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Visa Information

Visa Information


NOTE: Please visit our page for information on flight restrictions and flight dates due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Israel?

In general nationals of all foreign countries shall apply for entry visas in order to travel to Israel whereas some countries are exempted of visa requirements. Make sure to check out online whether you need an entry visa to visit Israel before contacting the authorized diplomatic mission.

Israel Visa Types

Israel visa types are broadly categorized as immigration visa, A/1 temporary resident visa, A/2 student visa, A/3 clergy visa, A/4 visa for spouses and children, B/1 work visa, working holiday visa, B/2 visitor’s visa and US investor visa. Single or multiple-entry visas distinguish the term of stay of its holder.

Type C (Short-term Stay) Visa

Short-term visa is issued for predetermined periods in line with the applicant’s request for stays that are not exceeding 90 days.

Israel Tourist Visa

Israel B/2 visitor visa is issued to foreigners who would like to travel to the country for tourism and entertainment related purposes. It grants the traveler to stay in Israel for up to three months. Tourist visa can be obtained from the diplomatic missions authorized in applicant’s country of residence.

Israel Visa for Business and Fair Visits

B/2 visitor visa is granted to foreign nationals who wish to enter the country for business reasons. Travelers can stay in Israel for only up to three months.  Chinese citizens are eligible to get a multiple entry B/2 visa with Chinese passports visa for stays not exceeding 90 days in line with the bilateral agreement made between China and Israel. The visa is valid for up to ten years.

Israel Visa for Visit to Family, Relatives and Friends

Travels to Israel by third country nationals with the intention of visiting family, relatives or friends fall under the B/2 visitor visa category which enables the holder to visit the country upon submission of a valid invitation.

Israel Visa for Cultural, Sports Activities and Participation to Conferences

Travelers from third countries who would like to visit Israel to participate cultural or sports related events can apply for B/2 visitor visa as well.  Clergymen who wish to take part in clerical activities within their religious communities shall obtain A/3 clergy visa which can be authorized solely by the Ministry of Interior.

Israel Visa for Short-term Education and Traineeship

Foreign nationals who would like to visit Israel for short-term education or training purposes can also apply for B/2 visitor visa. Visitor visa permits the holder to stay in Israel for up to three months. Those who would like to travel to Israel for extended periods should obtain A/2 student visa.

Type D (Long-term Stay) Visa

Long-term visa grants its holder the right to enter to Israel for periods extending 90 days.

Foreigner students who wish to study in Israel education institutions shall obtain A/2 student visa. The visa is granted for maximum one year with multiple entry possibility. Students who are under the legal age need written consent from their legal guardians. Admission certificate to the Israeli education institution is among the key requirements to get A/2 student visa.

Law of Return 5710-1950 governs the right of Jewish people who would like to immigrate to Israel. A/1 temporary resident visa is granted to those who is considered eligible for immigration upon fulfillment of an examination by the Jewish Agency.

On the other hand, A/4 visa is given to the spouse or minor children of foreigners who have A/2 student visa or A/3 clergy visa.

Third country nationals who wish to stay in Israel for work purposes in a given period are required to apply for B/1 work visa. Experts, artists or scholars can obtain a work visa if it will be approved by the Ministry of Interior.Foreigners who would like to extend his/her stay in Israel must apply for a residence permit, before the expiry date of the period indicated in their visa, from the authorized bodies.

Israel Transit Visa

Israel does not grant transit visa, thus a visa is not necessary for transit through Israeli territory.  The traveler must have a travel document or passport that is valid for minimum six months after the travel dates, travel tickets and a visa if necessary for the next destination.

General Requirements to Apply for Israel Visa

Tourist visa requirements for Israel are explained in detail below. Please be aware of the fact that the required documents may differ depending on the term and purpose of your stay, hence the category of your visa. The Consulate always reserves its right to ask for additional documents.

Israel Visa Applications

  1. A passport or travel document with at minimum two blank pages, valid for at least six months and for at least 90 days after the end of travel. Copy of the first page including personal data and previous visas if obtained.
  2. Completed and signed visa application form along with two biometric photo that is not older than 6 months.
  3. Passport copy and personal photo requirements for the e-visa applications should be in line with the guidelines provided online.
  4. Proof of travel with confirmed both-way tickets.
  5. Bank account details proving that the passenger can sufficiently fund his/her travel.
  6. It is important that the applicant does not pose any threat to the public health, security, morals, or the national economy. Hence, the applicant should not be accused or convicted of a crime.
  7. Evidence of occupation in the form of certified documents through employer letter, student certificate, document of registration or demonstration of pension funds.
  8. Accommodation details through an invitation letter or proof of your hotel reservation throughout your stay.
  9. Documentation of travel health insurance.

