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Flights to Denizli

Flights to Denizli

Being a warm bridge between Aegean and Mediterranean regions, Denizli is one of the most tourist attracting cities of Turkey with both its natural beauties and historical values.

Denizli, being for its textile products as well as its roosters, is also one of the most economically developed cities in the country. So much that the city is mentioned as one of the "Anatolian Tigers" which is a phrase used to describe development in economy and industry. The city also includes the highest mountain of Aegean Region and Pamukkale, which is a peerless natural beauty. Even though these reasons are good enough to buy flight tickets to Denizli, the city is not only made up of these. The fact that Denizli, which will create an impact on you with its historical and architectural pieces, was a settlement area before Christ has caused many antique cities to be found. These antique town which are on UNESCO World Culture Heritage List are some of the things that make the city special. Peaceful bird chirps will accompany your vacation in Denizli where there are a lot of trees.




You can see the city location on the map.

Istanbul - Denizli Flight Tickets

You don't need to spend  too much time to reach Denizli. Buy your promotional tickets right away and keep your energy to explore Denizli.

The airport is located in Cardak, which is a vicinity of Denizli. Denizli Cardak Airport, which carries the same name with the vicinity is 65 km away from the city center and 5 km away from the center of Cardak. You can easily reach the city center with paid shuttle services from the airport. 

Apart from shuttles, another transportation alternative to the city center is renting a car from the offices in the airport. The car you rent can allow you to be more flexible about the transportation in the city in addition to taking you to the center.

Food and Drink in Denizli

Located in between Aegean and Mediterranean areas, Denizli has a food culture that reflects this. Although meat dishes are a part of this cuisine, vegetable dishes are much more common in Denizli. If you like vegetables and fruits, Denizli will please you a lot. The tastes you shouldn't leave the city before trying out are:

-Black Eyed Pea Soup

-Ovmac Soup

-Tas Kapama

-Stuffed Dried Aubergines

-Stuffed Liver


If you're curious about Denizli restaurant which serve delicious foods and make you leave the table very pleased:


Mehmet’s Heaven

The home foods prepared in the place, which is located on a spot where you'll find peace while watching Pamukkale travertines during your meal, are as good as the view.

Ataturk Cad., 25, Denizli


White House Restaurant &Cafe

While blue and white colors heavily used in the decoration makes you feel as if you're in Santorini, delicious Denizli dishes will be your company.

Ataturk Caddesi, Pamukkale Mah., 7, Denizli


Kebapci Halil

If you want to eat unforgettable kebabs in Denizli, the address is already known; Kebapci Halil.

You should especially try "tandir kebab", which is a taste that is peculiar to Denizli, here.

Eski Saraykoy Cad., 357 Sok., 3/E, Denizli


Lamuko’s Lokanta

Lamuko’s Lokanta, where you can taste amazing delicacies from the Asian cuisine while breathing the air of Denizli, is quite affordable. The fact that it's close to Denizli travertines is another favourable thing about it.

Ataturk Cad., Kale Mah., 8, Denizli


Saki Restaurant

It'll win your heart with its green and fresh garden as well as its rich menu. Moreover, you go to this highly stylish restaurant for every meal of the day.

Merkez Efendi Mah., Feslegen Sok., 2, Denizli

Shopping in Denizli

Places you can shop in Denizli are located in the city center as well as around Denizli travertines.

Shopping centers like Forum Camlik and Teras Park can help you find everything you're looking for in one place. Apart from these, you can find home textile in Babadaglilar Is Hanı, which is one of the most famous market places of the Aegean Region.

Accommodation in Denizli

There are accommodation alternatives for all kinds of budgets in Denizli. You have the chance to accommodate in both big chain hotels and smaller hotels. Additionally, you can stay in apartments that are preferred for their affordable prices and comfort. Here are some of the spots where you can accommodate in Denizli:


Yildirim Otel

A Denizli view will be waiting for you when you look out from the windows of this hotel which allows you to go anywhere in the easily thanks to its central location.

Santral Garaj Ustu, 13. Sok., Denizli


Siir Butik Otel

You'll be amazed by the poems written on the walls of this hotel which keeps Turkish poets alive with portraits and sculptures in its lobby. Also, Turkish bath and spa center will add up to your joy. 

Zeytinkoy Mah., Acipayam Bulvari, 25, Denizli


North Point Hotel

Spacious rooms and facilities offered by North Point Hotel, which serves delicacies from Aegean and Meditarrenean cuisines, will help you have a better vacation.

Fevzi Cakmak Bulvari, 129, Denizli


Anemon Denizli

A wide variety of services from hairdressers to swimming pool have been waiting for you in Anemon, which offers a 5-star service.

Izmir Karayolu, 3. Kilometre, Denizli


Denizli Apart

Thanks to the location of these apartments, where you can feel at home, you'll be able to go anywhere very easily. Also, have no doubts that everyting you need will be ready in the apartments.

Incilipinar Mah., Fevzi Cakmak Bulvari, 254, Denizli

Places to Visit in Denizli

The places to see in Denizli create a list that is comprised of both natural beauties and historical wealth. You'll witness how special the city is while walking among the wonders of nature and you'll have a journey intime when you visit antique cities.


Pamukkale Travertines

Wonders of nature, these white travertines will make you feel as if you're in a corner of paradise. Doves swimming in the fascinating pool will prove the uniqueness of the spot.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Bulvari, E87, Denizli


Laodicea Antique City

You'll have the chance to see the watch excavations in Laodicea, where you can inhale the smell of centuries passing by. The riches this antique city holds is way more than you can ever witness.

Goncali Mah., Denizli


Hierapolis Antique City

You'll see that Hierapolis Antique City, which will amaze you with its historical walk way, church and amphi theatre, defies the passing time. You'll have the chance to see the history that has come out of excavations in a concrete form in the Archeology Museum which is located in the borders of the city. We recommend you not to come back without seeing Anatolia Cemetery in Hierapolis Antique City; a journey filled with history is waiting for you.

Orenyeri Kasabasi, Denizli


Ataturk and Ethnography Museum

You can visit this museum, where photos and items about Denizli and Ataturk are exhibited, for free every day except on mondays when it's closed.

Saraylar Mah.,459. Sok., 10, Denizli


Keloglan Cave

While droops and dickites of the Keloglan Cave, which is a fascinating cave, impress you, the view of Dodurga Plain will accompany you.

Dodurga Mah., Acipayam, Denizli



Even though the university located in the city prevents its nightlife from going extinct, it doesn't really allow it to have a colorful nightlife either. The places that are located in the city center cen be visited to have some interesting time in Denizli.


Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 110

Police: 115

Denizli Cardak Airport: 0258 846 11 39





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