference of 2 hours.


Euro is accepted as the official currency in Montenegro.


Montenegro depicts Mediterranean climatic features on the coast and continental climatic features on the inlands. The average temperature is estimated to be 9.5 degrees in January, the coldest month, increasing to 25.2 degrees Celsius to the hottest in August. Cold transitions are partially seen in winter though snow is not usual except in the mountainous regions bordering Serbia. Bora winds are common on sheltered ports and coasts.

Landscape and Vegetation

Hilarious mountains descending steeply towards the Adriatic Sea form the overall landscape. The largest karst region is elevated over 1000 meters, yet the Durmitor Mountains are about 2000 meters high. Durmitor, Lovcen, Lake Skadar and Prokletije National Parks reflect the biodiversity of both Mediterranean and Alpine regions.

Government Type

The governing body of Montenegro is based on unitary parliamentary democracy with independent legislative, executive and judicial branches. The President is the head of execution. Montenegro has been a candidate for EU accession since 2010.

Economic Resources

The economic system of Montenegro depends on a combination of service and market economy though the former makes up almost 70% of GDP. Tourism is the basic resource as a trending market for foreign investments. Agriculture makes up 10% of the GDP, and industry covers 17% of livelihood.

Transportation in Montenegro

The best route to reach Montenegro is to have a direct flight either to Podgorica International Airport or Tivat Airport. You can check flights to Podgorica from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport with the best prices of Pegasus Airlines. Cheap flights to Montenegro will transfer you to popular places to visit. You can get to the capital by L-20 bus or a short drive from the airport. You can also rent a car if you have a valid driving license.

As a safe and comfortable transport alternative, intercity buses take passengers to any city and town. There are more frequent schedules for the coastal zone than inland areas. Another option is to use railway providers which have an older but still reliable infrastructure. Herceg-Novi, Bar, Kotor, Budva, Bielo-Pole, Kolasin, Niksic and Mojkovic are accessible from Podgorica both by bus and railway. Public transport is available by bus in the capital and touristic cities on the coast.

Accommodation in Montenegro

You can find both luxury hotels, guesthouses and B&B accommodations in Montenegro. Travellers may easily find cheap accommodation in Novi Grad and around the Christ’s Resurrection Cathedral in the capital. Chain hotels beside the Adriatic offer lower prices than the majority of South European destinations.

Traditional Dishes in Montenegro

Montenegrin dishes are based on typical Balkan recipes full of dough, lamb meat and dairy products. You can find seafood flavours when you go towards the coast. Fill your appetite with tasty homemade cuisine in medium-scale restaurants. Don’t leave before tasting these popular dishes in Montenegro:

  • Kacamak with kaymak: This slowly cooked food is prepared with corn flour and potatoes. You should taste it with Montenegrin cheese and milk fat called ¨kaymak¨.
  • Cevapi: This meatball-shaped cuisine is made of skewered lamb or chicken grilled with onions, peppers and spices.
  • Njeguski steak: This food includes Njegusi prosciutto, dry-cured ham in schnitzel form. It is rolled in bread flavoured with cheese and kaymak before frying.
  • Buzara: Garlic-flavored prawn and shrimp filling.
  • Crni Rizot: This black risotto takes its colour from the gently cooked squid or cuttlefish ink.
  • Palacinke: Balkan-style pancakes are filled with either chocolate, jam or nuts.

Places to Visit in Montenegro

There is a long list of places to visit in Montenegro if you are eager to explore inland mountains and the seacoast. Take a glance at our Montenegro travel routes below:

  • Lake Skadar: Drive on Rijeka Crnojevica road to see Albanian Alps and Pavlova Strabna, where the Skadar river bends. Being the largest lake in the Balkans, it is the best for bird watching and boat trips.
  • Durmitor National Park: A day hike and trekking tours will reach you to Alpine-like farming villages.
  • Kotor: Bay of Kotor, the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, will inspire you with its Medieval atmosphere. This former Venetian port is better explored by climbing Kotor Ladder. You can watch the city panorama from St John’s fortress.
  • Sveti Stefan: Take a tour to see the islet and visit Saint Sava Church.
  • Budva: Walk along Budva city walls, sunbathe on Mogren Beach and go to Biogradska Gora rainforest to see the magnificent landscape beyond.
  • Lovcen: Visit Lovcen National Park to reach the black peak, which gives its name to the country.
  • Podgorica: Walk around Independence Square, visit the Old Clock Tower from the Ottoman era, and have a train journey to Bar for a ride on Lake Skadar.
  • Cetinje: Visit the former capital to see the Seat of the President and Centinje Monastery.

Things to Know Before Visiting Montenegro

Note down these tips for your Montenegro visit:

  • Cash and credit card payments are common in practice. Keep some Euros with you for local shopping.
  • Bring your umbrella, water-resilient sneakers and a raincoat, even in summer. You may not know when the rain starts.
  • It is not easy to remember Montenegrin words at once, but Serbian, Croatian and even Bosnian words will help you to express your need to the locals.

Emergency Numbers in Montenegro


Fire Brigade: 123

Ambulance: 124

International Phone Code of Montenegro: 382

Holidays in Montenegro

Public holidays in Montenegro show a combination of religious celebrations, independence day and international dates. January, April, May and July have the majority of bank holidays. Sovereignty Day on July 13th and 14th, Labor Day on May 1st and 2nd, and Independence Day celebrated on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May, were announced as public holidays.

Festivals in Montenegro

You can always match your Montenegro visit to an artistic event and a festival. Every city hosts music, folkloric, or theatrical events, especially in spring and summer. Book your flight to Montenegro to attend forthcoming festivals.

  • International Folklore, Choir and Modern Festival in Budva, Bar and Petrovac on 26-30 August
  • International Folklore, Choir and Modern Festival ¨Bar 2023¨ on 11-15 July and 21-25 August
  • International Budva Fest on 17-21 September
  • Sea Dance Festival in Budva on 18-20 August
  • Kotor St. Tripun’s Day on 3 February

Visa Requirements to Visit Montenegro

Montenegro is not a Schengen area. Visa requirements to Montenegro depend on the passport type. All Turkish passport holders are free to travel. You need to ensure whether the type of passport you hold requires a visa from official authorities and apply for one if necessary.


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