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Airport of departure: Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW)
Airport of arrival: Podgorica International Airport (TGD)
Flight time from Istanbul to Krakow: 1 hour 55 minutes

Podgorica, the lively and tourist-friendly capital of Montenegro, welcomes visitors year-round. You can travel to Montenegro via cheap flights to Podgorica from Turkey. Podgorica flights depart from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. For affordable Podgorica flight tickets, see Pegasus offers.


Montenegro fascinates excursionists with pastoral landscapes on its beautiful mountains, blue-green Dalmatian coasts, and lively culture. Podgorica, the largest city and the capital, becomes the first contact hub for international travelers via its modern airport. This city is located in the western part of the Balkans, with a tight connection to Central Europe and Turkey; it is easily accessible at affordable prices. Pegasus Airlines pioneers cheap Podgorica flight tickets via its comfortable and safe plane fleet. Direct and connecting flights from Istanbul land at Podgorica International Airport in Montenegro. You can fly to Podgorica directly from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

If you start your journey from popular Anatolian cities and resorts, connecting flights to Montenegro from Antalya, Ankara, and Izmir will also lead you to Podgorica at the best prices. Passengers may also travel to neighboring capitals and destinations like Belgrade in Serbia, and Tiran in Albania via flights by Pegasus. If you search how to find low-cost flights from Podgorica to Istanbul, it is better to buy return tickets via Pegasus offers to save budget. You can find cheap connecting tickets to Moscow or Baku and Dubai from Podgorica through Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Podgorica Airport TGD

Podgorica International Airport (TGD), pronounced as "Aerodrom Podgoritsa" in the official language, stands 11 km south of the city center. It is the largest air hub in Montenegro. Both international and domestic air routes are operated from this airport. The hub is also called Golubovci Airport, referring to the town where it is located. The air hub has performed its operations since 1961. The new terminal building serves the needs of arriving and departing passengers with modern facilities and free wifi.

Airport transfer is only available by bus, taxi, and car. There is no stable public transport to the airport except the L-20 bus line. Drivers use the Podgorica-Bar expressway (E65-E80) to reach the capital and Bar port. Podgorica takes a15 minute-drive from the airport. If you take a taxi, we recommend you to bargain for a good price.

Accommodation in Podgorica

Podgorica is encompassed with various accommodation types ranging between luxury hotel chains, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfast style apartments. Recommended areas for tourists in Podgorica are in a circle around the Old Town. You can also find highly preferred hotels in Novigrad, the recently built part of the city, and around Christ's Resurrection Cathedral. Cheap accommodation is also available around university buildings. Hostels and shared apartments especially offer low prices for long stays. To get very affordable prices at Podgorica accommodation facilities, visit Pegasus hotel and Airbnb reservation pages.

Things to Know Before Going to Podgorica

Before flying to Podgorica, knowing a few important points is beneficial. First, check whether your nationality is visa exempted by glancing at Pegasus Montenegro Visa Guide. In Podgorica, you can make payments by cash and credit card. The official currency of Montenegro is Euro, so you can make any payment by Euro if you prefer using cash. Podgorica uses Montenegro's local time, which stands for Central European Time, and CEST in the summer. CET is UTC +01:00.

Podgorica flights will also lead you to famous resorts and historical landmarks around Bar, Kotor, and Budva in the country. You can check these must-see places in our Montenegro Travel Guide.

Important Phone Numbers

For emergencies, you can dial these numbers:

Ambulance: 124


Fire Brigade: 123

Podgorica Bus station. +382 (20) 620 430

Podgorica Airport: +382 (20) 444 240 and +382 (20) 444 242

International Phone Code of Montenegro: 382

Things to Do in Podgorica

Podgorica demonstrates splendid scenes in its culturally preserved streets while growing to a large economic hub. Here are our top sightseeing points:

  • Old Ribnica River Bridge: Go along this Roman bridge. Wander around the Park Forest Gorica to see the landscape.
  • Old Clock Tower: A reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire, this tower reflects the delicately built landmark of Islamic architecture and thought.
  • Moraca River: Walk over the Moraca River towards Njegosev Park to see the true colors of Montenegro, changing in each season. The park has a path to watch the unity of three rivers going through Podgorica city center.
  • Independence Square: Take a sightseeing break at Independence Square, the crowdest spot in the city, to feel the daily rhythm. You can have your lunch and dinner at any restaurant in the square as well as Vucedolska Street, the home of local and internationally branded shops.
  • Waterfall Niagara (Vodopad Nijagara): Take a short journey outside the capital to reach the Niagara-like waterfall chains. The largest waterfall cascades over a dam to unite smaller branches formed by limestone erosion on the land. Do not miss the chance to take beautiful shots in front of the fall before continuing your way to beautiful farmlands and vineyards, with the most popular being the 13 Jul Plantaze Vineyard.
  • Lake Skadar: The most popular geographical landmark in the country is Lake Skadar, also known as the largest freshwater lake in Southern Europe. You will need a 30-minute drive to reach the dolphin-shaped lake and its natural reservoir.
  • Dajbabe Monastery: Visit the 19th-century work in Dajabe Monastery and its hidden Orthodox Church with beautiful frescoes and spiritual tranquility. Do not forget to walk through the fascinating monastery gardens filled with olive and cypress trees.

For more recommended sites around, see our Podgorica Travel Guide.


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