There are specific documents to enclose your application depending on your employment status.


  • Employment contract (original certificate of employment indicating the position in the company and the salary)
  • Bank account statement of the past 6 months
  • Approval letter of leave from employer
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)


  • Proof of business license (company registration)
  • Company’s bank account statement of the past 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)


  • Documentation of University enrollment
  • No-objection certificate from school management


  • Pension statement documenting the past 6 months


  • Proof of financial resources is nevertheless required
  • If the person is not able to finance his/her own expenses, proof of a sponsor is mandatory.

What is Visa Sponsorship for Israel?

Students or unemployed/retired people who are not in a position to cover their own travel expenses will need to demonstrate support from a sponsor who will borne the full costs. The sponsor is entitled to certain requirements. Hence, only first grade relatives can fulfill this position. You can check our website for all the relevant details.

Israel Visa Rules

  • Egyptian nationals are not asked an entry visa for stays up to 14 days if they are not passing through Taba and they can visit up to Beersheba.
  • Palestinian Authority passport holders can get their visa on arrival to reach the Palestinian territories.
  • Travelers who hold a confirmation authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Interior can also get a visa on arrival but it does not apply to the nationals of Jordan.
  • Passport stamps of Israel may cause problems for entry to certain countries due to boycott applied by the Arab League countries. However, passport stamps have been replaced by an electronic gate pass.
  • Please keep in mind that the entry requirements may change based on decisions of the authorities and it is strongly advised to have solid information from the local diplomatic missions in your country of residence prior to your departure.

Israel Visa Requirements

In addition to above mentioned application documents, general requirements include:

Israel Visa requirements for Non-Europeans

Foreigners can schedule their trips to Israel upon fulfilling the above mentioned criterias to obtain an entry visa that complies with the nature of their visit. You should check the list to see if you need an entry visa to visit Israel. Citizens of some non-European countries such as Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are asked a formal confirmation by the Foreign Ministry of Israel before obtaining a tourist visa.

Israel Visa for European countries

Citizens of the EU member states are not asked for entry visas and they can travel along with valid passports unless it is stated otherwise.

Israel Visa requirement for US, UK, and Canadian citizens

UK, Canadian and US citizens are exempted from visa requirements to travel to Israel for stays up to three months. A passport that is valid for at least six months after the travel date and a declaration of minimum 50.000 Israeli shekels when you are travelling by air is requested.

Israel Visa Fees

The visa fees vary depending on the type of required visa as listed online. Israel visa fee comprises of the processing costs and is non-refundable which means that the rejection of your application will not be reimbursed.

B/2 Visitor Visa 26€
B/1 Work Visa 45€
A/3 Clergy Visa 45€
A/2 Student Visa 45€


NOTE: This article was prepared in March 2020. Please check up-to-date information published by official sources.


Frequently Asked Questions

WARNING: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visa applications for your destination country may not have started yet. Please consult the relevant official authorities for up-to-date information.


Israel is located in the Middle East and is neighbours with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, West Bank, Gaza Strip and Egypt. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the most visited cities in Israel.

Israel Visa

Israel Visa Guide will provide you with in-depth information on the country’s visa rules and regulations. You can learn about country-specific visa requirements along with the necessary documents depending on your nationality of origin. Do not forget to buy your “Israel Flight Ticket” to start your preparations.



How to buy cheap Israel flight ticket?

To buy the cheapest flight ticket to Israel, you can book your flight ticket in advance, ideally two or three months prior to your flight. You can also follow our campaigns and sales regarding cheap flight tickets to Israel. In addition to these two, flight tickets during weekdays are almost always cheaper than flight tickets that are scheduled on weekends.

Why I should visit Israel?

Israel is one of the most diverse destinations in the world to visit with its impressive architectural texture to well-preserved nature, modern cosmopolitan cities to ancient temples. It is a joy to discover Israel and get lost in its unique atmosphere.

What is the ideal time to visit Israel?

Israel has a warm Mediterranean climate in its northern part including Tel Aviv or Haifa, a semi-desert climate in its southern parts such as Beersheba or Negev. In almost every part of Israel have very hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters. Tourists usually choose to visit the country during transitional seasons to avoid excessive heat during summers even they are in Israel to enjoy its famous Mediterranean shores.

Do I need a visa to visit Israel?

While Israel does not mandate a visa for Schengen Area members and many other nationalities, some countries are subject to require a confirmation from the Israeli Foreign Ministry before their application. You can click here to check if your nationality is eligible for visa-free entry to Israel and learn about required documents regarding your nationality.

What time zone does Israel use?

Israel has only 1 time zone. The country follows the Greenwich Mean Time GMT +2.

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