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Popular Flights to Kosovo

Car Rental in Kosovo

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Kosovo for business or leisure.


Top things to do in Kosovo

  • Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, and while not often a feature on the tourist trail, it offers a range of delights waiting to be explored. So get those walking shoes on and see the city from the streets.
  • The National Library in Pristina is well worth a visit if you’re into books and reading; a stunning location and books for days mean you’ll definitely be kept busy.
  • Kalaja Fortress is the perfect day trip for history enthusiasts. This medieval fortress is well-preserved and is a fascinating site to visit.
  • There are several historic monasteries around Kosovo that provide ideal locations for day trips when visiting the country. Not only will you see more of this beautiful nation, you can learn about its history too.

Where to Stay in Kosovo?

Before deciding where to stay, you can visit our Kosovo travel guide to discover the historical, cultural and natural beauties that await you in Kosovo. Then start planning your trip by reserving the hotel.


Airports in Kosovo

  • Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (PRN) is located 15 km outside Pristina and offers flights to numerous other destinations in Europe. Leave plenty of time for your journey to the airport to ensure you don’t have any last minute mishaps, but as the main airport in Kosovo, it is generally well-connected.



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