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Flights to Tel Aviv

Flights to Tel Aviv

Being the second biggest city if Israel and one of the important cities of Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is city where 1/3 of the country's population lives.

The city that is known for its Mediterranean climate and long beaches, also has the trait of having the second biggest economy of the Middle East. Tel Aviv which is called "the Mediterranean city that never sleeps" due to organizations and its nightlife is also a global city that brings Eastern and Western cultures together. In order to live the excitement of the city that will be carved into your memories with its liveliness, it's more than enough to buy tickets for cheap flights to Tel Aviv. The young and dynamic Tel Aviv, which was fouded in 1909, right outside of Yafta, which is a coastal town, has been separated from Yafta thanks to its quick development. The management of Tel Aviv, which is also known as the 'White City' is connected to the same municipality with Yafta. The months you can visit the city which offers both global and local experiences are April and October.




You can see the city location on the map.

Istanbul - Tel Aviv Flight Tickets

You need to take a 2 hour and 10 minutes long journey to reach Tel Aviv. Ben Gurdion International Airport, which will be the first place you'll step in Tel Aviv, is located 20 km away from the city center. Trains are used for transportation from the airport to the city center. You can reach the center of Tel Aviv after a 20 minute journey. Other options you can use for transportation are taxi and rental cars.

Delicious tastes are waiting for you in the kitchen of Tel Aviv, which can be described as a combination of Meditarrenean and Middle Eastern cuisines. It's also possible to find outstanding tastes from all around the world in the city. Delicious tastes are served by the kitchens where seafoods and tropical fruits are used quite frequently.



This place, which serves Israel cuisine in a simple and cute restaurant, will help you have foods you won't be able to forget thanks to its authentic delicacies.

Ben Yehuda, 94, Tel Aviv


Michas Humus

This restaurant, which serves the Middle Eastern cuisine's delicacies in the most delicious way in Tel Aviv, will make you feel at home.

Ben Yehuda Str., 191, Tel Aviv



Bakala, where you can have seafood, also offers the cheer of Meditarrenean. The music played in the restaurant will add up to your joy.

Dizengoff, 143, Tel Aviv



This restaurant that serves Italian cuisine for vegans offers amazing dishes. There are also delicious home-made ice-creams in this place. If you have the chance, you should definitely try.

Nahalat Binyamin, 11, Tel Aviv


Pancho Bar y Grill

This place, which will become a must-visit in Tel Aviv for those who like chili, brings the most favourite tastes of the Mexican cuisine to you in a small bar.

Tchernichofski, 1, Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel Aviv

You won't have a hard time to find shopping spots in Tel Aviv. Apart from the shopping centers in the city center, it's also possible to find many stores that sell interesting objects in the city center. 

Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv

You can be sure that you'll find something suitable to your taste in this shop where you can find extraordinary gifts and books.

77 Dizengoff st.
Tel Aviv, 6433249

Jaffa Flea Market

Stalls in this open market, where you can find local items, are filled with interesting objects. You can also buy some clothing for very affordable prices from the market.

Yefet Street, Tel Aviv 

Irit Goldberg

You can buy stylish glass items to use at home from this cute spot that looks like tiny shops where famous pots of Avanos are sold.

Shimon Ha Bursekai Street, 2, Tel Aviv 

Linda Friedrich Jewelry

This tiny shop where stylish and special designer jewelleries are sold also fascinates its guests with its historical ambience.

Retsif Ha-aliya Hashnia, 3, Tel Aviv 

Carmel Market

In this open market in Tel Aviv, you can buy spices that will add flavour to your foods and that are used very frequently in the Middle Eastern cuisine, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Allenby, George and Sheinkin Streets, Tel Aviv

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

Worldwide known hotels, apartments, hostels... You have many alternatives to accommodate in Tel Aviv. Since the economy of the city is developed, accommodation prices are also above the average but it won't too be hard to find alternatives for all kinds of budgets.


Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel

The facilities offered by this luxurious hotel, which is loctaed in a spot where you can watch the city view, and its indoor pool filled with sea water can be some of the main reasons to choose it.

Independence Park, Tel Aviv


Royal Beach Hotel Exclusive Collection

The excellent service of the hotel, which will allow you to wake up to a view of the sea, and the indoor pool located on the top floor are among the most convincing reasons to use your choice in favour of this hotel.

Hayarkon, 19, Tel Aviv


Leonardo Basel Tel Aviv

In this hotel, which serves the favourite tastes of the Meditarrenean and Israeli cuisine, you also have the chance to call more than 60 countries for free.

Hayarkon, 156, Tel Aviv


TLV 88 Boutique Sea Hotel

This boutique hotel is ideal for those who don't want to stay away from the beautiful scenery of the city but look for an affordable alternative. You can watch the sunset and sunrise from the terrace of the hotel and find peace.

Hayarkon Street, 88, Tel Aviv


Shenkin Vilmar Apartments

This apartment located in a quite central location will fascinate you with its simple design. It's a good idea to make reservations for this affordable option months ahead.

Shenkin Str., 10, Tel Aviv


Places to Visit in Tel Aviv

There is a nightlife that offers explanation to the phrase "The Meditarrenean city that never sleeps" which is how Tel Aviv is known. Parties that continue until the first lights of the day and many exciting locations are waiting for you in Tel Aviv.


Valium Night Club

This night club that is known for its wide dancefloor and hosting famous DJs, is one of the most fun and popular places in the city.

Ben Yehuda Str., Migdalor Building, 5th Floor, Tel Aviv



This place, which is preferred for its good music choices, offers fun until the morning.

Nahalat Binyamin Str., 43, Tel Aviv



Being a bar located underground, Pasaz makes its visitors have good night with good melodies as well as the cool atmosphere it provides.

Allenby, 94, Tel Aviv


French 57

This should be your number one address to taste cocktails you haven't tasted before in Tel Aviv.

Brenner, 2, Tel Aviv


Norman Bar

This bar, which is located on the corner of a street and looks like belonging to a painting, will make you and your friends have enjoyable moments.

Hillel HaZaken, 8, Tel Aviv

Country Code: +972

Ambulance: 101

Fire: 102

Police: 100

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport: +972 3 975 5555



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